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Health District's Delphi- Technique

Delphi Technique: a method of group decision-making and forecasting that involves successively collating the judgments of experts.

I first learned of this phrase when we were fighting Common Core years ago. It seems to be mentioned far less today that before but I believe if you know what to look for, it is there on full display for all to see. In my opinion is how they maintain the narrative and in their view, that narrative must be maintained or it could be easily refuted by the truth and abusive agencies like this one, is one that maintains the power to inflict Medical tyranny while maligning others that challenge "the Experts" on what they know. Please don't get caught up in the "Experts" as a term or superior knowledge over yours, today although that may partially be the case in a narrow particular area, it's definition is used to wield the sword over you. This technique is what is also used to help usher in the New World Order's United Nations Agenda 21.

In the meeting I had attended some time ago, I was astonished at the brazen arrogance of the board and although several of them relatively respectful, it certainly didn't change the dynamics of the meeting.

The SWDH board began with a Pledge of Allegiance and I was repulsed by it and almost stood in absolute defiance because it was a charade and in no way honorable with any reverence to such an allegiance because they whether did it for show or they really are clueless about the whole point of the Pledge it will lead to the same outcome.

What unelected abusive board Pledges allegiance to a Military flag? I was told by some I was a "Conspiracy theorist" regarding the Fringe on the flag until I cited the UCMJ and Title 4 of the U.S. Code that defines the national flag. Then of course I was ignored. They even sited "a republic" rather than a democracy so they must have had no clue about the difference between an oligarchy and a republic or that of a democracy and the force of Mob Rule while the minority rights are denied!

When I had my chance to testify, I mentioned the flag, the Principles of the republic and that oligarchs and mob rule or even rule by experts are part of the intention of that oath.

It was clear that they look at policy as law as do most people that don't understand the concept. To clarify, Administrative policy is created by an agency and that policy applies only to that agency because without law making authority granted to the law making body, no policy can lawfully be enforced against the citizens. If this were incorrect, why is it that the vacation days defined by the agency don't apply to us? You certainly can't have some policy apply to the citizens and others not so much? I also remember speaking with our Attorney General that told me that the biggest problem in our state is to get people to understand that "Policy is not law." Additionally, is anyone questioning that these abusive agencies are "regional" and not consistent with state or county or city jurisdictions? Who fell asleep on the job when these agency jurisdictions were formed?!

Where does the information from these agency "experts" come from? Well, It appears to come from the "experts" they see in a higher place? So now these abusive agencies tow the line of the globalist narrative? Do they know? They certainly don't have any respect for the republic for which it stands because they are violating the not only the separation of powers but the checks and balances and in my view running rogue over our republic violating our freedom in the name of security? I don't recall any Founder that supported security over freedom...not one!

If agencies like this one are towing the globalist narrative and they are "experts" but lack the wider peripheral understanding of an intentional political agenda, who is the "expert" now? That's right...WE ARE! This is why People are the rightful and jealous guardians of freedom and this was why it was a republic if WE could keep it, not if they could because our Founders understood the dangers of factions, and political agendas that subvert and enslave a free people. So why are those "experts" not listening to you "the Experts? If they do, they will be exposed and have to realize they were wrong and that just isn't going to happen without a major awakening and continual pressure of attendance at every meeting.

There is indeed a dangerous global agenda afoot and the sooner people recognize it the easier it will be to restore our republic and right now, with the agenda advancements made in every sector of our government and people's unwillingness to stand or to read enough to understand, we could very well allow it to be fully implemented before any large group of people recognize it!

The Agenda is global enslavement- total control, measuring, monitoring and manipulation of every soul on the planet empowering the United Nations as that Supra-national governing entity that will abolish all freedoms along with any nations autonomy and the health districts and education and environmental movement and the surveillance state, all of the multinational corporations and are all part of the plan. The plan includes "zero economic growth," Population control, mandated vaccines, RFID and the complete transformation of the globe into a new form of governance where your rights that were once God Given are now dictated by the United Nations Charter on Human Rights.

If you desire to truly know what I am talking about and yet don't know, I would recommend doing a simple Google Search for "UN Agenda 21 pdf" and "UN Charter of Human Rights pdf" and read those documents and as you do, consider what changes you see that are foreign to our Organic Documents. If you can't yet see the changes, maybe a quick read of our Founding documents would help clarify how contrary they are.

It was stated in Sun Tsu's Art of War that we must understand the enemy and we must understand ourselves or we will be imperiled in every battle. Part of knowing the enemy is how they operate.

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1 comentário

Tim Taylor
Tim Taylor
01 de dez. de 2020

Great article Tom! I disdain these ARROGANT, UNELECTED MEDICAL TYRANTS!

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