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Idaho's steaming Quagmire- The Idaho Republican Party- Part 3

Part 3 is a continuation of my issues regarding the Idaho republican party and why people should be concerned and active.

Incremental empowerment of law enforcement. Innocent until proven guilty. We all support our police as much as we all support government but every entity is subject to abuse over time. It appears that the GOP fails to realize both. Instead, since the GOP is in control, they determine what is abuse and what isn’t and they do also do so with law enforcement. What the GOP fails to understand is that the more laws that are created the more crime. Although this leads to being increasingly empowered and funded on one hand, it also frustrates law enforcement in following all the laws they create including “following a lawful order” and civil asset forfeiture which are high forms of abuse. Also included in such empowerment includes the incrementally federalized training that everyone is guilty until proven innocent not the opposite. We are no longer the masters over our government, our government are the masters over the people. The War on drugs, a federalization of law enforcement also obliterates the 4th amendment in the name of security. Another eerie similarity to the “opposing party.”

Expansion of the Military Industrial Complex. Our Constitution is explicit about the powers of the federal government over the state and the limited parameters of the military. Like support for law enforcement, the military is loved and anything it does is seen as Americanist rather that subversive which it has become. With the GOP’s loose adherence to party platforms, policy, rules and the constitution, I suggest it lacks the ability to hold anyone accountable either because it doesn’t want to or it doesn’t even recognize it. Unconstitutional wars, UN directives and overthrowing foreign governments and guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan or police actions in Zimbabwe are all part of what is not even close to being on their radar.

Socialist Programs. The GOP seemingly only during election seasons decries that we need to fight the Democrats against Socialism. In non-election years we never hear a thing. Isn’t that strange and telling to you? The attacks that never stop however are those against the John Birch Society and its “Extremism” and its threat to America. Have you ever though to ask yourself why the GOP spends more time attacking JBS members than Democrats? The answer in my view is because as I have shown, they are more like the Democrats, than either party aligns with JBS members because JBS is pure liberty with the worldview of the Founding Fathers. Isn’t that what American Constitutionalism is supposed to be?

Increased Government dependency. The GOP Believes that they are omnipotent, that their rule is supreme and that no accountability is necessary or is available for citizens against them. In addition to such control, they empower Bureaucracies to make law by mandating policies. The GOP also supports tax payer subsidized non-profits and implementing socialist programs that all together work to increase the reliance of a once free people on their government ironically in the name of republicanism.

Heavy graduated tax/Abolition of Private property. The Communist Manifesto outlines that which is un-American but yet according to the GOP as long as they define the terms, it must now be consistent with Americanism. The GOP always talks about having the lowest taxes in the country but no one ever talks about what that means. If one state is freer than another or other states, does that make the freest state free? Only by degree. Freedom is freedom, measured freedom isn’t freedom, it is managed government control. The gas tax continues to go up, property tax continues to go up, sales tax goes up, registration and licensing goes up, I know my property tax has quadrupled in 15 years to the point where I am now in fear of losing my home. Wasn’t government to protect my rights to keep what is mine or can it lawfully incrementally strip everything from us we have worked for…and by the way call for paying taxes for the same property over and over and over? Why is tax on property any different than that watch you wear or that diamond ring when if the home is paid of neither are in commerce.

Urban Renewal. Urban Renewal is a money generating scheme using tax dollars to implement legalized plunder on the tax payer. Once created to fix blighted areas has now been expanded to fulfill all the dreams of city councils and county commissioners of having the shiniest most (globalist) livable cities and counties that don’t even include new roads to getting to those areas? Caldwell is a primary example of such plunder. Create movie theaters and shopping areas without parking that they knew would cause problems? This has Agenda 21 Sustainable Development written all over it, which by the way Governor Little supports and it just so happens that a republican in Caldwell City council is the president of Idaho SMART GROWTH which is a UN navigated entity right in your city.

Immigration/Refugee support. Under Republican control, we have seen increasing support for the UN refugee welfare programs even placing them above Americans including Vets. This program funded partly by tax dollars as well as globalist monies in subsidies. In case people don’t understand this program, it is designed to help multiculturalize America and aid in the further destruction of our economy, our Constitution and support the UN globalist Agenda.

Lack of understanding over globalist issues/Conspiracies. The GOP establishment is clueless regarding the globalist conspiracies to destroy this country and control the world. Instead of looking at the ample evidence, they choose instead to take a “Luke-warm” approach and pretend like it not only doesn’t exist but instead to blame everything on either the Democrats or The John Birch Society depending on the day and what their issue of the day may be.

Supporting Medical tyranny. The GOP establishment is weak when it comes down to it. While other states are taking strong stands on issues, Idaho seems to not prefer to lead in anything. Instead, it aids in the advancement of the leftist agenda but does so at a slower pace so that it passes by the ignorant. What we are experiencing now is an awakening of once hard-core supporters of the GOP, now questioning that support. It is about time!

Adherence to UN and other mandates and guidelines by “Experts.” The GOP establishment with its loose adherence to its own platform, the constitution and the Principles of Liberty, has intentionally or otherwise (I am not sure which) allowed for the infiltration of its party. It has been infiltrated by the Neoconservatives and they don’t even know it. The GOP has been infiltrated by the UN globalists to implement programs foreign to Americanism like Agenda 21, sexual deviations and “tolerance and Diversity” but they either don’t realize it, don’t care or are intentional in the destruction of our country. Either way the outcome is the same as long as they continue to ignore it or pretend, they don’t know what it is. All of these issues are right out of the UN’s documents!

Regionalization. This is a more common term to globalists but most people understand this term as it relates to health districts or for National FEMA master plans. What others may not know is that regionalization also is used Militarily as they have divided the country into the same regions. Globalists use regionalization in an effort to incrementally abolish jurisdictions and sovereignties. It is clear in their documents and should be and would be a cause of concern if people realized neither state constitution lists anything related to regionalization. Any talk of such regionalization is in support of Globalism and therefore detrimental to Federalism, nationalism or Constitutionalism. Since the GOP is the controlling party in the state, they are responsible for the advancement of the UN Agenda 21/2030 agenda to abolish our country in favor of a One World Government.

Abolition of Sovereignties. Since the GOP is the controlling party, it is important to understand that the incremental abolition of sovereignty comes in a multitude of colors. The continuation of Federal funding abolishes the state sovereignty, Allowing the feds to enforce law, control or dictate to local law enforcement or the legislature, allowing the UN certified NGO’s to bypass Congress and state legislatures, the federalization of gun laws, welfare, farm subsidies, anything not specifically outlined in the Constitution that allows for federal control or global control aids in that destruction and the GOP is guilty on many counts only because they are not held accountable by their constituents.

Pressure from above and pressure from below. The Communists use this tactic successfully. They use the power of the government (above) and the power of persuasion or agitation (below) to create a climate of chaos that brings about their desired ends. COVID is a classic example and the vaccine passports are another. The GOP not taking a stand for liberty perpetuates the chaos and that desired end that sows more discord and chaos than peace and unity. If the GOP were a party of freedom, they would not use such tactics and would be more aware that their tactics of more ant-American than they are American.

Continual support of the expansion of the Military without limitations. The GOP plays on the emotions of people like the left does. The two neo-Americanist principles today are Supporting local police and “We support our Troops.” Anyone should be very careful falling into the cliché mantras perpetuated by the government. Although we should support government, law enforcement and the military, like anything else there are limitations and horrific consequences if not kept in check. The Military for example, constitutionally (for which they all took an oath) according to our Founders was not a global force for good at all. As a matter of fact the Army was to not be long standing and the National Guard wasn’t to travel overseas or operate under UN directives or under “police actions’ but they not only do all of that, they do way more like be used on our own soil. It seems that in the name of supporting troops we have allowed them to occupy our cities in gear and equipment when no such provision exists in our Constitution. Furthermore history has something to say about long standing armies on the city streets.

The solution to the problems I am identifying are simple. The two questions to ask is if you are ready to fight and if you are more worried about what and How I say something to you rather than what the government is doing to you?

The simplest solution is to declare to yourself that Enough is enough. No more BS, no more fear tactics, no more relinquishing control, no more making you feel like you are the servant because they know better than you do and no more allowing our neighbors and friends to remain ignorant and inactive. It will take tenacity, conviction and placing the priority of saving this country over your friendships with those that disagree. We are in an all out war and until we recognize that, we will continue to lose.

We need to commit to take control of the Idaho GOP just like the accused us of years ago as they chastised our beliefs and mannerisms. The other thing we can do while we are committing to attend every meeting, packing the house and encouraging our neighbors and friends to doing so, is to join a liberty group, perhaps one that is focused on the four primary areas: History, current events, our Constitution and of course elements of Conspiracy. The option I am suggesting is joining me as a member of The John Birch Society. You can join at or contact me for details. If you have a better plan or better ideas, I would love to hear them.

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