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Idaho GOP, Dorothy Moon and JBS- Rebuttal to Magic Valley leftist rag

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

For those that couldn’t see the Marxist creep in full view before the Idaho GOP convention, they sure should be able to see it now. Some would ask, how would I know? That is easy. When you hear someone derogatorily talk, slander, and attempt to justify their smears and all without any accountability or desire to dialogue with those which they disagree, it should be clear that those are tactics of “the Left.”

What should also be understood is “the Left” isn’t just “the left.” What is clear for those that understand, the Republicans are there too. They are both so far left, they do more to support the planks of the Communist Manifesto that they do support Constitutionalism. If the smears are just like the left, why is it that they are still seen as conservative? Ah! A little-known secret whether they understand it or not, is something called Neoconservatism, a self-avowed movement that openly admitted to supporting Trotskyite-style Marxism. The Godfather of the Neocon movement is Irving Crystal, ironically a journalist. Can you see it coming into view yet?

Is it any wonder why JBS was “kicked out” of the conservative movement? What if it was JBS that didn’t want to be maligned with Marxist conservatism? I know for a fact that the media, the government, and the political parties exist because they appeal to the ignorant. They keep people spinning in their narrow-minded talking points that have been openly and repeatedly refuted for decades, yet they still use them because they know the average soul doesn’t know better and are not likely to do the research.

The GOP, media and government, love calling those “not like them” “extremists” but they never define their terms. They instead call themselves “common sense conservatives” not realizing there is nothing common sense about it. They use the tired lines like JBS was kicked out of the conservative movement because we allegedly called Eisenhower a communist, but few realize nothing was further from the truth. Reading Welch’s The Politician would clarify that. Another lie is the most often abused phrase “conspiracy theorist.” This term also so abused and so misleading that people are still polarized by it without looking at where the term originated and believing that somehow conspiracies don’t exist. This is laughable since many of them have been openly accepted a true over time. There are theories and there are facts. JBS has openly rebuked the adherence to theories over its entire existence.

Most discouraging of all is perhaps that most of the well-intended God-fearing American’s, while adhering to the smears against us don’t realize that the smears originally came from a Communist smear campaign that was originally published in People’s World and was later regurgitated by Time magazine that apparently solidified its legitimacy. Had people known what Bircher’s knew back then, they would never have been duped like they continue to dupe American’s today. What few even realize is that the overwhelming support people had for Trump was even based on many of his positions that aligned with JBS and the people that hated him ironically are those that hate JBS. Can you see it?

Well, thankfully times are changing. Yes, things are getting worse but the fact that things are getting worse, they are at the same time getting better because people are not only realizing something is wrong, but they are also looking for the truth and people are realizing that can be found looking deeply into issues that JBS has exposed for more than 60 years.

Marxist sympathizers love to hide the truth. They love to malign others that are not like them and rather than the truth being brought to light, they will spend far more energy fighting to keep it in the dark not realizing that the light of truth always, over time, exposes the darkness. The issue we have right now, is that the extreme vitriol we are seeing now are the last-ditch efforts of the left to hide the truth that is about to be seen by all. This is when the battle rages at its worst.

The “Conservatives” are worse than the Democrats. Why? First, at least the Democrats openly state what they want, the GOP openly lies about it. And second, The GOP spends more time lambasting the JBS than the Democrats do. If the GOP and the Democrats are so different, why is the GOP doing the work of the left in the name of “common sense conservatism?” They are Neocons and they are also the enemy to liberty.

What we are seeing today is the battle for the hearts and souls of Idahoans and freedom in Idaho. While the left wants more government control and the GOP warns of this, the GOP, inline with them also advocates for more government control, ironically, in the name of “Keeping Idaho red.” The most glaring problem is that the left and the ID GOP are so hypocritical in all they say, they fail to realize Idaho is no longer “red” and is politically purple, but I think that would depend on what you call red. Maybe all this time, since we are clearly veering left under GOP control, they are indeed red as in sympathizing with the communistic elements that have plagued us for decades which of course are clearly un-American.

When you hear things, question them and question what the motives are for why they are being said. Additionally, ask yourselves a few questions like: Does what they support grow government or limit it? Does it increase the power of a collective over the individual? Will it take money from one and give it to another by force? Will it entangle us in foreign conflicts? Are these things consistent with Americanism? Chances are if you ask these questions, you won’t need me to tell you the truth, it will be plainly seen on your own.

As for Dorothy Moon, being “closely tied to The John Birch Society” I would first rather ask if you were tired of believing lies by the media, government, and political parties? If you are, I would strongly ask for you to hold people accountable for their smears and demand they use a more correct term like “closely aligned with freedom” because, what you will find with minimal research is that JBS and freedom, constitutionalism and the Founding principles of liberty and Dorothy Moon are synonymous.

In closing, I have openly stated repeatedly that I am willing to openly debate or dialogue with anyone that is willing, not to prove we are right necessarily, but to finally allow the people to decide.

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