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Is apathy "patriotic?"

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

2 Thessalonians 2:11: 11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie...

If that is what this is, should I/we do anything about it? If a man or woman wishes to sin should they also go through with it and say "It's God's will or "God is in control" or "It's in the Bible?" Hardly...

It is sad to know that what I am seeing is happening in more places than where I am. The only good news about this is that apparently, it isn’t me that is the problem, at least I hope it isn’t. The bad part is that there are so many that have given up and do more to find reasons not to engage than to find ways to engage.

To me, if I may be quite honest, this behavior is anti-American and I cannot, “in the name of patriotism” allow my fellow Americans to become subjected to this weird dark apathy and “head in the sand” mentality. Another sad point, as things get worse, it is forcing me to become more aggressive in tone because I need to at least match “in kind” with the apathy that abounds…consider it the punishment to fit the crime.

I am sad that people are willing to give up. I am further saddened by people that have such a narrow understanding of the ginormity of what we face and the trivial nature for which they seem to see these things. As a matter of fact, I did a video on it this past weekend because what I was reading was helping me, as it should help others if they watched or read it, to know what delusion we are under and why.

If you are curious:

I know human nature enough to know that people are ready to give up. I know why and how. The problem is that for many that have given up, they, for the most part don’t know. I believe if they did, it may be a wake up call to them because no one likes to do the bidding of the enemy an if they knew they were brainwashed, or were as brainwashed as they think everyone else is, they could snap out of it but the more I see with people wanting a Savior or a King, they don’t realize that is also part of the brainwashing.

People mistake attendance at rallies and fairs and parades as patriotic. It may be but if a Marxist shows up is it still a patriotic event? What if people that show up that say they love America? What if there were people that said it and believed it but did nothing to solve its problems? What we are facing today is an ignorant and apathetic electorate and one that love to complain (Like repeated manna from Heaven) and that’s it. If I may be so bold, I would like to say, going to meetings or events or rallies does nothing to save our country. Neither does praying for a king, or expecting someone else to do what we ourselves should be doing or kicking the can down the road for those of us that have jobs that could help make that change.

People love to complain to me about wanting to know what to do, then when I tell them, they don’t do anything. They instead tell me about how crazy JBS is, as if that dead horse hasn’t been refuted for decades now while people still believe the commie narrative against us, not realizing we have the only solution to our problems which leads me to believe people don’t want solutions, they want to complain and pray someone else will do what we should be doing ourselves.

As a leader of an organization, I can tell you apathy isn’t just JBS, it is most all groups I know in a six state area. What is happening is rampant and no one seems the wiser or do they care anymore after they find out than before they knew.

For what it is worth, I am willing to do whatever it takes to get people off their butts. If I need to do virtual meetings, I will. If I need to drive 7 hours, I will do that too. At this point, if few or anyone is going to do anything about it, I need to get out there myself and preach the message, even if no one is listening. I only hope people are willing to hear what I have to say (or people like me) because if they aren’t, we should all pack it up and go home.

As of late, I was questioned about my previous comments relating to "double-down." I was asked it that was some call for violence and I was speechless because never in my life have I ever advocated for such a thing. As some reading that think I am lying, it only proves they don't know me well enough or know human nature enough to know that violence would take us in the opposite direction this country needs to go if it still wishes to remain free!

Why the heck would I advocate for violence knowing it would increase the totalitarian state rather then reduce it? Why would I advocate violence knowing that there have been deals with the UN blue hats to come into this country and quell insurrection? I am not stupid.

Actions that can and should be done are based on American principles of action through education. Leave it to the hostile and the ignorant to take up arms, the one's that don't realize what I do.

The one caviat I have is to inform you that although I don't advocate for violence doesn't mean others won't but they don't seem to want to exercise violence as a last option because they think American can be made free by using violence. Sounds a lot like the UN or the US Military Industrial Complex to me, perhaps they are their "useful idiot's" acting in the name of "Patriotism?"

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