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Idaho's steaming Quagmire- The Idaho Republican party- Part 4

This is part 4 of my series on the Idaho GOP and why people should be concerned and active now more than ever.

Continual support of the expansion of Police without limitations. Speaking of the military on our streets, we see that “in the name of support for law enforcement,” they are continually and incrementally becoming more federalized and militarized to the point where it is indistinguishable between law enforcement and our military. “Disobeying a lawful order” in the eyes of the GOP is offering Carte Blanch to anyone with a uniform to demand anything at will “in the name of the law” even when much isn’t lawful at all. Operation Desert Snow and Civil Asset Forfeiture, the War on Drugs, Domestic Extremism, Mandatory Blood draws, warrantless searches, confiscations, and more. Cleverly, the left in its advocating for the defunding of police to usher in a national or globalist police force has, unbeknownst to the conservatives, forced the conservatives to support the militarization of law enforcement in the name of Supporting local police because we can’t imagine life in a free country without them. Sadly, the push from the left to defund to Nationalize or globalize is supported by the GOP Neocons and has done more to escalate the totalitarian police state than to maintain our free republican form of government. History shows that the Legislature creates the totalitarian edicts and the police or military or both enforce those totalitarian edicts. So, knowing this, in this light, has the GOP done more to support Americanism or help aid in its destruction?

Tax cuts or increased taxes-Grocery tax for increased revenue from tourists? Luna stated that the GOP fights for lower taxes or maybe he just said that Idaho has the lowest taxes. My question would be compared to what and why is low relative to other states and why can’t idhao set its own example and raise the bar to be exceptional rather than just better than other states. Who is to say we are anyway. Its like saying Scandinavian Socialism is far better than American free market capitalism when the average person making the comment is relatively clueless regarding both. I know my taxes have quadrupled in 15 years and everything I buy is not only more expensive but the taxes associated with anything and everything are always going up…Always.

Idahoans wanted to repeal the grocery tax. The legislature said no because it is a significant revenue stream from the tourists. If groceries attack everyone even the low income, we should be asking how they say they give a hoot about lowering taxes?

Gas tax. Governor Otter passed a .26 tax on gas several years ago. I remember he said it was to pay for infrastructure. I knew it was a lie. Additionally a year or so later he wanted to increase that tax for the same thing and probably to help fund the scared calf Marxist Brainwashing. He even held the legislature hostage until it passed and few even though to ask what his primary motivation was. Additionally, if those increases were for infrastructure, why then did Idaho also receive federal money for infrastructure as well? Does misappropriation of funds sound like a possibility? This Gas tax issue is under the control of the Idaho GOP not the Democrats.

Congestion/Property taxes up 4x in 20 years. Idaho is the number one place for refugees from failed states. Lots of money coming here but yet Canyon County, for example is one of the highest taxing districts in the state but the taxes statewide are going up. I am not a mathematician here but why with all the people and money coming to the state are our taxes not only not going down but why are they continuing to go up when everyone knows the more people the more money a city or county or state generates? Are there no advantage to the long-time residents of a state when they are overrun by the populations of refugees from other states? The GOP could do something about that, after all they claim to be the party of freedom?

Supporting IRS abuse. The IRS has been around for a long time. Not a federal agency, not even a constitutional one and as abusive as any agency in any totalitarian country and the abuse is on the continual increase. Every wonder why the state never holds abusive agencies accountable for their actions?

GOP support for the Federal Reserve. One of the historical tenants of the GOP is the strong central bank. Since this is true, I believe it is why the GOP will not speak against the Fed, never call for any accountability or stop the abuse and control and manipulation of currency in the GOP controlled states? Everyone knows they are not federal or are they a reserve but allow such abuse to fleece the wealth of all Americans on one hand while declaring they are fighting for lower taxes while the money is being manipulated by an entity they support? Notice how the Democrats don’t say anything about this issue either?

Corporate cronyism- Increased lobbyists. Everyone that loved freedom hates cronyism. They hate the government collusion and support and choosing of winners and losers. It is also part of the GOP history. If this is true, how can the GOP claim to be the party of Equal justice for all when they get to choose tax dollars and legislative support goes to those they deem deserve it and why do those they choose to support operate for the benefit for anyone but the tax payers equally?

Support for “stakeholders” not tax payers. The GOP due to its deviation from the party platform and loose adherence to the Constitution may or not, be unaware that their frequent use of the word “stakeholder” isn’t the tax payer, they are defined as those with a special interest in the particular agenda. For example, Stakeholder as it relates to Agenda 21 Sustainable Development are those directly benefitting from the Agenda. Namely the UN certified NGO’s and the global elitist funding the agenda. Why in America after more than 200 years would freedom loving American’s called stakeholders when everything the government did was to have been at the pleasure of those that elected them? This illusion is dangerous because although the tax payers are sold a bill of goods thinking that the government is operating for their benefit, they have lost sight of what that looks like since today the government’s clear desire is to support the Corporations at the expense of the tax payer rather than for their benefit. It is clear the GOP works for the corporations because of the fact that the will of the people is no longer being heard or considered…even in Idaho.

Burying bills-no hearings. The Idaho GOP is notorious for hiding or tabling or keeping good bills in the drawer if the leadership or the Governor does not want them heard. I don’t even think the Democrats do this to their constituents! I Understand and we should know that although it is a power they possess, the mindset in the way the power is used is abusive. It is understandable that if a bad bill like naming Ice cream or something stupid comes up they don’t need to waste resources to go through the process but to suggest that hiding bills that strengthen our freedom shouldn’t be heard is totalitarian, especially when there is an extreme outcry just to get a hearing on the bill! A Bill that maintains control of the totalitarian control of a Governors Executive power should not only be heard but certainly not vetoed by the tyrant that the legislature wishes to rein in? If this does not show the clear intent of the legislature over the citizenry, I don’t know what would. These are your Idaho GOP that the majority of clueless Idahoan’s call “conservative.”

Advancing Agenda 21. Agenda 21, otherwise known as Agenda 2030 or Sustainable Development is otherwise known by leftist circles like AOC as “The Green new Deal” or to Klaus Schwab a tool to usher in “The Great reset.” What all this means is that the elites will use the bogus excuse of Climate Change to usher in a One World Government and supported by your Idaho state GOP. Supporters of this anti-American, Pro-United Nations Agenda are people like Congressman Simpson of Idaho’s Second Congressional District, Governor brad Little, and Senator Mike Crapo. Most city and county governments in Idaho are also GOP and Sustainability and SMART GROWTH are common language used that exposes to those that know, that this is Agenda 21/2030, a globalist program that has bypassed the protection by congress or that of the legislature and has now permeated into the most local level of government.

Advancing Trade Agreements. Few understand or care about trade agreements. Because they are such an “unsexy” topic these go un-noticed. The sad part is that support for such trade agreements are really dangerous to National sovereignty. From Bush’s support for the SPP, the support for NAFTA, CAFTA and the most recent USMCA under Trump, each of the agreements have the hallmarks of sovereignty-obliterating agreements. The sad part is that they are sold as creating a level playing field for trade but the tough part is sharing the history and proof that exists that these agreements are for political and economic integration so that one nation can comfortably merge with others under one supra-national governing entity under the United Nations. The GOP as well as the Democrats supported these trade agreements and proof of this is that there was no Biden Executive order cancelling the USMCA. This should have gained the attention of conservatives but the GOP said nothing but to support it!

Aid to the enemy-China. Aid to the enemy is treason, plain and simple. There is more than ample proof China is no friend of the US and there is no reason America should be shifting jobs to China or working with China especially when we know they have openly spoken about eventual control over the US. China owns our debt, we rely on them for goods and even for car parts and military hardware. What nation would become reliant up their enemy and think for one moment that they can turn around and flex their muscle against whom they are beholden to? The GOP are guilty in our increased reliance on China.

EO Edicts. Few realize that Executive orders are unconstitutional as they are used today. No provision in our constitution allows for dictatorial control of an executive especially applying such EO’s to the people as law. Both parties are guilty of allowing this passage but what is critical to know historically is that Lincoln, I believe, launched the first EO with General Order 100 and calling the military up in the War between the states. Sadly the GOP has allowed for the EO’s to continue while blaming all of our national failures on the Democrats wile saying nothing of the unconstitutional nature of the EO’s themselves.

The solution to the problems I am identifying are simple. The two questions to ask is if you are ready to fight and if you are more worried about what and How I say something to you rather than what the government is doing to you?

The simplest solution is to declare to yourself that Enough is enough. No more BS, no more fear tactics, no more relinquishing control, no more making you feel like you are the servant because they know better than you do and no more allowing our neighbors and friends to remain ignorant and inactive. It will take tenacity, conviction and placing the priority of saving this country over your friendships with those that disagree. We are in an all out war and until we recognize that, we will continue to lose.

We need to commit to take control of the Idaho GOP just like the accused us of years ago as they chastised our beliefs and mannerisms. The other thing we can do while we are committing to attend every meeting, packing the house and encouraging our neighbors and friends to doing so, is to join a liberty group, perhaps one that is focused on the four primary areas: History, current events, our Constitution and of course elements of Conspiracy. The option I am suggesting is joining me as a member of The John Birch Society. You can join at or contact me for details. If you have a better plan or better ideas, I would love to hear them.

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