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Idaho's steaming Quagmire...The Idaho Republican Party- Part 1

Rather than saying what I really wanted to say, I thought I would attempt to be a bit creative to see if people that read between the lines would agree with me. The title of this series although the words don't exactly fit since I would need to contort the meaning of words to do so, is in itself exactly why I chose them, because I believe it is something the GOP does and has done for decades. Where like the left they take the opportunity to redefine words to fit their narrative. For the sake of this series I have done exactly that.

20 years in activism! Watching as Idaho slides slowly but surely into the depths of despotism and while the GOP Neocons blame the Democrats for all of our problems don’t seem to realize where those fingers are typically pointing blame at others, there are several pointing right back at them and contrary to what most republicans understand they seem not to realize they are a big part of Idaho’s Demise. Or do they know? The difficult part I believe is determining whether their actions are intentional or out of ignorance.

Either way the reason for this series is to expose to those that don’t know exactly what Idaho politics is and why they need to understand it. It is my sincere hope that not only those old die-hard Idaho Republicans read this but those that have moved here thinking they found freedom when they really haven’t. Furthermore, it is to help them navigate through the language the GOP uses and why what they are not saying that may be more important than what they do tell you.

I have watched and watched for years as the GOP establishment despots do almost anything to maintain control of their roost. If what I say isn't believable, besides the points I will be making forthwith, look into why OTTERPAC was created and that should be enough evidence to support my claim. Ever notice that everything is collective with them? Everything is "keeping it red" or in Idaho's case, “Maintaining republican control?” For the ignorant Republican it sounds good right? I mean "at least the Democrats won't get in, right?" Well, wrong! At least principally speaking! It is just that those ignorant Neocons don't know better about what is really happening because they either don't pay enough attention to the game and the sleight of hand or they get involved to build friendly relationships and will do and follow whatever the party wants. "Whatever the party wants?" Sounds more like Orwellianism than Americanism to me.

I was on with Kevin Miller on 580KIDOam again a few weeks ago and GOP Chairman Tom Luna was on, I heard him on the air again this morning. Tom and I go back quite a ways. I would like to say after all this time we are friends but in either case, we are indeed friendly to one another even though some of his political positions differ from mine. One thing I do believe about him is his desire to unify the party. I believe in my heart that he believes that in his heart as well. I commend Tom for attempting to do this and I support his efforts but I don't have the heart to tell him it will never happen under today's circumstances.

What I mean to say is although that is what he wants, there are others including highly influential people in the party that want nothing to do with unity unless it means kicking people out that believe like Constitutionalists because in their mind, Constitutionalists and John Birch Members are extremists. When calling them on the carpet defining the terms, most can't without being hypocrites. To make matters worse, those people have chastised us for so long, it would seem as if they are lying if they changed their tune and most people chastised wouldn't trust their motives anyway and don't now. Then of course you have all of the issues that no one seems to be looking at that aid in keeping that division alive.

Anyway, Tom was on the radio with Kevin and talking about how great Idaho is almost leading people to believe Idaho is the way it is because of the Republican party. Tom, Being the state Chairman of the GOP, I can’t blame him for saying what he did but I adamantly disagree with what he said and I will tell you my reasons why then offer solutions to this long looming problem.

First of all, Tom says that Idaho is the number one place for people to move to (as a good thing) then he warns people of the dangers of the leftist mobs moving here from out of state like they did in Colorado to turn it from red to blue and he waves the verbal red warning flags that we are being invaded and that people need to get involved with the GOP as the only way to save Idaho. Speaking of refugees and people moving here, Don’t the Republicans support the UN Immigration and refugee programs and is the issue really those moving here or perhaps those that were born here in leadership?

The other innerving thing for me is this "Keeping it red" mantra. That to me is like an ignorant fool calling themselves a conservative and somehow that means something. Tom goes on to say we are the "red of the red" and the best economy and lowest taxes etc. Did the Republican party do all that? Not necessarily. To give the benefit of the doubt however to some degree, I could say it isn't because of the Republican party, it is because of the fact that fiscally responsible people are more likely to be Republicans than Democrats but it doesn't mean that the Idaho GOP should get all the credit or any of it for that matter. Why?

One, because there is a two-party system there are only two choices. To me, there is Neocon Marxism on the Right or what other’s call RINO'S or Establishment Republicans and Democratic socialism (including Trotskyites, Maoists Stalinists etc.) on the left. Anyone that does not fall into these two groups have no choice but to align with one or the other and it is anything but fair which is why I detest the political party system. America was founded upon individual liberty not the power of a collective political faction.

To make my point though, the GOP should take comfort and credit for not necessarily the mindset of the Establishment Republicans but for the minority that fight against them to maintain liberty and fiscal responsibility which over time we have seen the Republican party seem to forget to most recently adamantly oppose. And Two, because everyone knows things are always good before they aren't. We also know that when things change, they typically do gradually and start at some point that was good and incrementally move the other way. We were good and are moving the other way and have been for decades and people are just now waking up to that fact.

A classic example of this detrimental incremental slide is that America at its Founding was a Christian nation and it no longer is. Another radical form of incrementalism is the “Gay rights” issue. When the movement was more in its infancy, they wanted people to believe they were born that way. Well once the moral crowd caved because they thought that was it, today they claim not only to have 40+ genders but now they are crucifying free speech and our justice system. People have yet to realize Progressivism has no end game which is why it is called Progressivism. Whether it progresses or regresses isn’t the issue, the issue is that is never stops as long as things continue to change.

Let's consider more about what I am talking about but first, did you know that both parties operate as if America is a Democracy rather than a Republic? That’s right, although what we see on the surface is two-parties, there really are just two groups supporting the same things at two different speeds to get to the destination. In addition, their Democratic mob rule mentality extends to maintaining their majority in the statehouse to beat up the minorities while they suspend their rules, policies, party bylaws and even our Constitution! They also believe that everything is legislatable and considered law once passed. The Republicans are just as guilty about determining for themselves what rights we have and that no rights are protected by our Constitution and that Rights don’t come from the Creator at all, they only come from them, the Government!

In a previous post, I gave a Lincoln quote that summarizes a great part of America’s Problems. Lincoln said: “The philosophy of the School house in one generation would become the philosophy of government in the next” and right he was. In my mind there have been generations of people “taught” in public school Marxist principles rather than Americanist one’s and for Idaho they are no different. As a backdrop to our issues, we should consider that the Idaho GOP sees public “education” as their sacred calf. If the GOP has been in control and the majority party for so long, why is it that public “education” is getting so much worse? Most recently, they passed or considered the passage of a bill to fund Critical Race Theory. Is this even a question? If so, why?

In the following few posts, I plan to give a few examples that come to find and offer a few brief details of why the GOP is not only dangerous to liberty to Idaho and why and how the GOP in the name of Republicanism is aiding in the destruction of our state and our nation.

What I would also like to make clear is that it is quite convenient to have the Republicans blame people moving here as the problem when from my view I see the problem being more from the multi-generational Republicans in leadership that were born here. From all I can see although the liberalization is a very plausible mathematical equation, I have yet to meet anyone from out of state that is liberal and that most are seeking asylum from other states. Is the Idaho GOP being misleading and instilling fear in my fellow Idahoans like the left does to gain a desired outcome? My bet is that it is and we will explore that as we continue.

The solution to the problems I am identifying are simple. The two questions to ask is if you are ready to fight and if you are more worried about what and How I say something to you rather than what the government is doing to you?

The simplest solution is to declare to yourself that Enough is enough. No more BS, no more fear tactics, no more relinquishing control, no more making you feel like you are the servant because they know better than you do and no more allowing our neighbors and friends to remain ignorant and inactive. It will take tenacity, conviction and placing the priority of saving this country over your friendships with those that disagree. We are in an all out war and until we recognize that, we will continue to lose.

We need to commit to take control of the Idaho GOP just like the accused us of years ago as they chastised our beliefs and mannerisms. The other thing we can do while we are committing to attend every meeting, packing the house and encouraging our neighbors and friends to doing so, is to join a liberty group, perhaps one that is focused on the four primary areas: History, current events, our Constitution and of course elements of Conspiracy. The option I am suggesting is joining me as a member of The John Birch Society. You can join at or contact me for details. If you have a better plan or better ideas, I would love to hear them.

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