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Idaho's steaming Quagmire- The Idaho Republican party- Part 5

This is part 5 of my series on why my fellow Idahoan's need to be more concerned, active and educated on the bigger picture regarding "Keeping Idaho Red."

Support for Unconstitutional wars. The United Nations began in 1945, created to prevent more wars, the US has been in far more wars or “police actions” than there have been more deaths since they were created than since before they were created. Today the GOP along with the Democrats support the UN agreements for US support when called on by the UN to use our men and women without as much as mentioning the congressional constitutional declaration. Imagine the debt created by the long-standing armies, medical and death benefits and benefits for their families and retirement benefits for life! If we are concerned about tremendous debt, the GOP should consider the cost of such unconstitutional involvement.

Federal abuse-funding- sacrificing sovereignty-Prostituting Idaho. COVID is a perfect example of Idaho GOP’s carelessness and abandonment of state sovereignty while instead prostituting Idahoan’s and the future generations for the sake of the strings and increased reliance and dependence on federal funds. Elected officials are to protect our state sovereignty, our economy and allow the people to prosper not to sell us out at will. The GOP is identical to the Democrats on this issue and why they are a danger to freedom and to the people of Idaho.

RFID/Surveillance state. There was a bill a decade or so ago regarding RFID or Radio Frequency ID and it was nullified. Today it is back disguised as Idaho’s Star Card. Most People unaware of the complexity and vulnerability of the issue walk like sheep to the slaughter allowing our acceptance of what is clearly unlawful. The GOP leadership did nothing to stop it, and most reps didn’t either. All under GOP control, along with the Democrats, they have allowed for the acceptance of a federalized ID card that aids in the completion of the Technocratic state of global dominion under the guise of the state ID.

Mandatory Blood draws. Did you know it was under GOP control where a law was passed mandating the submission of a mandatory blood draw if under the suspicion of driving under he influence and that if you refused you would be arrested? One completing a driver’s test you cannot finish the test until you click “OK” without any other option but to refuse your “privilege to travel. Would they under GOP control extend that power to administer forced vaccines or worse? What would prevent them from doing so?

Election fraud. The Idaho GOP gave no fight against the blatant voter fraud. To them, they saw no evidence. You would have to be braindead and blind not to see the evidence of fraud but since the GOP weren’t fans of Trump anyway, they certainly weren’t going to fight for him.

No Militia Support. Immigration is a huge problem and the state under GOP control thinks it has everything under control and any talk of the revitalization of the Militia is extremism. Ironically , the GOP claims to be strong supporters of the Second Amendment but they should clarify only parts of it. The refusal to acknowledge the Militia shows they are totalitarian in their thinking forcing the people reliance and trust on the government rather than themselves. Ironically while that same government we are to trust is aiding in the multiculturalization of our City at the expense of the tax payers. The GOP may see it as humanitarianism and for those that do, they are not seeing the globalist Agenda to use Christian forbearance to aid in our demise.

Maintaining Emergency Orders based on propaganda not facts. Support for Emergency orders without looking at evidence and trusting experts. Gov. Little, a GOP governor loves his Executive power that doesn’t lawfully exist. He also has spent the majority of this Emergency order ignoring the people that voted for him and instead supporting and “trusting the experts” not second guessing or even looking at the evidence as a measure of accountability. To anyone in control that doesn’t look at the evidence, one could conclude ehe is in on the sham and if he is, the power he has was because the Idaho GOP brought that power to him by getting him elected.

Gun Control. Regulation of firearms or reluctance in freedom. Idaho has pretty good gun laws but the fight that has had to occur for us to have that right and maintain that right should have never been coming from a party of freedom. This proves that the GOP wants the people to know they are in full control of your rights or in other words that you have no rights that cannot be determined by the GOP.

Harassing tax payers and liberty legislators. I have had it on good account from many legislators current and passed regarding the little-known abuse of the Governor over the legislature. This proves that any executive in Idaho guilty of such actions believe that their office is supreme to the legislature which should raise some eyebrows. Being threatened to vote a certain way or being denied or stripped from chairmanship because a legislator disagrees with the Governor is tyranny, plain and simple and it is the inferior position attempting to hijack the superior! Calling forth the State police to intimidate people exercising their civil duty peacefully is also tyranny and should be intolerable. Perhaps we need to take back control over law enforcement and use the same tactics they have used on us? This issue, by the way, in full display under Idaho GOP control.

The solution to the problems I am identifying are simple. The two questions to ask is if you are ready to fight and if you are more worried about what and How I say something to you rather than what the government is doing to you?

The simplest solution is to declare to yourself that Enough is enough. No more BS, no more fear tactics, no more relinquishing control, no more making you feel like you are the servant because they know better than you do and no more allowing our neighbors and friends to remain ignorant and inactive. It will take tenacity, conviction and placing the priority of saving this country over your friendships with those that disagree. We are in an all out war and until we recognize that, we will continue to lose.

We need to commit to take control of the Idaho GOP just like the accused us of years ago as they chastised our beliefs and mannerisms. The other thing we can do while we are committing to attend every meeting, packing the house and encouraging our neighbors and friends to doing so, is to join a liberty group, perhaps one that is focused on the four primary areas: History, current events, our Constitution and of course elements of Conspiracy. The option I am suggesting is joining me as a member of The John Birch Society. You can join at or contact me for details. If you have a better plan or better ideas, I would love to hear them.

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Unknown member
May 14, 2021

Gov. Little is looking to get the nomination from the GOP again. Is this just coincidence that the national chair comes into town for a rally and now all of a sudden he signs laws reining in the executive branches control. Puts Idaho into the next stage, which still recommends restraint of our religious freedoms. Looks like to me, all the 4th stage does that is different from 3rd, is remove the 1st amendment violations of group limits. It also allows on a case by case basis business occupancy limits to be lifted. Cdc guidelines are still recommended. It's not freedom, it's limited control. It doesn't make sense that we are still in a state of emergency other then to…

Tom Munds
Tom Munds
May 14, 2021
Replying to

Amen. Now we just need to commit and mobilize and not forget they are and what they have done. Im totally over it all!🤣

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