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Irreconcilable Differences

I have been very blessed to have been given the opportunity for more than 8 or 9 years to have become a regular caller on the Kevin Miller Morning radio show in Boise 580KIDOAM. I think Kevin told me once I was good for raising people's blood pressure in the morning and I do it not only because I am passionate about freedom but because I feel like what I bring to the calls is of a somewhat alternate perspective.

I have been told by many that what I bring is the right perspective and most are glad that someone is doing it. I don't do it for money and I certainly don't do it for fame but I won't lie, I do it to inform and because I have been trying to let others know that someone besides you gets it, I resonate with you and I understand. The other reason is to to help share what I know with the hope of building an educational and action army. My goal was to use the radio to connect and meet with as many people as possible to help become the informed majority to begin to take back our communities in an effort to bring true peace and rightful government back to the people knowing without that support we will surely loose the battle. Sadly for years I had no traffic on my phone or my website as if I were speaking to air but now things are changing and I am humbled by that change. Thank you.

Trust is a rare commodity. As societies decay the trust factor also decreases. Trust is also broken when one says one thing and does another and trust is hard to build only by listening to someone speak in public or on the radio and takes a long time without personal interaction. Consider the promises of your elected officials and your talk show people. I always say that inconsistency breeds distrust.

My time on the radio and everything I do in public I wanted to be consistent. I wanted people whether they liked me or not, to at least not be able to question who I was as a person and part of that was delivering the same messages I always have that is consistent with my foundational worldview. Sadly however, today, it seems that consistency is despised and constant change and inconsistency are what people think they want, until they understand what it means.

Kevin has been talking about the fact that people in Idaho on different sides need to come together. I am not sure if this is new because he has been apparently threatened on the radio recently but I had to call and explain that opposite sides today will never come together. For one thing there are way too many people divided because of what they think they know.

Secondly, the forces that are in play right now have way too much power and control to allow for the differences to be shared and the emotions escalated by this only compound the problem. I believe the Scriptures say "When the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do" and this is true.

America may have had its issues during the founding but they agreed on one foundational principle...freedom. Today we don't apparently agree on anything. The left wants gay marriage and free stuff, the libertarians want pot to be legalized, the republican neocons want to rid themselves of the constitutionalists and the democrat's see anyone that isn't them as the enemy. We are divided by color, ethnicity, religion, wealth class, national origin age and now political persuasion so the idea of coming together is admirable but I feel it is not possible until the entities forcing this division are exposed and eliminated or become controlled by more honest entities and maybe not even then.

Would people be able to come together once the entities have been eliminated or the control was exposed or taken over? I am not so sure. Today so many people believe what they have been told for so long, I have found that even those that don't trust media even still fall for for the lies so what people think they know is much more powerful than just telling people something different, it takes time.

How do you tell someone that America was founded as a republic and not a democracy and that socialism is the antithesis of Americanism? What I am saying is that it takes a long time to get people to believe what they do and will be no short task to get them back so what happens in the meantime?

American's have become lazy, apathetic and think since freedom came to them at no cost is something that just exists and because of this I suppose they believe that freedom will always exist and because they have seen so few have to fight for it, they, themselves don't believe they should have to. Either way to make matters worse, they have been programmed to believe that the problems they are told about are the real problems and not what the real problems are which either overwhelms them, they become embarrassed and back away or loudly and aggressively defend their position even if wrong. In my view only the few that have discernment and the humility to see things for what they are, see things beyond what we are told they are and understand the importance of self reflecting on the knowledge we have, will we ever be able to make the needed rightful changes.

I titled this post Irreconcilable differences and as I was writing, I was reminded that this phrase is most commonly used in divorce but realized also that if the differences we face are irreconcilable in marriage between two people, there is no doubt in my mind that these irreconcilable differences in cultures will yield not only the same result but have tremendously larger and more catastrophic backlash. As one becomes vindictive over the spouse, today groups as they fraction will become vindictive over one another leading to arguably violent conflict.

A great example of division and irreconcilable differences is A book called Civil War Two by Thomas Chittum that was referred by a friend that explains the very real mathematical possibilities of civil war based on race alone. If we are headed for war based only on race what about all of the other additional divisive factors that exist in our society today? For those that have not read it, the reviews say that it is a "racist" book. I was so intrigued by the title, I didn't even see it for what people have said about it to be true other than the fact the throughout the book it talks about Civil war through race. It couldn't even be called "White Supremicist" because as I recall it didn't even favor one color, race or national origin, it was just the blatant facts exposing the strengths and weakness of each. If talking about all races and how they will endure the race war is racist, I argue that they fail to see the point of the book. I highly disagree on the race designation and I also have no issue with race at all.

What I am saying is that if the reader can separate himself from his social justice blindfolds to see the real danger, he will realize that the war that comes will destroy the freedom for all races, not just one class of people. These irreconcilable differences will lead to a complete collapse of our free society that will usher in a global authoritarian state where no one has any freedom regardless of race or other intentionally created division.

If blame is to be had, I blame the government and the media for its propagation and of course the globalist elites that can only unite by dividing a nations people that ends in complete subjugation.

The fight isn't democrat or republican, I argue that it isn't even about race, money or national identity, it is a war on ones beliefs about the information they have been forced to believe.

A constitutional republic was once a uniting factor. Today the only unifying factor left aside from God and our Constitution will be by a global controlling entity and it won't be by choice, it will be by force. It is time to expand our periphery and realize the storm ahead that is coming and how it will affect all mankind.

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