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Has the Idaho Governor lost his marbles or is he agenda driven?

Updated: May 30, 2020

You, your family, your freedom, and your life may in extreme danger!

In Idaho you ask? Absolutely! As stated previously in other posts, I have been active in this state for more than 15 years and I have never seen such willing political suicide in my life where in reckless abandon its almost as if the conspiracy is so close to the finish line they don't care who knows it! Just the last weeks we have seen what is below, a communist manifesto by the mayor of Boise and mass chaos on how to use the Coronavirus to control the masses while acquiring big funding from the feds to bring tyranny to your doorstep all while making it "illegal" to work and eat, none of which is remotely constitutional or lawful even though Idaho's AG says it is and not to forget people being arrested with punishments that far outweigh the "crime" committed!

Whether you see it yet or not does not mean what I say isn't true, it only means it will take that much longer for you to see it and may become that much more difficult to fight the longer it takes you to see it.

There will be a major addition to this story (below) coming out on Monday so please look for it! It shouldn't be hard to find because if we do this right, it will go ultra-viral and we need your help to not only share this but anything related to this from this moment forward. We have a tyrant as a governor that doesn't seem to care who you are or what you think, this should prompt you to act.


If not, why did Brad Little use martial law powers to suspend multiple line items in Idaho Administrative Code related to parents' rights when their children are in state custody? Connect the dots my friends.

I have all the evidence to show you. HFI will come out with this Monday... all the info and a huge call to action. We *MUST* get our representatives back to the Capitol!!!!

➡️Federal Bill HR 6666 – Federal money allocated to HHS to conduct mass forced Covid testing, including at people's homes

➡️Washington State Governor Inslee did a mass new hiring for people to care for children in state custody

➡️Whatever WA does, the other west coast states follow closely behind, within days or weeks

➡️Federal govt tells states they will receive massive $$$ if in state of emergency and even more if in state of extreme emergency

➡️Brad Little puts Idaho in a state of emergency on March 13 using Idaho Code 46-1008(5)(a) to justify suspending line items from IDAPA Administrative Rules.

➡️Hundreds of rules suspended, but the most concerning are parents' rights when children are taken into state custody. No visitation, no notice of transfer of children, changes to facility requirements where children are housed when in state custody (numbers of bathrooms, etc).

➡️State of extreme emergency on March 25, invoking Idaho Code 46-601 – martial law in effect.

➡️Constitutional Republic form of govt in Idaho completely gone, all power is held by Governor.

➡️Idaho receives $1.25B from Fed. Govt. with more on the way... Brad Little allocates as he sees fit because Legislature is not convened to do so. A huge amount goes toward 'contact tracing' and planned mass testing (“voluntary”)

➡️Legislature discusses convening, acknowledges authority to, but sees no legal 'mechanism' to do so.

➡️67-422 Idaho Code demands that Legislature convene no later than 90 days following an 'attack' whether the Governor calls them back or not

➡️Attack is defined in 67-415 Idaho Code. By the definition given and by the comments of the POTUS, Covid is certainly an attack as defined by law.

➡️➡️➡️Legislature MUST convene no later than June 23.

➡️Legislature must convene pursuant to 67-422 Idaho Code and Idaho Constitution Article III Section 27 and must end the emergency declaration pursuant to 46-1008 (2).

➡️Legislature must properly reallocate the Federal funds.

➡️Legislature must reinstate all suspended sections of Idaho Code and all suspended sections of IDAPA Administrative Rules.

This is the only way we return to our Republic form of government.

I am happy to email you the emergency declarations, Idaho Administrative Bulletin, link to HR6666, or any other info to show all of this.

Watch on Monday, June 1 for this info from every liberty organization in the state that will in a statewide concerted action expose what you need to know. Also, mark your calendars for a huge rally June 23 at noon.

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