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How exactly did we get here?

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

I am commonly asked this question on social media and in person and it took me years to find the right words to come as close as I could to answer that question and this post is that best attempt so far to answer it. It was written originally as a response to a friend on Facebook that asked this question. Thanks to Chris R. Finochio for the question. I only hope I have made a decent attempt to answer his question.

Chris: How does America go from a great economy with tons of fuel and low gas prices to this Sh$#show of an economy with inflation, high prices, shortages and their leftist propaganda and policies in under a year without their plan and policies being enforced.

We're not stupid, we see what they're doing and what they want America to be. I detest everything they stand for and have no respect or regard for the Socialist Democrat party. Just my opinion, which the last time I checked, I'm entitled to have an opinion, or did they take that away too.

Tom: How? Is that the question? Although it’s a long story it begins with us. We trusted the tv and the government. We never realized they were conspiring against us until things were pretty well in place.. Once a few knew what was happening, others living in ignorance thought those were crazy. Today those that were like those before that know think we are crazy. Its like it moves in generations. Additionally, although it was our fault for allowing it to happen, we also decided the person to blame was someone we suspected, like blaming Biden for high fuel prices. He was closer to the people but far enough away from the conspirators that they could blame him for what they were doing and would keep the masses confused. Today is the same way as it was before proving we are not learning from history because it is repeating itself.

Speaking of conspirators, this understanding only applies to those willing not only to accept that it exists but to know who they are. We could blame Biden or, if we knew better, we could not only put blame where it should be, but target them doing it. Today it seems we are not sure who to blame and because we lack confidence here we also lack confidence in vocally identifying to others who these people are.

Some say “I know all this already” and although I believe it may be familiar, it still remains unknown. My argument is if they knew who was behind it and they knew how bad it is, their focus would have aligned with that understanding, at least in my view.

There is more to understanding this is a global conspiracy, it us understanding how it works, being able to identify it and vocally proclaim to others what we do know.

To summarize, We allowed the conspirators to take hold of the country and now without knowing all of the internal machinations, we think voting locally is enough. It is important but it is only part of the game. Its only a small part but knowing about how all this works is what truly makes the local fight much more successful. You asked me and these are my thoughts and I was happy to offer them.

I know reading this post may only further agitate those that want to "do something" but it is important to realize this problem is a multi-generational problem that has no quick fixes.

Scriptures say: "If the Foundations are destroyed what can the righteous do? My answer is do not let them be destroyed. You may feel powerless, but you have more power than you think you do, you just need to exercise that power and quit complaining about the problems you see and realize if we got here through the lack of education and apathy, they are the only ways back to what you want.

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