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I must be a Prophet... GOP comes out against the right to Run for office.

As you know I have been writing about my "extreme love affair with the Idaho republican party" for some time now. It should be no secret about who they are and about why they are undeserving of support.

I know there have been some that have read my posts thinking I am wrong about my positions but I believe a time will come when they understand what I have been telling them is the truth.

My point about saying I was right or that I entitled this post as being Prophetic like I am looking for some sort of attention to bring to myself isn't about me, in any way shape or form, to that degree it is a joke. What is written today instead is to prove using evidence of how much trouble we are in and have been for a long time and the fact that people are now finally being able to see it, is everything.

I wrote a 7 part series on who I believe the GOP to be by listing what I see they have done than shows the hypocrisy of who they are and how they play their hand to the most ignorant among us rather than helping to educate others like we try to do. Appealing to the ignorant are stuff of dictators, not of God fearing free people that desire to love our neighbor as ourselves and be left alone.

Then when I thought I had revealed all I could about the actions of the GOP, they drop a bombshell for all to see and I didn't have to do anything to get people to read between the lines. In this most recent case there was a Press Release by the GOP regarding Ammon Bundy's desire to run for Governor that is quite revealing about who they are and the control they demand from their supporters!


Statement from IDGOP Chairman Tom Luna:

Last month, I reaffirmed the Idaho Republican Party’s stance in the upcoming 2022 primary elections. We will be fair and uniformed for all registered Republicans running for office, and we will keep that commitment. Recently, it has come to our attention that Ammon Bundy intends to declare his candidacy in the Republican primary for the Governor of Idaho, and this warrants a response.

First, Mr. Bundy is currently not registered to vote in Idaho, and he is not even registered as a Republican. Furthermore, we do not support his antics or his chaotic political theater. That is not the Idaho Republican Party, and we will not turn a blind eye to his behaviors.

To be clear, I was elected Chairman of the Idaho Republican Party to unite all Republicans to share and celebrate conservative values and preserve our traditional way of life. Conversely, Ammon Bundy wishes to divide our party, openly supports defunding the police, and has known alliances with the radical factions of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

Republicans are the party of law and order, and Ammon Bundy is not suited to call himself an Idaho Republican let alone run for Governor of our great state.


MEDIA CONTACT Tyler Kelly Director of External Affairs 208-343-6405

My feelings on the matter if the 7 part series on the GOP wasn't enough are these:

"So wait a minute! Aside from the blatant obvious ridiculousness of this release, if there are only two parties and one needs to be registered in one of them to exercise that right, please tell me how the GOP can refuse to allow someone to run under their party designation? Can someone enlighten me?

Additionally what if the GOP only believes that they support Law and order and only believes that they support traditional conservative values but really supports the opposite and does more to divide than any of us ever could?

It will be interesting to see how this plays out for both Ammon, the Idaho Neocon Marxist GOP Establishment and the good people of Idaho.

Is it not telling that they are actually trying to tell Ammon he has no right to run?

Additionally, could the GOP point out any unlawful actions or positions that are not inline with their platform?"

You may not like Ammon. You may not want him for Governor but to deny a man his right to run is totalitarian and if you choose to deny that right to one man, how far are you willing to go to deny the rights of others? Ammon isn't the point, the point is principle and the consistent abuse of power by the GOP to maintain control by denying the rights of others on one hand while they tell you that the Democrats are the real threat. It's not only the same 'ol GOP rhetoric but the complete violation of all things they say they stand for.

I stated earlier: "...This proves that we have no choice but to infiltrate and politically overthrow through massive attendance the current republican party leadership. If we do not Idaho is done. I’m not even saying that I support Ammon but I think people have the right to run and the right for the people to decide who they wish for their elected official. I’m saying that I support anyone's right that wants to try to run for office and attempt to win. I believe that the fact that the Republican party will not allow him to use their designation means that they feel threatened enough that he may win."

In a comment to a friend on Facebook I also made the following comments regarding the action:

"...this requires a commitment to each other like none other before that I have seen. It means an "all hands on deck" commitment to each other to vow to run if we can, find someone to run if we can't, and attend "en masse" every event they have. It means if we can't run we attend standing room only until we occupy and restore truth, liberty and maintain the ability to allow anyone to run for office that espouses those principles. It means focusing not on ways to divide but ways to unify and ways to restore freedom rather than be forced to capitulate to GOP control.

The time is now (still) but that time has existed for a long time. Maybe its just the danger we see now that will make the difference. The problem is that maybe we needed to see how bad things need to be before we are willing to fight.

My warning to those involved is this... know the Neocon's fight dirty, they are liars, they do have control of all three branches of government in Idaho and they are not afraid to use it to maintain control. we know this from COVID and among many other instances as they have insulated themselves like the Marxist school districts from their "Constituents" until they need our vote. They also have the money and support from the Marxist media to maintain their narrative."

The war is being waged against us, we didn't wage it. We don't attack, we defend. Enemies attack, so we clearly are not the enemy. The Communists agitate to rebellion, it is their M.O. not ours and it is consistent with the Idaho GOP. If they choose to start the war we will engage and if truth be on our side, will will win. We have to win, Freedom depends on it and we know the GOP has no interest in freedom, just to maintain GOP control in the name of freedom as they enslave all regardless of party.

If the GOP wants to act as if it is a private club and has the right to refuse service to anyone, perhaps they shouldn't be involved in politics. If the GOP wants to control who is elected and who can run under their banner, perhaps they should abandon the need to register to vote. It is no secret you have always needed to run as a republican to win in this state and they know it. How is that for control?

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