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ID GOP smears continue- Tom's rebuttal to Twin Falls rag

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Magic Valley Article HERE

The smears are still coming on fast and hard. It is clear the establishment GOP is losing control and you can tell they hate it!

Evidence is clear in their articles that they are using every last-ditch effort to maintain a narrative they are losing and Idahoan's should be proud that they can now see through the lies that the ID GOP has perpertated on them based on us once not knowing better. As much as I would like to reply and get my rebuttal's published, I know, as you do, today's liberal papers also and ironically want to maintain thier narrative too. A question to ponder is if the origin of articles like this are known liberal rags, why would they seem to support the GOP? Because they are not as conservative as many under stong delusion now realize and no matter how hard they wish to maintain that narrative, I think the awakening to our reality has finally hit critical mass and there is nothing the establsihment can do other than resort to hostile and completely unjustified attacks. I say do your worst and by doing so, it will invite us to do the same.

Letter to the editor for Times News on GOP

The GOP convention has been over for some time now. Certainly, enough time for articles to come out condemning the turnout and blaming who they think are the problem. Sadly, in all this, the main blame, as it always seems to be, is to smear of the John Birch Society to help make their case to hopefully, according to them, maintain a narrative that they realize they are finally losing.

What is strange though, in the name of equal justice, that they say they believe in, and “law and order” do they also believe that a man has a right to face his accuser and that people are innocent until proven guilty or does that only apply when they say it does as hypocrites? Why is it that while JBS was being blamed, not one media outlet bothered to contact JBS headquarters or even me, the Idaho area Coordinator to bother asking my or our thoughts on the outcome of the convention or to answer or clarify the smears that were launched against us? Should this be considered the leftist's media’s glaring support for the GOP as a known liberal rag? How ironic and how typical.

Are people so fearful of losing power they will run from the truth and hide it at all costs to maintain that losing narrative? I suspect this is true.

The world is imploding. There are more than enough issues of concern but to occupy the minds of Americans with trivial garbage is nothing but a travesty. To keep them involved in the political garbage between parties and ideologies abandoning what can really bring us together shows that the division is intentional all while promoting their “big tent” ideology that really isn’t as inclusive as they say it is. Why would it be when most of them are so inconsistent in their worldview they either don’t recognize it or are intentionally causing division? What's worse is why it took so long for many of us to see it. Sadly some still don't.

People are angry because they are waking up to the realization that we have serious problems in this country and they realize that the two political parties are not interested in solving those problems. To suggest that we are as narrow-minded as they and that anger comes merely from the change in political leadership is ridiculous.

People are scared, they don't know what the truth is or where to find it but they do know something is seriously wrong and they want and need someone that not only understands the magnitude of the problems we face but to acknowledge, focus and find solutions to those problems and get beyond pathetic party politics.

Every smear the GOP establishment makes against the JBS not only not true, it can not only be easily refuted but has been as long as the smears against us have existed. All we need now if for people to realize it.

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