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Idaho's Steaming Quagmire-The Idaho Republican party-Part 7 (End of series)

I just briefly saw in the Idaho Communist, I mean the Idaho Statesman newspaper that Governor Little is terminating the federal unemployment stipend for people out of work because he says he wants people to go back to work. He also said with the federal stipend many were making more on welfare than earning their wage. Interesting. Do you think it is okay to call him out yet since he is the one that literally made it illegal to work? Do you suppose it is okay to call him out on his true colors in that he terminated benefits for the people hurting from his decisions while he continues to take the federal money for his crony buddies and the healthcare industry? Is this guy for real? Are you real for continually allowing him to do so?

I can see that he is in election mode. Anyone remotely paying any attention to Idaho politics should plainly see the danger of his positions on freedom and my fellow Idahoans. As I briefly scrolled through Facebook this morning I believe I also saw that my county is raising its taxes between 30-50%! Some would ask how it relates to our POS Governor and I would say it does if for no other reason that the GOP is still the controlling entity here in Idaho and the GOP control occupies all levels of government except maybe the school districts. If what I am saying is true, this should be one more reason to see exactly how the GOP is the enemy of liberty and to private property, and the right to enjoy the fruits of our labor. The GOP controlling elite are two-faced liars, and it is way passed time to call them out on the carpet for being the tyrants they are!

For those still subscribed to my page, I have put you through a lot and I apologize. Having to go through more than 6 parts on my rant on the GOP must be grueling but the part I want you to know is that it could have been 20-30 parts or more! To my knowledge, no one or very few have documented their abuse over the years and I felt like it was time because we don't have much time before they screw us down as hard as they can to where we can no longer get back up. The point in this series was to not only create an awareness of who and why they are and do but to offer plausible solutions to the issues we face and one solution of course is to commit to "infiltrating" and politically "overthrowing" the party elite. I use strong language that can obviously be misconstrued but it is intended to be a poke with a sharp poke you emotionally and politically with that sharp stick like a cattle prod if you need it!

Of course when I say infiltrate I don't mean it in the accurate sense of the word because most liberty people are already Republicans, They don't need to infiltrate as in "from the outside" they just need to commit to being more active. I also don't mean overthrow as a violent coup either. What I mean to say is that by committing to one another to attend or occupy positions or both, it is the only way I see at taking control back peacefully. In my mind, this is absolutely necessary and we will lose liberty if we do not act together and act now.

Why do I use such terms? Well, I do so because the GOP told me so. When I look back at my years of activism and the threats and hate mail and smear articles, and trying to ignore them, I am done ignoring. Their smears about how we are attempting to overthrow and infiltrate the party are actually their words not mine and they are fearful of it happening which is why they try to hard to launch that offensive against us. I ask you again, why else would the GOP spend more time attacking those in their own party than who they only call the enemy in election season? HYPOCRITES! LIARS! These are attacks by Marxist Neocons on liberty of a free people and nothing else.

A few more items of interest may be...

Neutrality regarding redistricting in all out war. The Idaho GOP has the ability to redistrict but they say they prefer to be fair. Although that sounds "nice" I would like you to consider what i think it really means. The GOP either has no idea it is at war, has no idea who the enemy is or has no desire to stand for Americanism. They always use terms like "seat at the table" while the communists are advancing on every front as quickly as they can drawing blood wherever they go. If redistricting is the goal under GOP control and they cared or knew about the enemy, the last thing they should care about is "being fair" because this equates to them being fair or advancing the cause of the democrats in the name of tolerance than fighting for the fairness of the people in their own party! Admittedly, I don't like party politics because it is a "circle-jerk" circumventing the real issues we face but I felt this was worth a mention.

Legislature staying in session to control funding. Why is there a war between the Governor and the legislature? Why did the Governor arrogantly veto a bill created by the legislature to keep the power they were trying to strip him from? Why did several of the legislators cave to the Governor? Why are some legislators wanting to recess rather than Sine Die? These are all crucial questions that my fellow Idahoans should be asking and sadly, more aren't. The Governor is not a king, he has no more power than a Constitution or the legislature gives him. In our case the Governor doesn't represent the people, he represents the corporate interests that benefit from him being in office and many of the legislature is in bed with him as well and are happy to be his lap dogs. Several of the legislators however are for the people but many of the people are too ignorant to know it. So what we really have are two factions: Two branches and part of a third that supports the corporate interests and the other half of the branch that supports the people and that, ladies and gentlemen is where the war is...not between Republican and Democrat per se but between the corporate interests and the people! I just wish the Democrats "for the people" knew this because in all actuality the elitist Democrats are also in support or empowering the non-profits and corporate interests as well so there is very little difference here except for the people's intentionally misdirected perception. The legislature wants not to Sine Die hoping they will be able to control the governors spending which they have the right and duty to do. Sadly others are swayed by Little and his cowboy hat that his intentions are certainly good for the people when only the opposite is true.

Physical/verbal abuse of legislators. I have it on several good accounts that our POS Governor likes to intimidate people. I have heard he is much like Governor Otter before him. He apparently likes to intimidate legislators that oppose him. I have spoken to several retired legislators that have told me they have even threatened physical abuse. As I have clearly stated throughout this series, it appears to be ample evidence of a tyrant Governor insulated by his special interests and lap dogs desiring a committee chair position even to the point of selling their soul. Although I have no proof of legislators wanting to sell their soul or physical proof of harassment, it appears they are also advocates of no longer needing evidence. I find enough evidence in all I have seen for so long. I have seen and heard conversations on my own. I have had trusted friends tell me what I know and I have seen behavior like all I have mentioned which is in complete contradiction to representing the people and we all know that tyrants are abusive and support those that support them.

Golf courses. Special interest projects for the minorities. Few ever consider this perspective so I thought I would mention it. Why do we have golf courses? Who funds them and why and who allowed it? I throw this in for several reasons. One, there is no push-back against it and two, why are there no other options for those that don't play golf and three, what does this mean financially for localities?

You may be a golfer and if you are, good for you. I don't write this to offend golfers, I only write it for consideration and because this is a form of a rant about GOP control. Did you ever hear that if you want to get ahead in the world you need to golf? There is also a saying that says:" Many of the worlds greatest deals are done on the golf course."

I don't golf. I don't have the patience but I also don't watch sports because it is a globalist diversion from all that is happening that requires the attention of any American with a pulse. I instead surf. Would it be too much to ask for the tax payers to fund a surf machine to allow surfers or others that don't golf to enjoy their sport of choice? If not why not? Why should tax payers be on the hook for golf courses and why should they belong and controlled by the city? Isn't that a form of competition against the private sector? Why is it that if they are ran and funded by the government through taxes, why then do the tax payers willingly pay again to use the course? Isn't this Double taxation and isn't double taxation unconstitutional and unlawful? The truth of the matter is that government courses don't make money. They are a drain on the tax money for the city and county. As you know when government's lose money, they force you to pay more in taxes and the vacuous cycle continues. Have you ever gone to your parks and rec and asked them to show you the money that was spent to maintain the course and how much in tax dollars they have allotted for it? As nice as they may be for golfers, they are unfair, an abuse of tax dollars, unlawful. Why do I post this here in the series related to the GOP? I do so because it proves that the GOP isn't interested in cutting anything from their government budgets and if back room shady deals are done on the courses why would they eliminate them? Our local and state governments are bankrupt ans they keep coming after our money. It will be important at some time if we care about future generations to cut unnecessary spending wherever it may be but to be honest the people are more interested in themselves and not what happens to their kids.

Crapo, Risch and Simpson vs AOC. Did you know Idaho Senator Risch used to be one of the most conservative we had in congress? He used to rate above 85% in all of his freedom index ratings. Did you know that Senator Crapo was the same way? Here you had two good Congressional officials but what happened?

The mainstream ignorant Republicans love to make fun of AOC and the Democrats right? They say they are the enemy! They harass and condemn AOC for her 93Trillion dollar Green deal and actually even laugh as if there is no way it will ever come to fruition. Well that last laugh is on you now and I saw it a long time ago and so did all members of The John Birch Society because we understood what the Green Deal was and who was supporting it! While those foolish Republicans were pointing at us as "Conspiracy Theorists" they Democrats were working with the Republicans to help implement it and this includes Crapo and Risch. Yep! Speaking of the last laugh, did you realize that according to the Freedom Index that AOC has a 40%? Did you also know your "Conservative Senators" are rated at 20% and 30% respectively? What does that tell you? If I need to spell it out for you, it means that AOC, the lady you think is a lunatic has a better score than almost BOTH of our Senators! Why is this happening? Although that is a long topic for another time, it means that my fellow Idahoans are fast asleep drinking the globalist Kool aid and aiding the globalists in the demise of your country while you are not paying any attention!

Russ Fulcher and the liberty pass. I have always liked Russ as a person. I consider him my friend and am proud to say so. But friendship aside, politics is like business and you never mix business with politics or or that matter friends and politics. Did you know our friend Russ has a 70% Freedom Index rating? 70%! As a self avowed freedom guy why is he at 70% when Crapo and Risch were above 80 most of their career? He was given a pass just like people did with Trump! Once they got their man in office, they could go back to sleep. No longer were they held accountable and that goes with all of our elected officials. We are always quick to point blame somewhere else aren't we?

We certainly don't want the light shining on our ignorance or mistakes, we would rather have that light shining on the mistakes of others but what if shining that light on others inadvertently shines that light back on you? This ladies and gentlemen is where we are today and we should all be embarrassed and be willing to recognize it and do something about it but as things continue to get worse, and obviously worse people are still asleep. While our country goes into the toilet under control of the GOP, the republicans along with the Democrats are content is allowing it to stay what way. After all, why would they fight for us anyway when only a handful of us care enough anyway? Your Elected officials need to hear from you. many times they are ignoring you, they may just be accustomed of "going it alone" because you obviously don't care enough. Did that ever occur to you? It should.

Trespassing on Public property. Did you know fellow freedom loving Idahoans are getting arrested on public property for trespassing? That's right! Public property! Do you see an issue with this? If you don't, I would suggest as a Republican, you may be a part of the problem. the reason is as I have clearly stated in a previous series that it is lawfully impossible to be arrested on public property for trespassing. Why do I mention this here? Simple. These instances have all been done under GOP control and it seems that there isn't but a few (that represent the people) see the tragedy of such a frivolous abuse of power! if the GOP is all about liberty and Americanism, where is that as we define freedom and government limitations on power that keep the people free? How in Idaho in 2020-21 can people desiring to redress grievances be arrested? Only when tyranny abounds. if you question my position, please comment, I would enjoy the dialogue but please read my series first so you understand my frame of reference.

Constitutional tidbits.

Idaho Constitution, Article I, (Legislative Department), Section 1 reads in part “The legislative power of the state shall be vested in a senate and house of representatives.” NOT THE GOVERNOR!

Article III, Section 15 states in part, “MANNER OF PASSING BILLS. No law shall be passed except by bill…and no bill shall become a law without the concurrence of a majority of the members present.” NOT THE GOVERNOR!

Idaho’s Constitution, as found in Section 13, reads, “MONEY — HOW DRAWN FROM TREASURY. No money shall be drawn from the treasury, but in pursuance of appropriations made by law.” Furthermore, Section 16 reads “LEGISLATURE TO PASS NECESSARY LAWS.

Article VII, Section 10 states “MAKING PROFIT FROM PUBLIC MONEY PROHIBITED. The making of profit, directly or indirectly, out of state, county, city, town, township or school district money, or using the same for any purpose not authorized by law, by any public officer, shall be deemed a felony, and shall be punished as provided by law.”

In April 2020, Idaho received $1.25 billion is federal coronavirus aid. And in fact, the report[1] of receiving aid was not until AFTER the legislature adjourned sine die on March 19 and 20, 2020[2].

So, in summary and finalizing the series (for now), If the Idaho GOP tells you they are the party of low taxes, best wages, lowest crime and the best national destination, I hope you can see that those are some great things but they aren’t "the be all and end all of freedom" and that the GOP is not necessarily who to look to for those great things. In other words, there are many elements attacking our country from multiple fronts and there is much more to a prosperous nation and free people than "low" taxes, and desirable communities because after all the GOP continues to redefine its terms without people so much as asking what those terms mean.

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