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Important Ada County Sheriff appointment information

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Left to Right: Doug Traubel, Mike Chilton, Matt Clifford (Photo courtesy of Ada County)

Dear friends,

Many have asked my thoughts on the Ada County Sheriff appointment issue. I have been informed that the Ada County Commissioners are taking comment before making their choice and people are requested to comment before tomorrow.

To be as open and honest as I can be this is a culmination of what I know personally and what the word is regarding those that pay attention.

Doug Traubel- 27+ yr. Ada County Investigator, Author of two Books: "Can they do that?" and "Red Badge" (The Marxist influence on law enforcement)

Doug has been in the trenches as a Constitutionalist for years, the only candidate to be endorsed by Sheriff Richard Mack and well known by people in the liberty movement.

Matt Clifford- The GOP establishment’s choice and the overwhelming choice of government officials. Supported by Ex-Sheriff (and current Fed) Sheriff Raney and supported by Ex-Ada County Sheriff Steve Bartlett and Democrat legislators that include Moscow, ID. Support for this candidate is overwhelming seemingly by those that either dislike Liberty, its people or don’t properly understand the Constitutional role of Sheriff. Word is that New “Liberty people from CA” (and Idaho Conservatives-Neocons) also support Clifford.

Mike Chilton- Chilton apparently ran for Coroner years ago but also apparently lost because he lacked the support from the Establishment GOP. Considered by Constitutionalists as not a bad second choice in that they question his ability to stand under pressure by the establishment.

Please click the link below and offer up your comments to the Ada County Commissioners today! If a question of standing comes up my answer is always, if it is my capitol city and I need to visit or do business there I not only should care what happens in that county, I should be a part of this process.

That’s all I have for now. If more information becomes available, I will edit and post it here.

if you have further questions, please reach out to me.

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