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Idaho's Steaming Quagmire-The Idaho Republican party-Part 6

As we continue my desire to expose the enemies of Liberty and vindictiveness' of the Idaho GOP, I continue with examples...

Support for IACI and ICLEI. Aside from other large and powerful lobbyist groups like Health and Welfare and “Public education”, I would say in my experience that IACI and ICLEI are several of the largest and equal or greater in threat of Liberty than those I mentioned before. I am no fan of corporate lobbyists because, again in my experience, they do more to undermine Liberty than they do to preserve it because they do more to empower government or Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) or corporations. They are self-centered organizations These seemingly harmless collective entities undermine the principle of individual liberty because they are collective in their thinking and application and they become a very powerful tyranny of the minority in a democratic-style mob rule majority rule over the individual.

Some legislators say that they are there just to inform them of much needed information they are presenting but if this is true, why are they catered to and adhered to but the individual concerns matter less? My guess is the money. The GOP as long as they have been the controlling party in the statehouse has allowed for the advancement of their collective agendas and appears more like Corporate cronyism that adherence to the oath to the people that allegedly voted them in. The Idaho GOP is well known for defending the Lobbyist groups and seem to have forgotten, it seems, who we are. ICLEI, the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry, where the name should say it all, doesn’t seem to mean anything to anyone that has no clue on the assault on American Liberty. Did you know that the Chamber of Commerce, nationally is working to destroy the very entity they are allegedly based upon?

This group has no clue about what they support and because of this they support globalism like Sustainable Development and SMART Growth. Did you ICLEI, Local governments for Sustainability (otherwise known as United Nations Agenda 21), focuses on issues, from what I understand, solely on Environmental initiatives and do the bidding for the United Nations to further or fully bring about Agenda 21? If the people are unaware of how lobbyists work or which lobbyists do what, it would do them well to know because as long as they have a stronghold on our local government, the people are in serious danger of losing our freedom.

Denial of the 10th Amendment and Nullification. Did you know that Idaho GOP Attorney General Lawrence Wasden in a conversation that I had with him and have confirmed the same from others says that he doesn’t believe in Nullification? Did you also know that he also, in the same breath says that he believes in the 9th and 10th Amendments? In my own mind, I can’t connect the logic of these two statements but it is clear that as long as we have a State AG that doesn’t believe in Nullification, we have one that supports Federal Supremacy which isn’t surprising because the Republicans historically support A strong federal government. As it relates to our thread relating to the Idaho GOP being a party of Liberty, how shall we believe they are a party of Liberty is they allow for federal abuse, especially it there is continual and increasing federal money with strings attached. Governor Brad Little most recently even openly admitted that he wanted to maintain the emergency to continue to receive federal funds? What about Governor Otter that caved when SCOTUS told Idaho that our Marriage amendment? If there is no separation of power, and no check on federal abuse, there is no liberty and no one to help defend Idaho when it was the sole purpose of why they were elected. The GOP once again wants you to focus on trivialities like how good when if you go deeper, it tells a completely different story.

Lied about balanced budget. Idaho as long as I have been paying attention always tells the people they allegedly serve that they are fiscal conservatives and that every year they have a balanced budget and every time they say this, I want to pull my hair out! Idaho according to the Idaho Freedom Foundation, If I remember correctly, gets at least .30 on the dollar in federal money. If this is true, Idaho relies on the Federal government for .30 cents of every dollar to make ends meet. Let me ask you something, if you owned a company and you had to borrow .30 of every dollar to make ends meet, is that a balanced budget? What if you were married and you and your wife put .30 of every dollar on your credit card, every month or every year- Is that balancing your account? If we wouldn’t allow this for ourselves why would we allow our government to do it? This is and has been happening under GOP control so, Let me ask you, does it perpetuate liberty or debt through enslavement? If the latter than the former, why do you so willingly proclaim the GOP as your party of liberty?

Vacant in Capitol clarity. It is no secret the Idaho Establishment despises people like us that point out the truth under a microscope. They want to remain in control and not have anyone question any decisions any of them make. That in itself is the essence of tyranny. Another way we can tell the establishment hates Constitutionalists is because they rarely if ever show up to Capitol clarity. For those that don’t know, Capitol clarity is relatively new but it was created by several legislators and the Lt. Governor. It is a weekly meeting to expose to the people about what is happening in the legislature, bills that have passed or are being tabled and why. I do not recall seeing anyone there that cares more about the people than the lobbyists or that aren’t in the Governor’s pocket. I believe what is witnessed at Capitol clarity is both the solution and the problem with Idaho Politics. The solution because a few legislators care enough to defend the people and the problem because those that never attend are more interested in selfish agendas that are detrimental to liberty in Idaho.

Pretend law. Idaho is like any other state that either has no clue about what law is, or they implement pretend legislation because they desire to control others. A few examples of this are the COVID mandates, CDC guidelines and the desperate need to force compliance to these edicts. Governor Little come election time will be able to say that he never mandated mask mandates which may be true, but he did unlawfully and unconstitutionally think he did have that authority. He also thinks he has the authority to Maintain an emergency order to continue to receive more COVID federal money. This section became very long so I will keep it at this… Only Congress and the State legislatures can make law and only that which is lawful must be constitutional. No one else has that power but the GOP doesn’t seem to care. They allow it like somehow, they have something to benefit from these edicts. Is standing by and remaining complicit to these edicts supporting liberty or control?

Empowering non-profits. I have mentioned this early but Idaho has a huge Non-profit base. I would guess that most non-profits are leftist organizations which means the GOP has allowed them to control the political sphere to a degree where such policies are passed as law that are somehow binding upon all people when they don’t have that lawful authority. Additionally, these non-profits get tax money for their organizations that may or may not benefit the people as law should. Instead, it becomes harmful to my fellow Idahoans.

Support for common Core and lying about it. Common Core is a globalist dream and creation. It is a sexual deviants wet dream and tops a totalitarians wish list because it works to brainwash the youth to conform to their globalist narrative which is to support Globalism, denounce Americanism and to force others to comply. As I read documents years ago, It would appear Governor Otter and Tom Luna brought Comon Core to Idaho and had foreknowledge of passing it before they even brought it to a vote. Therefore, it was predetermined Idaho was going to get this even if the people didn’t want it…All under GOP control.

Cutting budget of Lt. Gov-Twice. Most recently the LT. Governor’s budget was cut…twice. It is no secret that Little and his establishment cronies hated McGeachin and wanted to find a way to get her out of office and when they realized they couldn’t, it would seem that they went straight for her funding. One could tell me that I am stretching in making this accusation but those accusations would only come from those that support the party establishment or are new to Idaho politics. For me, I had guessed this before anyone said anything because I know what the Idaho GOP is capable of and this is way within their wheelhouse or dirty tricks.

Funding PPP’s. PPP’s or Public Private Partnerships are globalist in nature, mentioned all through the Agenda 21 documentation and the UN Charter. PPP’s have no place anywhere in our republican form of government because they involved collusion or government control or a partnership with the private sector. Worse, these PPP’s are in many or most cases United Nations Certified NGO’s and support the globalist assault on America.

Supporting Public television. It is no secret to Constitutionalists that Tax payer support of Public TV is unlawful, abusive by its support but even worse when they are so leftist, they only thing they support is the demise of America. They are as leftist as all other leftist media- support Gay rights, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and support revisionist history and the controlling and manipulating the minds of our young children.

Until part 7...

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