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Guns in School

Apparently in the Idaho Legislature, there is proposed legislation on guns in schools. More specifically, to allow teachers to carry if they choose to do so. As far as I remember, this type of legislation has been going on for some time, and once again, I hear people just focusing on the issue as in to support the legislation based on the issue or not.

There doesn't seem to be any concern for understanding a wider periphery of what should be considered. The question that is asked is "should teachers be allowed to carry in schools if they choose to do so?" Amidst such a short sentence, there is far more to unpack than most would consider,or do, and it seems to me that the idea that seems to drive government escapes the minds of fellow Idahoans, even the liberty folk.

You know the old adage that emerging totalitarian governments in all their "glory" which desire to create a problem, incite fear in the state or community, then come in with a solution that most always takes the rights of the people and places that power in the hands of the government?

I am constantly surprised (and shouldn't be) that people attach themselves to an emotional issue and even if they identified government overreach would offer a pass for the same two reasons they always do as the government uses the same old tired two most common mantras: 1. For the sake of the children and 2. In the name of security. It seems that people say on one hand they love their constitution, some will even say that the government is too abusive already but will support such legislation anyway which shows tremendous inconsistency in their worldview. These people are either lying or don't know better or are swayed in a democratic majority or pressured by their ignorant constituency on how to vote. And we think the constitution or politicians are the problem? Come on!

What if I were to tell you the problem isn't them, it's you? Let's consider a few things and widen the periphery, shall we? Now, as we do, I would like you to constantly remind yourself of what I just told you earlier in this post.

Our Founding Fathers created a government that through a written constitution, limited the power and authority of the federal government. To clarify, the Bill of Rights was created as a safeguard against the open and more arbitrary nature of the Constitution. In other words, The Bill of Rights specified what the Feds couldn't do, not what they can do. With this understanding, the Feds have no authority, not only in provisions not outlined in the constitution but the Bill of Rights either. Well, let me ask you.... Does the Federal government have legal authority to regulate firearms? Yes, they do! Now remember, I said legal not lawful or constitutional. If the Feds currently have such power, I will argue the Second Amendment only exists on paper. More proof of this is the other part that no one talks about...The Militia. What happens when you mention it? You are a terrorist. I would say that pretty well obliterates the Second Amendment and more specifically, the Feds have turned that once a God given right, into a government authorized privilege. Once a right becomes a privilege that right is gone, and that privilege can be extended or taken away in a moment.

Second, some say that the Bill of Rights applies to states and I still struggle with this due to lack of enough information but if you are like me, this may mean that the states may have the authority to regulate firearms solely based on the fact that the Bill of Rights was a documents that outlined that the Feds couldn't do, not the states. At this point, either way, this is a bad deal because at each level the government has the power to turn any right into a privilege.

Let us forgo the issues relating to empowering administrative agencies that is a whole different topic but an important part of this equation.

Let's say the states, counties and cities all had to take an oath to the constitution, this should indicate that all takers understand and have a reverence for that oath as their guide in their position. The problem is that all take the oath, but few know what it means. What is even worse is that the people that elected them didn't seem to care enough to know better or hold them accountable. Is it any wonder why we have such ridiculous legislation?

Furthermore, take teachers, the children, and their environment. The excuse to allow teachers to carry opens up another can of worms. First off, I don't like the word "allow," because it insinuates that the government, once again, has the power to give permission to Americans to exercise a right. This is un-American! If people live in this country, they should be bound to limits of government whether they like it or exercise it or not. In other words, it is more unlawful for the government to grant permission than it should be for an American citizen to exercise a right....ANYWHERE! Is that happening? Absolutely not!

Teachers, by the way, are what I can see as perpetuating ignorance on our dime. Other times I say that they are willingly peddling a globalist agenda that may know it or not, either way most are, at the very least adhering to a more cultural Marxist model than an Americanist one because the citizens have allowed it. We have also allowed corporations and NGO's that support these government systems to not only aid in peddling such a worldview, but they are also powerful enough to defend their own interests without defending ours and I argue we have allowed that too.

I find it ironic that on the left, guns kill people and on the right, guns protect our kids, both I have issues with. Another thing to consider is that if the government is going to give permission to Americans to exercise a right, you can bet they have also taken on that power to tell you how much training you need and offer loads of other regulations that further dictate how you can carry, when you can carry, how to deal with the DEI advocates, and anti-gunner mentality, then define mental illness, but to tell you how much training you need and when? This isn't just about allowing a teacher to exercise a right, it is full on control of the issue and many of my "liberty peeps" most likely support such legislation!

I would prefer to live in a country where, a right, is a right and the people were educated enough to understand this and exercised what they know! If you don't trust your teachers, GET THEM OUT! I can't believe people, even many allegedly like me, still support and place their children in these indoctrination centers knowing what they are doing to the minds of our children! The one thing to consider for oath takers is that legislation doesn't supersede the Constitution, EVER! Well, with what's coming out of schools, should they know this stuff?

Wasn't it Lincoln that said, "The philosophy in the school room in one generation will become the philosophy of government in the next? And the Goal is to protect our children? Yeah, sure it is and I smell a rat.

Students, the children of the parents, if watched, can be seen in most instances to be products of their parents. Afterall, the parents most likely bore these children (some not) and are now charged with growing them up in the way they should go. The problem is that most parents grew up in the same government school system so one could conclude that "ignorance begets ignorance" and each successive generation knows less than the generation before. This isn't accidental, it is intentional and those that don't know it, are part of the problem.

Children today can be seen to be far more political but yet, know little to nothing about politics. They certainly don't know much about the world, but the system has taught them that they are superior to their parents as the government extends "rights" to children to do as they please without permission from the parents. This is the parents fault, not the children because although they think they know better, they don't. And we think teachers should carry to keep our children safe?

This idea forces me to believe that the ignorant electorate believe that safety comes from a firearm more than it does from proper education. So, if what I say is true, we have allowed the system to brainwash our children, making them narcissists on one hand and hopeless but we will defend these ignorant fools bodies because their phyisical body needs to be protected but the mind don't need to be? If this is where we are in this country, we have reached a whole new level of lunacy, where we think creating more laws, that empower government will be done "In the name of liberty?" and our children will become beacons of hope to all nations? That's delusional.

Parents, brainwashed perpetuating ignorance and shortsightedness as they go about their lives are now making bad decisions for their children because the decisions they make are based on emotion rather than intellect and what I am also seeing is that the students have been empowered by the system to become part of the decision making process (Student Advocacy Councils) while the parents may not have any idea what these children are advocating for and those that do, encourage their children to exercise their ignorance because they should have a "right" to in the name of tolerance, diversity or whatever god forsaken thing they have been given permission to do, which again.... ISN'T a right. These children are much like the parents before them, raised without a firm foundation or taught to abandon such things and accept hope and change that will only result in hopelessness as no one questions how change is defined. Usually, dealing with governments, and declines of nations, change isn't better, it is worse.

Another thing to consider are what few will openly admit...Conspiratorial elements that the Bankers, elites, media and Academia won't mention and of course, engineered False flags like Operation Northwoods? Perhaps the fact that The media lies regarding gun violence would help make my point?

It is no secret that America, the gun-lovers' country, was founded on morality and religion, personal responsibility and respect for one another's rights. What is a secret to many is that there has been a conspiratorial element to disarm this country. Afterall the UN's statue out front is of a twisted barrel of a gun. The UN has also been a globalist pusher of disarming Americans because they want the UN to be the only entity to carry and that they can exercise authority without catastrophic resistance.

Likewise, the Anti-gun NGO's heavily funded by your tax dollars and influencial and supported by not only the globalists, but our own congress, education, academia and even local legislators and their government indoctrinated constituents as well as clearly identified by our own State Department in an incremental disarmament plan back in the 1960's called Freedom From War

Whether those believe it or not, this agenda has been in play for a long time and the fact that the average American doesn't seem to care, makes it that much worse. The other thing to consider is that these school shootings and "massacres" never seem to make sense. The media in every instance is always found to lie, first blaming them on a White, Christian, American flag loving "patriots" only to find out it was some deranged, creation of the government school and government propaganda campaign sometimes motivated by their ignorant political positions. In other words, We should be asking, did the government create yet more shootings, as a crisis, to incite fear in people that would then empower the government to come up with a solution? It sure looks like it.

Rights are rights, lawful power is defined, and if you would entrust your freedom to be placed in the hands of someone else, while you find excuses to remove yourself from having to take personal responsibility as a fellow American in a time of absolute demise, I would hardly think you should have the right to exercise it on the backs of others that "allowed" you to have it.

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