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Idaho Capital Sun promotes rainbows in rural Idaho towns, however...

Tom Munds' response to Amy Maldonado and the Idaho Sun:

Dear Mia,

I read your article Idaho’s small towns are embracing LGBTQ+ pride, despite recent legislation - Idaho Capital Sun and I must admit it was a pretty fair article that expresses the opinion of those in support of such an agenda. Although it doesn’t do justice for their “opposition” (I assume us) maybe the article was meant to only share one side of the issue and perhaps you would be interested in doing an article to express the other side of the issue in the name of “tolerance and fairness” although it has been pretty clear no one appears interested in the ridiculousness and hypocrisy from their side on us.

I was even told years ago by Chelsea that “No one wants to talk to an old white guy” in the presence of another democrat that was mortified she was so open and brazen about her statements. I even spoke to other Democrats that says she is often “out of control” and “militant” at times which I have openly seen as part and parcel for this movement that once began just by creating equality because they couldn’t help themselves because “they were born that way.” Well, many of us saw this was only the camels nose under the tent and actually know where this is going while few others know or even care.

By traditional definitions, I am not a hateful person and I challenge anyone to define random terms like extremism and consider the legitimacy of Hate data as well. Sadly, if they further needed evidence of spreading falsehoods, they condemn freedom of speech by those that oppose them, then stand on freedom of expression and criminalizing those that do the same but in opposition? Furthermore, this country was founded as a republic not a democracy so anything by anyone that knows this would be and should be “anti-democracy” or better stated “pro-republic.” Our Founders even warned of the dangers of democracy... "Short lived and violent in thier deaths" that sounds like just what they want because they appear to be anything but peaceful.

Additionally, our Founders expressed the need for a moral and religious people to maintain our republic so using sexual deviant expressions in the name of freedom is an ignorant use of history and Founders intent. Let us be clear, if science was not politically motivated, it would be clear that there are only two genders no matter how much people try to get people to believe there are more. Finally, it is completely ironic to me that this “community” (collective rights-Communal, rather than individual rights, as outlined in our constitution) uses the rainbow to celebrate their agenda when it is clearly a war against the Creator they may think doesn’t exist that used the rainbow to signify the post flood that destroyed humanity because they were doing what we are doing now! Ultimately though, people will want what they want no matter how far man has to fall once again to suffer consequences of religious proportions all over again.

Oh, Did I mention that the links to this communal movement are closer to the Anti-American propagation of Marxist tendencies than we Pro-American, pro-republic freedom fighters? Ah, but lets not use logic, reason, rationale or consistency, those things would prove this movement is about anything but love and tolerance but don’t hate me though, I am just the messenger.

Feel free to repost this anywhere you wish. Pride is not just for those that that want boundless sexual freedom without consequences.

If you have comments you would like to make, you can contact Mia here:

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