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Idaho's Steaming Quagmire- The Idaho Republican party- Part 2

As the Marxist ideology and a full brainwashing of America continue to pull us away from our roots rather than returning to them, The GOP mantra is absolute hypocrisy considering they claim they love freedom and America and pray and wave the American flag and take an oath! As a side note Common Core was brought to Idaho by Luna as well as the GOP leadership and they defended it even after there was a major outcry against it! The fact is that the Republicans appear to be as ignorant on the Constitution than most of their constituents and may partially be why they are a part of the problem.

Remember when Trump announced his candidacy? The Idaho GOP was fit to be tied. I saw if first hand and felt it. Several in office outwardly denounced support for him. Additionally, when I attended the state convention, it was the quietest rally I ever heard where few if any even were vocally supportive. That was a tell-tail sign for me, big time! But gradually because they saw the groundswell across the nation, they changed their tune, at least vocally because they knew they didn't, people would understand what most informed and reluctantly aligned Republicans know now...they are sell-outs!

Let us look at the GOP just from what I can remember. Consider these listed instances are only a fraction of issues that are part of a much longer list of abuses. What I hope you see is that although Tom Luna and other establishment Republicans can tout fiscal responsibility or low taxes or being “the red of the red” their shortcomings, misdirected attention or carelessness in my view are far more dangerous to liberty than they are to preserve it.

Foreign Trade Zones. Do you remember the issue with Governor Otter and support for Chinese Foreign Trade Zones? (FTZ’s). If you were politically active, you may remember but if you weren’t it may have gone under your radar but there was a huge outcry when the people woke up to realize that Otter had decided to sell 30,000 acres south of the airport to the Chinese. In it, they would be partly subsidized by Idaho tax payers but interestingly enough, Otter with support of the Republicans including Brad Little, now Governor, the Chinese would have jurisdiction over this land and if I remember right, Idahoans couldn’t do or say anything about it!

Otter's travels and deals with China. Otter has had a history of going to China in the name of commerce making deals and I believe Brad may have or is doing the same thing. I always thought that deals with foreign nations should be done by Congress not the state Governors?

There are countless reports by the media on the Republican support for China and even in a “leaked” document, our Leader in Chief Brad Little was found to be on the most favored Governor’s list of friendlies to Communist China and that even managed to pass under the radar?

Governor allows SCOTUS override state constitutional amendment. Remember when SCOTUS told the states that any amendment that declared Marriage between a man and a woman was unconstitutional? So, SCOTUS ramrods Idaho’s gay marriage lawfully created and passed Constitutional amendment and the Governor placated to the people by saying they would “go to court and fight it” Then he tells the people “SCOTUS has ruled” without any further fight that by their own actions admits in their support of SCOTUS supremacy which violates their oath and undermines state sovereignty.

Neocon violation to contracts/rules/law. I have had conversations with many Neocons over the years and the common answer to my question is always the same. My question is why the GOP hates us so much and the answer is: “because we force them to adhere too closely to the party platform.” My answer to them is if they don’t adhere to the party platform, could that be why they adhere so loosely to the Constitution?

The Republicans have touted they are Christians and are for God and Country. You would think if they are for God and country, they would be for life too but it isn’t really the case, is it? Most claim to take a moderate position on this issue or what is Biblically consistent with being “Luke warm.” How can someone claim to love God and Country but support the killing of innocent babies and why is that eerily the same position as their “opposition party?” How can they claim to love thy neighbor when they despise us allegedly “on the same side?

Poor Freedom Index ratings. Speaking of inconsistency, God and freedom- if a Republican can’t be held to its Bible, its party platform or its Constitution, how about a Freedom Index that measures the way they vote on issues? Did you know that Republicans that vote poorly hate the organization that creates and distributes the Freedom Index but those that adhere to the Constitution appreciate the creation of the Index? This means only one thing and clarifies what each person represents, either the Representative’s represent the people and their oath or they don’t.

Republican history. Historically speaking, most Republican’s don’t understand the three major tenants that identify the GOP but within that history one can see another eerie similarity of why we are experiencing issues because of them. Historically they support the anti-American tenants of: 1. A strong central bank, 2. Support for Crony capitalism and 3. Socialist welfare programs. In reading between the lines may be why they don’t fight the Federal Reserve and support endless federal grants and bailouts or why we are experiencing a government by and for corporations and increasing support for non-profits that whether they know it or not work towards the destruction of our country not preserving of “conserving it.”

Moral and political and party platform relativism. Republicans seem to arrogantly define their own terms differently than people like me. They say they are fiscal responsible but aren’t, that they are the party of freedom and personal responsibility but aren’t, that they are a party of unity and they aren’t, that they pledge allegiance to the republic but don’t, they honor God but don’t but freedom and Americanism is what they say it is, not what is understood by our Founding fathers.

State Governors Association and all other associations. The GOP appears to enjoy the creation and amalgamation of governmental associations but fail to see that governmental factions are a collective tyranny over the individual and it also will or can uniformly impose tyranny in a well-orchestrated fashion with little to no accountability or ability to redress the abuses.

Support for Idaho Supreme Court Policies in court houses as law. Even before COVID, the Idaho Supreme court has been able to impose mandates upon its citizens in order to enter the court room. Before COVID it was to scan us before entry and During COVID they have arrogantly supported suspension of trial by jury and adhere to threats of a fake virus without so much as reviewing the evidence of its legitimacy? We won’t even include the evidence of a kangaroo court that I have witnessed personally throughout the years.

The number one destination. The GOP wants us to believe they are responsible for Idaho becoming the number one destination. The problem is that although they take pride in saying it, they use it to get people to believe we need to join the GOP because the people that are moving here are attacking our way of life. If this is true, can we also assume that the Idaho GOP is responsible for creating that attack on Idahoans? I don’t think it is that simple either. What I do know from experience and travel and talking to people everywhere moving here is that the move was based on marketing or assumptions about what they think Idaho is, not really knowing. In fact, most people that I have spoken to, they are all concerned when they got here and are even more so the longer, they are here and the more involved they become.

Idaho criminal Justice Commission meetings. Have you ever heard about the ICJC? Of course, you probably haven’t and the reason why is that it seems quazi-private. As if that isn’t enough, you should find it far more concerning about its attendees because it blurs the separation of powers by these quazi-private meetings include members from the Judicial, the legislative, the executive as well as other groups like Public education, the Hispanic affairs and health and welfare. What do they do? I know for one thing; they have worked together to expand the power of the judiciary on issues related to corrections and behavior and as I recall other issues. Although not specifically all Republican, a majority of Republicans are seated and occupy the seats in the legislature or know about this group. Another thing is that there is little talk on where they meetings are or that they even exist.

The solution to the problems I am identifying are simple. The two questions to ask is if you are ready to fight and if you are more worried about what and How I say something to you rather than what the government is doing to you?

The simplest solution is to declare to yourself that Enough is enough. No more BS, no more fear tactics, no more relinquishing control, no more making you feel like you are the servant because they know better than you do and no more allowing our neighbors and friends to remain ignorant and inactive. It will take tenacity, conviction and placing the priority of saving this country over your friendships with those that disagree. We are in an all out war and until we recognize that, we will continue to lose.

We need to commit to take control of the Idaho GOP just like the accused us of years ago as they chastised our beliefs and mannerisms. The other thing we can do while we are committing to attend every meeting, packing the house and encouraging our neighbors and friends to doing so, is to join a liberty group, perhaps one that is focused on the four primary areas: History, current events, our Constitution and of course elements of Conspiracy. The option I am suggesting is joining me as a member of The John Birch Society. You can join at or contact me for details. If you have a better plan or better ideas, I would love to hear them.

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