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Governments lie... Haven't you had enough?

If I had a penny for every lie the government told me, I could be a rich man but sadly with inflation, maybe not. See...They always control the outcome, always, and if they can't, you will see, if you haven't already how they overcome this every time.

A few on a long list of lies are the military testing of our military men, lies to get us into the UN, the purpose of the UN, how the US government continues to create excuses to empower the UN, COVID, Lockdowns, vaccines, food pyramids, circumventing the constitution, mind control, war on drugs, poverty, equality, racism, tolerance, diversity, inclusion, affordable housing, comprehensive plans, conspiracies, conspiracy theories, environmental regulations, taxes, open borders, 15-minute cities, smoking bans, gun bans, straw and plastic bag bans, reduced access to "our land," crime prevention, (How one can revent crime, I have no idea) and of course, lies to get into wars.It is extremely important to know, this is someting government's do at every level, which is why it is crucial that citizens understand civics.

The government lies and anyone that disagrees with this hasn't paid too much attention. Even scholarly universities have written white papers on the topic. Let's face it, the Government Lies. I should also point out that it seems to have become an accepted practice, as long as they do it to us and we don't do it to them. Did you know you can't lie? Did you also know that the FBI can legally lie to you? If that doesn't say it all, I am not sure what to say.

Sadly, the mind control over people today (CIA/Tavistock/Stanford Research/Edward Bernays etc., collusion with corporations, govenrments and NGO's) have allowed the FBI and a multide of other unlawful federal agencies to make it acceptable and people just seem to go along with it, yet blame people like me for pointing it out and they call me an extremist? If this is true, you should be concerned about how they have defined this... You don't tow the narrative, you go down! It's as simple as that!

This is some serious mind control when you compare it to our Constitution's entire purpose was to hold the govenment accountable to "few and defined powers" yet, governments drive on our streets with military tanks, dress in and use paramilitary gear, use unlawful surveillance, suspend the need for warrants, take posession of and benefit from alleged drug cartels, limit the use of natual drug remedies but defend Big Pharma, use their computers while they drive, and drive in unmarked cars, tax everything we own, raise those taxes, remove people from their properties, determine mental stability, create poverty and starvation and increase reliance on government and all the while they continue to create neat little excuses for them all and the people willingly go along.

Those people that don't agree with it and those that refuse the govenrment doing a thing (now called political and/or violent extremists), have allowed the government to, once again, have create a need or urgency, create fear then provide solutions. It's like they are on a mouse wheel, it happens over and over and over again and people are so used to it, they don't even notice anymore.

The people and the government both seem not to have figured out that if the government does something to trigger people and the people fight back, the government instigated it, not the people, so why and how exactly should the people suffer and continue to suffer unless the govenrment has, in fact, become tyrannical? The bigger problem to me is whether the people or the government even know they are imposing such tyranny on the people? In most cases, I don't believe they do. If they don't know, it was the duty of the people to make sure they knew and since no one does, the power and authority of the governing class has carte blanche to do whatever they want. It is important to state clearly that although there are those that don't know what is happening, there are indeed those that know exactly what is happening. Our job is to figure it out and do somethinig about it, not simply say we can't.

You see, governments take control by creating an issue, (a need or an urgency), they create fear regarding that issue, then they have the "green light" for providing "solutions" to such issues. This process is called "The Hegelian Dialectic" but government's throughout time have done this and yet, they continually expand their power and then people start to complain (creating a need) and the government tells people about threats (fear) of some kind of needed funding, then they use that funding to "defend" themselves from those they tread on in the name of keeping them safe? ("solution").

Once this is known, it becomes easy to see if the government lies or how badly. If this were a mathematical equation where you needed to solve for "G" (or govenrment), you could figure it out every time.

One of the most glaring issues they face, especially today is war and make no mistake about it and I will stake my life and reputation on it-This war that has become so contentious, first of all was created to achieve a desired end, it was created to be contentious enough to further divide an already divided people and to take control of not only those they wish to fight but us here at home. Overall though, it is important to know that every effort must be made by them, working together, to establish world govenrment under the UN, using plans like Agenda 21. Agenda 2030 and The Great Reset. Every issue is connected to this head. Once you know the end game, it is much easier to look backwards and connect the dots.

Our country is in trouble because the people charged with maintaniing our form of government are either ignorant, lazy, too "busy" or they have intentionally or not joined the other side.

If we do not act, there will be blood spilled on our soil and you can bet that is planned as well.

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