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Internal Damnation

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

As I was watching the events unfold yesterday, I, like you were probably wondering if the capitol had been occupied before and from a quick search I did I found two instances: The British in 1812 and from what I could tell, the "Bonus Army" in 1932 when, if I recall correctly I saw pictures of tanks were headed to the Capitol and of course, yesterday.

My first inclination when I hear and see things is to step back and attempt to review what I am seeing and hearing from a variety of different angles and of course one of those angles is regarding the conspiracy. So, sure we could say the British stormed the capitol in 1812 and burned down parts of the capitol or we could ask why or who really did it or even who may have put them up to it. We certainly could ask that of the issues relating to the Bonus Army and yesterday's events as well.

In 1814, we are told "On August 24, 1814, during the War of 1812 between the United States and England, British troops enter Washington, D.C. and burn the White House in retaliation for the American attack on the city of York in Ontario, Canada, in June 1813." What I was told was quite different in that there was a conspiracy to burn down the capitol to destroy our historical documents as part of that agenda and that story perhaps should be shared a different time.

In 1832, we are told, "probably 10,000 to 25,000 World War I veterans (estimates vary widely) who, with their wives and children, converged on Washington, D.C., in 1932, demanding immediate bonus payment for wartime services to alleviate the economic hardship of the Great Depression."

Yesterday, we are told that "Rioters stormed the capitol" and said it was because we would not accept Biden as president? As I recall ANTIFA and BLM are called by their names. Can you not see intentional division and does Media then create internal damnation?

If we know for a fact the last to be a lie or at least a great distortion of the truth, what makes us believe that there was not also a distortion of truth regarding the other two events? Sure on the surface the capitol was burned and we saw the Bonus army but what about what we didn't see?


We are openly told by conspirators that "the issue is never the issue, The issue is the revolution!"


So when you look at in that light of that quote what do you see? If the issue is never the issue, what is the issue? If they say the issue is the revolution, are they are admitting that the purpose of revolutions is to intentionally openly work to abolish the current form of government and transitioning to another form? Where is the confusion in this? That is exactly what it means and we should keep that firmly planted in our minds as we watch issues like this unfold.

If I had to guess regarding 1814, I would need to review what happened before that led up to the event as well as what happened following that event. In a quick search, I found "The Panic of 1819." For those that don't know, wars and economic collapses are intricately intertwined. What I also know is that economic boom and bust cycles are manufactured, they are not results of free market capitalism. On these two premises alone, they lead to a third. I am already questioning the narrative that has been the "official story" by those propagating it since they have already proven to be liars!

As for 1832, The story goes that the WWI vets were promised money and because they didn't get it, they protested. What they do also say is that although they were promised money, they were denied the funds because we were entering a depression. Wow, can you make this stuff up? What a coincidence! So, if the story is true, it opens up major cans of worms.

First of all, who were we fighting and why and who was behind the war that sent our men into foreign lands? And isn't it coincidental that wars always come at a time of economic distress?

We know now that WWI was created from a false flag so we could argue that the government in or those elites in government created and manufactured not only this crisis but the outcome as they have in all others.

Yesterday, January 6th, 2020, was a very sweet and sour day for me. I hated to see peaceful protest turn violent especially to see the videos that would have you believe that a woman was shot and is now dead, but I also realized it was about time something like this would happen. They say it was about us not accepting Biden as President and they said that when Obama was elected, see a pattern? Only this time they can't say we are racist because Biden is white.

What they did instead of focusing on what was positive, they always focus on the "agitation factor" what can work to divide people. Remember..."the issue is never the issue, the issue is the revolution." The American people have been abused for decades. Did they think that American's were just going to sit back and take it forever? NO. They have attempted to call us out for years and they finally got what they wanted and once again, we are left to suffer for it. So, what is the issue?

The issue for them is not the election or the fraud or even having Biden become president. Presidents generally are puppets doing the bidding for the Counsel on Foreign Relations and globalist Insiders. The issue is the threat of the globalists losing control and no one will tell you that part. Everything the globalists have worked for generations for has gone according to plan until...Trump.

If Trump got in for four more years if he is who most think he is, he would have exposed the evil doers- the money, pedo and trafficking rings, the plunder of our finances, the coup and more and set the global agenda back 20 or more years or more. With the completion of Agenda 2030 (The Great Reset) just a few short years away, they were desperate. So, they rigged the elections, once again implemented the Hegelian Dialectic-agitated the people-create a problem, find a "solution" to the problem and trigger the desired response and it worked perfectly.

To set the record straight, I do not advocate for violence, I never have. We, as a movement have never been violent in our protests but the left has and that is open for anyone to see yet "They" work tirelessly to blame us even when the evidence incriminates "them." It is completely dystopic.

People like our pathetic governor and senators, other elected officials and of course regular people are quick to condemn what they see but not only is what they see skewed, they have no concept or ability to see what they can't see. They are either too caught up in emotion or are ignorant of conspiracy or can't handle the reality of where we are today in this country and the urgency we face as a nation as we fall to into complete despotism that should be evident in less than six months if what the last year wasn't evident enough.

How dare good American's attack one another and debate issues without even bothering to understand the details regarding what they are talking about! There are people that are part of the solution and there are people that are part of the problem and those that condemn people that are fighting for our country based on opinion alone should actually be considered the enemy more than those that are righteously indignant "fighting the good fight!" Do we still deny that this country is now at war?

WAR! Our own government admitted it with their passage of the NDAA and we still don't get it? Harris even openly stated she was going to "hunt you down!" Anyone following issues around the world? What about the War on Whites in South Africa? This is a war between free people and the globalists? It is a war THEY DECLARED and yet we are condemned because we are supposed to "place nice?" They openly admit to using the constitution against us to collapse this country and also, never forget, they use our principles of Christian Forbearance against us, knowing we won't lie, cheat, steal or fight dirty like they do.

Our country is falling fast, we have been infiltrated at every level and we stand to lose everything and they even admit "we will own nothing and like it" and yet we are somehow to remain peaceful and let it happen?

I for one although never interested in violence, I am interested in keeping my country so it isn't a question of if or when I will become violent, it is more a question of whether I will be provoked to become violent. If history repeats itself, it is clear we will be. Are you ready for what's coming?

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