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Idaho's Governor Brad Little sending ISP to the Texas border?

If you prefer not to read my post, here is my video on the topic.

Words cannot express my absolute frustration and I know there are many of you like me. I mean in addition to the entire world seemingly going to hell and people are doing what is right in their own eyes or doing evil because they want to, it is clear that a bloody violent revolution is coming and whether it is the illegals coming to remove you from your home or the government spending your tax dollars doing everything they aren't supposed to do only proves my point. Can you believe that the govenrment still uses excuses like "In the name of security" or "for the sake of the children" while the minions that support this totalitarian propaganda scream "well, we can't just do nothing?!? I see most people are concerned about Tax dollars and we should be but should we be concerned about something bigger? Indeed we should but what is that issue exactly? Watch the video to find out.

Well, we could obey the law? That has worked for more than 235 years in this country, why wouldn't it still? Well, how about the fact that we have been "lawed" to death and no one even knows what the law is or even how to enforce it so it has now just become a license to brutalize one class of people in support of another class. The interesting thing is if the govenrment does what it always does, it supports one class to achive an end, then it turns on that class and uses that class to promote another class to defend that end and the cycle continues, would anyone learn anything? apparenlty not because they are falling for the racism propaganda and the DEI programs to subdue those challenging authority. Notice how that garbage only seems to apply to those challenging the govenrment narrative? Do people still think this is a republican/democrat issue? If you do, you are obviously not paying attention and you need to!

Whether you believe it or not, your life, whether you are engaged or not, will be affected. You can choose to condemn the actions of others but would you desire to do rightly? What if you didn't know what people like me were doing, you were only given opinions by others that may or not be wrong? You should care more than that. You should care to know not feel or to think because your response to every issue has a consequence and Brad Little's action will be no different. The problem with decisions he and others make, instead of just affecting ourselves will affect many others around him, even the state or maybe even the nation.

I fear being in such a position. What if I don't know what I need to know? Well, that is why if I was elected, I wouldn't be an arrogant arse that only listened to my narrow circle of influence like many people do. A wise council should be something we all desire to have because for one thing, it would keep one humble which keeps our ears open.

I think Scripture is clear when we are constantly reminded about people with ears that cannot hear and people with eyes that cannot see. This is why we need to be very careful about political affiliations and the narrow periphery that they breed.

Brad Little is sending ISP to texas and we should ALL be asking under what authority not just those that are known for challenging authority. We should all be asking if that is the proper role of government and if there are other things that should be done in the name of our republic. We should all be asking what the duty of the ISP was for, why they were created and if it is consistent with going out of state at the request or the order of the governor and we should especially be asking if he can lawfully demand ISP do this, what limits to does the Governor have on what he can demand from ISP if there are any?

As an executive agency that was created by an executive order, can the legislature reign in that power if they felt they needed to or would they even stand in opposition to the Governor since most people elected think it is merely a game of "follow the leader" and they need to do what he says. If this is the case, our state and our country are gone. The only problem is how long it will be before his supporters realize they went too far in supporting such a man in such a position.

Brad Little whether the knows it or not is a globalist but in his defense, should we all blame him when most of us don't do anything to inform him or others of what he is supporting?

All this being said, I have shared what I have learned and if I am wrong in any part of it, I look forward to corrective criticism you have to help me make the changes I need to, to remain in my integrity.

Read about the role of the ISP, call and ask the Governor's offfice and read your constitution or the Idaho statutes. Something to me just isn't right here and I didn't know if you felt that way too?

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