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Idaho! Is it time to Double-down or pack it up and go home?

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

I would like to say I don't know what to think but that wouldn't be accurate. The truth is, I am not really sure what to say but I do continue to try. As I try, I find that I still am not saying exactly what I want to say or as quickly as I would like to say it. I would also love to have you understood what I mean and have you find what I am trying to be important. In my mind, I am consumed with what I would need to say to help you understand it all. I guess until that time, I must continue to speak hoping that one day I reach those ends.

Idaho, a short time ago, was considered "The most conservative state in the union?" The reason why I say "considered' is because although it wasn't true and hasn't been for some time, it was perceived to be true. The only exception I can think of is that Idaho may have been more conservative in relation to other states but few have paid enough attention to know how bad it really is and what to compare it to, some just buy the propaganda.

Some that move here in a last effort to find refuge, are awaking to their aweful situation. What is sad though, and arguably evil and dark, is the apparent strong delusion people seem to be under allegedly knowing how bad things are but unable to comprehend them, process them and initate the common fight or flight response. If fight or flight are or were the only two options, I would beg to differ, at least today because what is between those too is rampant . Between these two responses there is area of do nothing, say nothing and to sit there and act like you are in a coma is what is between and incidentaly where we are today.

Sadly, this condition is what I am seeing as the norm rather than the exception and I want to do what I can to wake people up form such a mind screw. If this explains anything, it should hopefully explain why my tone is at a higher level that usual. I have found that speaking calmly doesn't really seem to get anyone off the couch. In complete contradiction howeve, the passion or increased tone may casue some to distrust or distance themselves from the speaker for a multitude of reasons.

Additionally, some may say that I am not well-dressed enough. Or some also say dressing professionally only seems to give the illusion that I am elevating myself above others and therefore not taken as serious as I would be if I dressed like everyone else. This may explain why I have dresssed down in several of my videos. Some say I am too scary and unstable showing emotion, to that I say, I have tried keeping it simple and mild-manored but what good has it done when a person that speaks this way although he may seem appealing educationally or professionally seems to lack the ability to adequately project and motivate the critical understanding of what we are facing to listeners?

Don't I have the right and the duty to care for my fellow statesman and countrymen with all of the fever I can muster? Shall one allow a disaster to come and devour a people and their land and allow it to happen if there may have been even a slight possibility of stopping or reducing the damage or consequences? What kind of man would I be if I fed you lip service about how much I cared then didn't act accordingly? Even if you are used to it by people in your government and people in your community, it doesn't mean it is right and it should not be tolerated unless you want to continue to kick this can of desruction down the road!

I was raised that "there is no greater love that to give one's life for another." If this is true, is that a decision that should be void of emotion? Should because one is emotional be considered unstable and untrustworthy? Then why has it become so easy to believe this today? Have we not been brainwashed ourselves to not trust anyone and "if we see something to say something?" Of course we have and We means you too!!!

Now that we have that settled, Could an emotional plea be necessary because so many respond emotionally on one hand while distancing themselves from it on the other because they are too leery of others? How psychologically baffling is that? Why would you, in your right mind, impose this psycho-babble on others unless you too were brainwashed? Why not just say what you feel in the first place? Wouldn't you rather have others be truthful to you? Right or wrong, at least you would have been honest! Is lack of honesty also a problem with the lack of virtue in a society and if so, are you now not a part of the problem?

I believe our country is failing because of many things, The growing unpopularity of the Bible, contorted scripture, multiculturalism, the ailing conversion of a Republic to a democracy controlled by an oligarchical elite, immorality, lack or virtue, honesty, integrity? There are more...destruction of the traditional family, the netuering of the male, and lo and behold and to make my point...withholding of emotion and passion from others and making those that live in this world, outside of us, not only feel meaningless and insignificant but ignored while we look to the government for solutions to problems they, themselves created? Are you serious?

Meanwhile The federal government continues to go rogue, people are becoming more frantic and people are either giving up or considering the last resort? Many of them have not exercised thier first resort! People are now blaming everything and everyone but themselves which means to me that people have lost sight of who they are and consequently who the enemy is/are. Instead, they begin to eat their own and aid in the destruction and thus never become as effective as we should be realizing we really do have a chance.

My concern is that people are not thinking clearly and someone needs to point that out, even if it hurts, as long a as what is stated is true and is done in the spirit of success. The sad part is why anyone would place that burden upon a few when we were all to have remained vigilent!

I often use analogies like these even analogically challenged. "If everyone hates traffic, why do so many people create it?" Meaning that if all people in traffic were congnizant that they were part of the problem, could they be educated on how to be part of the solution? Like traffic, looking at the liberty movement, with each leader in their proverbial car, that are traveling by themselves, can their paradigm be challenged and could they become willing to work with others regardless of petty differences to reach the common goal that couldn't be attained without this effort?

I guess all of this is up in the air but for me but I would like to ask the readers to consider these options and to ask if the bigger issue of maintaining your/their smaller circle of influence would be more important than fighting against the enemy that wants to destroy us all? The motovation for all of us should be, if nothing else decided in this statement alone.

If you want to become more involved and don't know where to go, contact me. If you are not interested, do us all a favor, just go home and bury your head but remember while your head is in the sand, your butt will be exposed and will be harvested and become property of those that come to control you and the rest of us.

I guess the questrion is, will you let them?

Here is my VIDEO for your consideration.

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