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I told you the Boise Mayor was a Communist and I meant it...

I wrote just shortly after Communist Mayor McLean was elected to Boise that I thought she was a Communist and now it should be easy to see.

Months ago she created her 15 page Communist "Manifesto" and incrementally, she is increasing her control over her city like a tyrant and indeed she is showing all the signs.

On Tuesday, the Central District Health (CDH) was going to have a meeting to try to push stronger regulations and the good people in Boise seem to have had enough. Apparently 500 people showed up in protest and because our elected officials are now as snowflake as the culture that the government created, they expressed fear seeing that others were exercising their freedom...peacefully.

The insane part of it was that the Mayor, that has done this before has openly lied about the events that transpired and is over-dramatizing those events to gain support from law enforcement to protect those "poor unelected good People" that out of the goodness of their hearts desire implement "their best interests" for the community they "serve?"

She even mentioned that those unelected bureaucrats were "we the people in action" and we were disrupting the process? Did she just use a liberty phrase to to condemn those that desire to perpetuate our republic while her and her minions desire to undermine it in the name of protecting that process? She is not only apparently a liar but a hypocrite and could only garner support by the ignorant, not those of us that know better.

In a press video she stated that she would "hunt us down?" and that such behavior will not be tolerated in Boise? Wasn't she the one that just moved here bringing with her her leftist big city mental illness? What behavior? Does she mean the challenging of unlawful authority and the insistence that we are heard? That's right! Communists hate when their authority is challenged and if such power is unchecked, she most likely would, like other tyrants, not only incarcerate you but probably choose to exterminate you.

You may think my comments are an over dramatization of the real issue but I would remind you that if you review the historical rise of dictatorial powers, you may find that in every country I have ever read about in its rise to power that experienced tyranny, they have all ended poorly for the people they once took an oath to serve and chose to silent dissent to the point of genocide.

Do I currently see her openly stating such a thing? I see signs. She is defining those she opposes as the enemy, she desires to isolate that enemy and she clearly desires to use force to silence any opposition to her worldview. What do you see?

I believe Mayor McClean to be dangerous to Idaho. She is dangerous to the people she "serves" and if not stopped by any lawful means, she will continue to do damage to our great state like the locusts from the left.

The Biblical Plague of locusts I do not believe was necessarily locusts themselves but those Like the Mayor that descend upon a fertile ground like Idaho and ravage its fruit to leave it desolate and once the damage is done, they move on to ravage still fertile ground that has still been left untouched.

What these locusts don't seem to understand is that once all the ground has been ravaged, they have just exterminated their ability to live as well as ours! We are trying to preserve what others are attempting to ravage.

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