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Idaho cities: The new way to inflict tyranny on its people?

We are hearing of mask mandates all over the news, from bigger cities to smaller towns, Cities have been strangely empowered to act in unison but can they enforce what they mandate or will they and is it lawful?

Ever wonder how this transfer of government all started to happen? That is what is happening for those that do not yet know. It is an amazing time to watch it all unfold. I remember when I first started reading about our Constitution and Rights and where they came from and why and also remember watching the news and watched the federal government encroach upon the states as it seemed completely welcomed by the states and I started to hear that "federal law is the supreme law of the land" and anything not federal was secondary then recently something had changed and to me, rather dramatically.

It took me awhile to understand jurisdiction, I didn't know much about the separation of powers or the checks and balances but the more I learned the more I started to see not only that separation but the check against abuse and as courts would take some cases and not others. On the other hand I also saw the blurring of those separations with MOU's that were created by a multitude of agencies. I saw what seemed to be the state law as supreme to the counties and now see that cities have blanket authority to do anything they want...even depending on the day and the hour? This isn't law, this is lawless and any attempt to enforce these laws are in fact lawless acts of tyranny. Period!

Since COVID though I am seeing something very interesting. The Governor created a mandate, then he didn't, then he seemed to empower the local jurisdictions to decide and saw some strange empowerment over cities that now feel their power is unlimited as if the Governor gave them license, according to one Doctor, also on the Board of the SWDH said it to me clearly. We see cities nullifying federal law, not to mention the Constitution even though our own attorney General says he doesn't believe in nullification. We see the rise in power and authority over local regional health districts... wait, what? Regional? Why regional? Who knows but I question the lawfulness of a regional entity on the basis that it violates the separation of Powers and regionalization is a part of the destruction of our constitutional system.

Other entities I see as highly problematic to issue regarding the blurring of such powers are the NGO (Non Governmental Organization) associations. You know a few them (for the sake of this post) as Health Districts and the Association of Governors, the Association of Cities, the Association of Legislators, the Association of Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, Mayors, Councilmen and more. Why are these dangerous? Because they are collective entities that meet and to some degree discuss policy that somehow affects you and everyone knows including our Founding Fathers that collectivism is a form of mob rule to trample the rights of individuals and that is why I see Associations as dangerous to liberty. The Associations can work together to implement what they want to, they can collude, they can unify and organize and find out "what works and what doesn't" that typically is contrary to the best interest to individual liberty, and I argue it is also highly unconstitutional.

As all this pertains to the cities, they have been empowered, they are abusing their power by random edicts that I question aren't even enforceable. I realized a few things in my limited study of law and among other things related to law is that a bad law can always easily be seen as a bad law if it can't be enforced.

So, while cities today are implementing acts of tyranny, I just yesterday I read a story about cities where the local police are refusing to enforce the mandates just as I expected. Why? Because among other reasons, it is unenforceable. This is the most welcome form of nullification I have seen in some time but a welcome one so people need to realize while we are protesting against such abuse, law enforcement in many cities are nullifying the law that supports the protest! I know in my county they refuse to enforce a mandate.

Nullification is Constitutional and if more people understood it they would see it happening all the time, it can be used both Constitutionally and unconstitutionally. Can a city that enforces federal law like ADA (if it was constitutional) decide that federal law shall now be suspended for any reason and only temporarily? Can a city tell the feds that they want to open borders to illegal immigrants? Can states nullify Obamacare and can cities force local businesses to adhere to unlawful edicts by threatening to pull licenses and can cities make working for a living illegal?

If the governmental entities have the power, do not the Citizens, the Masters of our Republic have the lawful and Rightful authority to nullify bad laws or even no law created by abuse or by entities that have no lawful authority to make law?


If the cities and other entities have the power to force you to wear an article of clothing, what can't they do? I thought only the legislature made law and it had to be constitutional?


The answer to such issues has always been to be as informed as possible, then to inform others, then to help empower others by joining them in holding government accountable for its abuses and numbers are needed, make no mistake about it- if you love your freedom and you think by not getting involved that it won't affect you, I would encourage you to read history.

In case you are one that thinks this is all about the mask, think again. There is something far more sinister and I know what it is and you need to know too because it will not only affect you and your children, it will affect the freedom of the entire globe forever!

Agenda 21, now called Agenda 2030 is the blueprint to implement the complete transformation of the globe. For America, it is to abolish our precious republic for a Global Fascist Oligarchical Anti-God One World Government under the United Nations! COVID along with the Great Reset and what Biden creepily and often calls Dark Winter are all part of the plan. In order to help us get there, the three branches of government will be incrementally replaced by our new government of Corporations, NGO's and unelected Government Bureaucratic agencies. You should be able to see it too!

Ever wonder why mandates aren't really needed since all Corporations are complying? That is just their frosting on the cake of absolute submission. Under the guise of "private businesses" that lawfully have " The right to refuse service to anyone." We are now at a crossroads to where, if you don't comply, you lawfully have no rights? No right to eat, work, travel or reproduce, buy or sell or even exist.

I spoke with several Law enforcement sergeants this week about this issue and I found something interesting and we were both a bit perplexed at the scenario I provided. If I understand what I heard correctly, they are interested in protecting the wishes of private businesses to the point of aiding in the ejection of you from that business that arguably protects the rights of the private business but for you that is removed from said business that arguably violated your rights, you will have to file suit against the business after you were forced to leave even with an ADA exemption? Does this seem like Equal under the law? It seems in walking my way through understanding the complexity of the issues I may have walked into a corner on this one so your thoughts are encouraged and this issue is one I have attempted to digest for quite some time, especially since most recently Article 11, Section 8 of the Idaho Constitution states fairly clearly that Corporations cannot use police authority to infringe on the rights of citizens. Well if this is true, How can private businesses have the right to refuse service then? Are you following me?

I support and respect private business but I also believe in Loving God and my neighbor as myself according to the Holy Scriptures so in my view in a Christian word this would all be a non issue but we are neither Christian or Constitutional today because as I recall "The Constitution was written for a Moral and Religious people and wholly inadequate for any other."

I guess ultimately, To me this clearly is one more example that shows that our issues like this one stem from our separation from God and the truth adhering to the Lies of Satan and if we do not awaken to that fact, both the Godly and the unbelievers will suffer equally. How is that for Equality?

For a perspective on the news around our great state, consider supporting me by clicking on my donation link. For a fresh and accurate look at the truth the media prefers to censor, You can also always support Idaho Dispatch. The link here is to the latest status on Mask Mandates:

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