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Idaho's Kangaroo court-The verdict of Ammon Bundy

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

A few months ago I wrote a 7 part series on why I believe trespassing can't be used by the government against the people, at least while such places shall remain open to the public and I listed every law I could find to make my points.

I believe in that series I had done well enough to make the case on why Ammon's case should never have stuck but knowing enough about the condition of my state, I already knew what the verdict would be before it was delivered and so did anyone else that has been involved as long as I have. What an absolute travesty.

This is yet one more instance where Idaho shows its people that Idaho is not what people think it is and why it is becoming extremely dangerous to live here exercising their freedoms because we no longer have any. What we have are government privileges, not rights and that government that was created (and funded) to protect those rights now has used that funding and power to tell you what they are!

You can like Ammon or you can choose not like him that is your choice. Sadly those that claim to dislike him are those that do so not because of what they know but because of what they think they know or what someone told them. To most that are clueless, he, live me and other like us are controversial and our culture today detests people that step out of line and refuse to conform. The other sad part is people don't realize that in order to maintain freedom, the fight is necessary because if no one fights, we no longer have that freedom. It is also good to also consider who the agitator is and who is the receiver of such agitation will be.

Ammon sent out an alert that I got this morning stating the following:

"Today I was convicted of trespassing at the Idaho Capitol Building on August 25, 2020. After a 4 day trial, the jury decided that my presence in the Lincoln Auditorium, during open hours, was a criminal act. The precedence this sets is very dangerous for anyone who may disagree with the presiding officers of the legislature. However, it is out of my hands now. I have no intentions on appealing this decision. The people of Idaho have spoken and I will serve my sentence as ordered. Ammon Bundy"

I was so disturbed to see his statement and the videos of the pathetic shenanigans called a court proceeding, I wanted to severely reprimand every one of these people pretending this was some legitimate process. As if I hadn't said enough in my layout of the trespass laws or here in the aftermath of injustice, I thought I would summarize a few thoughts about the case.

I believe this case should never have gone to court. I also believe that if they had a reason, it should have been thrown out. If it wasn't thrown out, it should never have been given the verdict it did. In my view it should be thrown on multiple counts. Think you will find any media sources mentioning any of these listed points? I mean if the media is legit why wouldn't they call simple principles into question? Because they are as legitimate as the court proceedings!

The facts regardless of what the media or the courts tell you is that:

1. We are guaranteed an informed jury,

2. It must be a jury or our peers,

3. In order to be a crime, there must be an injured party,

4. Governments were to protect the right to protest and feely assemble and not restrict it, and 5. Governments were not to use laws created to protect the people to be contorted to be used to defend themselves from us by denying us access to what is ours,

6. Application of the Law must not be arbitrary or inconsistent,

7. Law shall not be subverted to obtain a detrimental desired end empowering government or it is tyranny.

Tyranny is allowing it to empower itself against the people, a free country and its Principles.

Today the sworn oath that is now not only completely meaningless by those in government but those attending as jurors that don’t know better. Voir Dire should have included not exposing one's biases necessarily but more importantly whether they were fit to be jurors! It may have done well for us to include the magistrates in that process.

To make my point more simply, there is no justice in a tyrannical kangaroo court or in a Banana republic which we are vastly becoming.

Welcome to Idaho, "the reddest state in the union," a totalitarian police state where you have no rights and by the way, and has also happened under Republican control.

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Alan Hart
Alan Hart
04 juil. 2021

There are presumptions made in law. If a couple has a baby, the mother has pretty good evidence that she is one half of the equation. The husband is presumed to be the father but without DNA investigation, it is only a presumption. In like manner, we are presumed to be US citizens and we often voluntarily admit we are through various forms we fill out like driver's license and passport. Could it be that the legal definition of US citizen is something other than what most people think it is? Could it be the organic united states is different than the UNITED STATES formed by congress in 1871 and that the 14th amendment is presumed to be the presumed…

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