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If I could say what I wanted to...

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

...I would say what the hell are we doing?

Arguably the freest country in the world, the beacon of hope to the world and we allow evil to triumph, then say we are fighting for it and fight one another instead of the enemy? Are we braindead or really a successful by-product of a multi-generational psyop that not only made us stupid but made us arrogant while we tout victory while suffering defeat? I mean, what kind of people do this, where one side blames another side for thier own issues without recognizing thier contribution to why we are where we are today?

In a world of ironies, let me blast a few...We have become more impersonal and more judgmental, (ironically in the name of commmunal tolerance and love), people are forced to live in an age where things are less private and way more political but people say they hate politics, People say they love our country but advocate and accept communism and globalism. They say they have rights but don't believe in God, don't believe in Christianity but claim to be spiritual, people are willing to give up thier privacy to control others but are angry because their privacy is being violated and expoloited and made political? So, What the hell is happening and does anyone care or even recognize it?

To me, it is clear, these are examples of the decline and debasment of humanity and the collapse of our culture. If we were to equate it to one's home on fire or child being molested, all we would need to believe is what we see happening really isn't? Would you mind if I shared a few random thoughts?

As if what I stated above isn't enough, I also think that people in the name of openness are scared to be judged for who people think they are, rather than seeing who a person is. When privacy is violated and human deviancies are exposed, the people become angry and want the govenemnt to justify and defend those deviancies which only exacerbates the problem.

In an alternate view, why would someone in such a volatile, yet "tolerant" world be so hell bent on putting you in a box anyway? Whether it be a libtard, leftist, a Trump supporter, an Obama supporter an "extremist" or other things people think you are, are they really even thinking? Imagine giving the government the power to make those judgement calls, as if we need to empower the government to take on issues that cause further problems. There is a reason governrment's were given few and defined powers, because if they had powers beyond those limits they wreak havoc on society and don't even know why or how and the society in its fragil frantic state forgets to hold government accountable and instead, blames anyone and everything but themselves.

In today's world people are far less educated, they are meaner and seem to enjoy ripping others than trying to understand them. Dare I say it, we have also become far less religious. I'm not talking about "religion" per se, I am talking about adhering to moral virtue as a pillar to freedom that to me can only be found in a personal relationship with Christ and adhering to His laws and those consistent with the principles of fredom. Surely you have heard the saying, decades ago "more people went to church and no one locked thier doors, today, fewer go to church and everyone locks their doors?" Does anyone ask why phrases like this are so foundational? Probably not.

In a world of love and tolerance, that is busy and full of distractions, sometimes it is easier, while we arrogantly look for someone to blame for our own shortcomings, to find reasons not to like someone than it is to build a relationship with them. Maybe it is because it is less work and people, especially today, really seem to enjoy the path of least resistance because they seem to want to rid their lives of people that may challenge them and get them out of the way. It sure is a great motivation to empower people to maintain their relativistic worldview, restrict the freedom of speech or support entities that want to control the narrative. Shall I assume we all do this in the name of freedom? I suppose, we shall support empowering the govenrment or do we not think much about that since how we feel about what we know is so much more important?

We are indeed overwhelmed, for sure! With all the bad things happening, I know people have pity parties when they are down, I do to but It's okay right? I mean, we all have bad days. Most don't talk about them because they don't want to appear weak and many that do are just disregarded as looking for attention. Is there a middle ground where a person wanting to share what others typically won't a bad thing? I think today, people will tell you it is, I'll tell you it isn't and I think it may be the essense of what used to be known as brotherly love or iron sharpening iron. Either way, good for the soul.

Sometimes, when we have bad days it is good to hear from others that will lift you up and sometimes, if we are honest with ourselves, it is good to hear from others that struggle more than we do. Wow! Who would say or write that? Not that we enjoy reveling in the hardships of others, we don't, but because without seeing bad things, we would not appreciate the good things and I think God created good and bad partially for these exact reasons.

Sometimes it is a call to contemplate the blessings we all have. I know, I do. For example, I was calling on people this week and heard some things that were very concerning. I was literally crushed but it caused me to pause and thank God that I was not suffering the way they were and part of me felt horrible for even feeling this way but just because I didn't enjoy what I heard, didn’t mean I didn't try to understand it. Afterall, according to Scriptures, doesn't God use all things to His Glory? If this is true, why would we ignore the bad things?

Another example is a friend I made some time ago. We have never met but through emails and phone calls we realized we were kindred spirits and we shared things with each other because we can and find joy in it. My conversations have made me realize it is okay to share my vulnerabilities, it is a way to show the human side of me and when you do, the flood gates open and a connection is made. Do you want to know why our culture is failing?

As for me, I enjoy communication for several reasons. One, I like people, two, I enjoy being held accountable and three, hopefully there is a lesson from what I may hear and say that we both may benefit from. I also realized that fear is the utimate paralizer. It will stop anyone from doing anything and if will prevent dreamers from dreaming, prevent ideas from coming to fruition, stifle peoples freedom and even collapse a nation, why have I never heard anyone say this before? If we are all fearful of everything, including eachother and we are guarded about everything, how can this not destroy humanity and how can an individual prosper and how can a once great nation remain great? It can't and I will boldly proclaim your govenrment knows this.

If I may be honest, I have a comfort zone like most others do. I know most don't see it and think I don't have one but I do. I also struggle with fear and inadequacy too. I was fearful of my friends that would judge me for what I said, I would have strangers judge me because they didn't like what I said but didn't bother to understand why I said it, I was fearful I wasn't good at my job, I am older now and what about healthcare, I was and am still fearful for the safety of my family and children and my friends and most of all, I am fearful for the loss of our freedom and honestly, I think I was also fearful of success.

I know we all say we desire success but do we really? Or do we just like the idea of success or being successful without hard work and sacrifice? As I stated earlier, if we have become a people and a nation that desires the path of least resistance, we see eachother as an enemy, how can we grow as people, a nation or how can we achive personal success, when our success is, to some degree dependent upon others and what does success look like anyway?

For the last few years, things have been extremely rough. Not only am I questioning my existence again, like I did before I fell ill, but now it is with even more reverence and concern for those around me. I feel like I see and feel like I know so much and people either want to see it as arrogance, or narcissism to try to put me in that box without knowing anything about me or how what I say may affect others or maybe they are just not ready for me to share what I know. If I could count the blind-eyed stares while speaking to people as a measure of succcess, maybe it would be better to focus on something else.

People are funny, aren't they? We look or hear someone and we think "wow, they are successful" but "successful" people never seem to tell you about why they may feel like they aren't. In other words, we think and feel what we know to be true and it is merely only a perception and in our rapidly changing emotional state, we begin to feel like what we feel and think is true to some degree and people because they are resistant to change or don't want to admit their shortcomings, or wish to remain on the path of least resistance will refuse to accept correction.

I guess as I review my ramblings of the day being all over the board, maybe I am suffering from post stroke moments or maybe my mind is still working overtime with thoughts I felt like needed to be shared but for the record, the intent of the writings is the key and not the perception for why they were written.

People need to realize that the breakdown of society isn't just political. Properly functioning societies need principles or they cease to be societies and become tribes. Sets of customes and traditions, an adherance to a faith, common love for one another and the ability and desire to freely communicate are crucial. If we are doing what we can politically, maybe we need to realize we are people before we are political entities. Where we are headed in this war against humanity (against us all) won't be won by the few that understand, it will be won by educating others and we can't surely do that on our own. If it all starts with us, how can we possibly blame others? Isn't it best summized by Burke that "all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing?

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