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How does Idaho really define conservative? More hypocrisy of Idaho GOP

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

In case you are new to Idaho or are considering coming here, or for those that have voted republican and not been politically active enough to know what you support I offer you this post.

A few weeks ago I think I saw all I needed to see regarding the Idaho GOP and its hypocrisy. As long as I have been politically active in this state there has been a rather open disdain for "Constitutionalists" and the hatred is growing the more people wake up and realize exactly what is going on in this state and around the country and the world.

Just when you thought Idaho was the last bastion of freedom in a country that has lost its mind, I thought I would let you know we are far beyond such a thought and that we are way more like other states in their desire to move left.

I receive GOP email alerts to keep up with what the GOP is up to. A few weeks ago I received an email that was proud to announce that a few of our most conservative legislators won conservative awards at CPAC. When I looked at the photo in the email, I couldn't believe it! I couldn't tell if I should laugh or call them out on the absolute ridiculousness of the email.

The photo at the top of the page has three legislators: Rep. Heather Scott, Rep. Tammy Nichols, and Rep. Dorothy Moon (I think.) This isn't to say these women didn't absolutely deserve the awards, they definitely do, it was to point out that the Idaho Establishment GOP hates these people and has a long history of directing any support they can muster to go against them and others like them. Last election we lost Rep. Karey Hanks and Rep. Ron Nate and before that, scores of others! In case you are not tracking me, let me clarify the hypocrisy.

Why would the GOP that has a history of disdain and hatred for liberty people use them to prove to other ignorant Idahoans that republicans are the party of fiscal responsibility when the only truth about this is that only those they hate are the only constitutional conservatives and that the award went to those three not because they were republican but because they were constitutional.

All one needs to do to know this is true is to get in with anyone in leadership or overhear conversations at events where the animosity is so rude, we are less than the plague and are told we should start our own party and state that we are trying to "take over the party" when the narrowmindedness of such a statement boggles the mind. Just look at another post I did on the Region 7 republicans that invited Ozzie to speak that called us enemy combatants and "right-wing extremists" and were left undefended by the GOP that had him speak!

The fact is that both parties have a sordid history and according to some sources both influenced by varying degrees by the Communists, today only a constitutionalist would know who they are and why most call them RINOs or what I call Neoconservatives which are really Trotsyiye-style Marxists touting the Liberty banner! Why else would they hate the "Constitutionalists?" Easy...

There is way more difference between the Constitutionalist and the Republican than there is between Republicans and the Democrats, they just don't want you to know because it weakens their power structure. So as long as we remain ignorant, they remain in control.

After 15 years of activism in this state, I know what I say to be true and all that is needed for others to see it is to open one's eyes or allow us to show you what we know and you can decide for yourself.

If you live here or are coming here, you better know that if you are coming to seek refuge without being active, your safe-space before you get here has already been compromised.

Get active and stay active because if you don't, there is no other place to go.

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