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Ideological differences...Part 4- Natural Law vs. Man's Law

Some in my travels have asked me if I am a lawyer and I am truly humbled as well as a bit perplexed and also disappointed by the comment. I am always deeply upset when I hear people publicly say, "I'm no Constitutional Scholar but..." But what? We are Free People, we don't need to be Scholars especially those certified by the state that says we are! We however should be educated in the Principles of freedom and Rights because if we don't know what are rights are, we have none.

Ever hear people publicly state they have a behavioral condition making excuses for mistakes they make? We really have been completely programmed by what man says without looking at what God says and what God wants from us. This programming includes self-defeatism and ultimately giving away our Master position to the the inferior, and we have given authority to government that has stolen that position from us because we are unaware, we inadvertently just gave it away. Another way we have given it away is this weird transfer of our Master's authority to those the government has labeled "the Experts." These instances are both contrary to God's Law and extremely dangerous to Liberty.

If you are one that believes in listening to "The Experts" as they dictate your rights, you are not a free person and if you are in a government position, you are in complete dereliction of your oath and in contradiction to the reverence for our country as well as the Principles of Freedom. Who would rightly give boundless authority to another, to put their freedom in the hands of another? Do we not understand human nature and the historical understanding of oppressive governments? Do we not understand that "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely?"

Our nation is arrogant and we suffer today, as I have said previously from ignorance and fear in the name of pride. It is quite ironic if you think about it. What nation is more arrogant and prideful that has no real idea who they are? America and we are falling and we will fall because of it. We will also fail if we keep turning from God and His laws as we elevate man's law over God.

A few in a long line of pet peeves is the Abortion issue, Same sex marriage and the second amendment and far more...way more...

Take Abortion, according to God's law, taking a life without it being justified in self defense is Murder. It doesn't matter how you look at it, it is murder, it is the taking of a life that didn't require the the act of self defense. What's more is that we have allowed the supreme court to make law and then have allowed the government to propagandize the idea that women have the right to murder their babies as a right. Its frightening to think that in a nation created by God, that man has contorted our language and the law to use it to fit its ends.

This is further complicated by the fact that rights now have become collective not individual and only apply to a certain class of people when God Given Rights were individual rights not only given to us from God but given to us equally. So if we look at rights in this light, we all have the same rights so any attempt for man to offer certain rights to one, and not others is a violation of Natural law in addition to the taking of a life. Those that support Murder also have craftily even redefined life and what a person is. This is a prime example of man becoming so arrogant and prideful unto himself that he is completely unaware of the consequences.

Now let's look at Same sex marriage. remember when this issues was not even a topic in this country and if it was, it was tabu or frowned upon and today they are a protected class? Remember when they used to say that they "were born that way" and therefore had the right to marry or be with who they wanted to because "love is Love?" Now I even see churches touting that mantra! Marriage is ecclesiastical is in between God and the two becoming one, not to be determined by the state and especially Not to include Licensure as a blessing or condition of the state!

Am I opposed to love? Absolutely not! But where does love come from? God. God is a God that in everything he created, he created it for a specific purpose to further his kingdom, not to further and satisfy the lusts of a wicked heart that benefits nothing but self. If "love is love," can we not begin to see the consequences of where that can go?

Today they have long abandoned the "Born that way" mantra, now they are endless genders and even fluidity and I am sure eventually there will be no end to the deviancy they will make legal. God's law is clear which is why there is a move to attempt to remove God from our Society so there is no judgement, no accountability and no moral standard. This issue has undermined not only God's law but bastardized our Constitution, statutory law and undermined the courts of justice and confused the legislative process because people don't appear to understand or prefer to intentionally demolish those principles of freedom all while stating support for such an agenda that secures such "freedoms."

This is another example of God's law vs man's law and the horrific examples are endless and rather than law remaining simple, Man has preferred to pervert and complicate it and we continue to do so without realizing the consequences. Instead we are told by Man that the issue is systemic racism or the environment or some other excuse dejure, like COVID to keep the people fearful and frustrated and from accurately being informed about what is really happening.

Another major issue regarding this topic is the Second Amendment. I mention it because it is a very hot topic in Idaho but God has given us the right of self defense, the Bible even mentions the need to give up one's cloak for a tool to defend one's self. The Declaration and Constitution are clear about limiting government and yet, man has decided to redefine the terms of self defense and what tools should and should not be used and where and even by whom. The weird thing is that in our prideful arrogance we claim to defend something we don't even realize no longer exists with the exception of being on paper and have allowed unlawful statutes and bureaucratic regulations supersede the Constitution. What a mess!

People will say the Second Amendment gives us the right to bear arms (and say nothing regarding the militia) but in reality such a provision never granted any rights, God granted those rights! The Second Amendment I argue is about establishing jurisdiction. It was a provision like others in the Bill of Rights that separated the power between the federal government and the state governments. If I were to ask you if the feds have regulations on firearms, has not such provision been violated? So what are they defending if the provision has already been violated? You even mention the word Militia and the government will put you on a list of "extremists" even though it is clearly written in the Constitution. Those that claim such idiocy are supporting the incremental move for complete disarmament and the easy takeover and collapse of this country...Period!

Human nature of man has always been to control one another far more than to allow or defend than another's personal freedom. This is why laws were written and why our Constitution was written because our Founders knew human nature. People say that People are generally Good, and the Bible says that all men are sinners, so which is it? It is clear that man has since our very existence tried to become God's unto ourselves and controlling other people disguised as Democracy being the solution to all of our problems. This proves that because we don't know history or don't care, we will suffer the same fate.

For those that say they don't believe in God, well, you may have some issues in reconciling those thoughts when you realize the consequences of your choices. Those that say they do will also have to navigate through their inconsistencies. Quite simply, Whether you are God fearing or godless, if you adhere to man's law, you are acknowledging that you are a sinner and need such laws to prevent you from causing harm to another but you also believe that laws were and are created for purposes for which laws should have never been written that are for the common good rather than just to punish those that do evil to another.

Man's law is the road to hell and absolute despotism and God's law is the way to freedom, peace and prosperity.

America and its inhabitants better wake up and frequently contemplate the choices they make and realize that living a life of an inconsistent worldview and supporting the idea that man has the lawful authority to violate God's law will force others that know better to suffer the consequences of those that don't that that once realized will not affect each of us individually but globally and eternally.

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