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Is everything about COVID a lie? (and links)

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

I am an information junkie. I have been since around 2007. I have thousands of links from news articles and original source documentation on a variety of topics. When media censorship ramped up removing videos, I found ways to maintain that information. When it came to COVID, I began collecting information on everything I could find not even thinking about what I would use them for or if they would even be used much beyond myself.

Then, sadly, almost a year after COVID, I realized I couldn't find anywhere that possessed all the info on COVID in one place one needed to share with others so I decided to do it myself. The problem was there was so much to post, I found time was a huge limiting factor. Another obstacle was taking the time after collecting articles and videos that I had to categorize them so that when people were looking for information, all they needed to do was to look it up by topic. This was the reason that my COVIDTRUTH page on this website was created and is still there, it is just a bit outdated although what is there is still good information, I felt that people needed to continue to be updated and I feel as though I let everyone down by not having the time to keep it updated.

I can't tell you how many times I have needed this information while discussing this issue and I hoped that once the page was created, others could share it as well. This is also why at the bottom of that COVIDTRUTH page, I gave an opportunity for people to download the trifold brochure so they can print copies and distribute them to others. It is my belief that we have only a short time to get out there and take over the narrative and prove what the government and the media are saying are lies and we can prove it if we had a chance. If you will mobilize and you will mobilize others we still have that chance but it is up to you to get active.

I still collect links daily, if you want updates, I would be happy to share them with you but the list isn't pretty nor is it categorized yet but the information I have is awesome. I am not some special researcher, I just happen to collect what I read. It is time consuming but it is worth it and I hope you think so too. The reason I say this is because those of you that have subscribed most likely expect some level of professionalism so getting link updates in some raw unorganized format may be considered unacceptable and I don't blame you but, if you want the info, and you don't have time to collect info as I have, I may be one of your only resources or maybe I could just offer mine as supplementary to what you know and have collected already.

First I want to share a link with you where you can get updates yourself for $8.00 a month you can have access to Dr. Lee Merritt's Zoom calls. You can sign up HERE

Also, there are many people that want evidence, not just claims or to know how you connected the dots and I came across a few must watch and must share videos full of evidence. I have also included several other links that you may find worth reviewing. If I cannot find time to update my COVIDTRUTH page, I may have to just paste links periodically on my blog.

Please review, please share, please educate yourselves and then educate your neighbors and friends. Wearing a mask and taking a vaccine is not a choice you should allow others to make when they make those choices without proper information. If we are indeed our brothers keeper, it is our duty to God not only to love Him but love thy neighbor as ourselves and to share the truth to keep them from harm.

I included the link to mass psychosis because I felt with all of the apathy, confusion and frustration it was important to keep ourselves in check and to better understand how and why others act the way they do. Worthwhile video:

Mass psychosis documentary:


We have all heard that vaccines are a good thing and they started by some good humanitarian to rid the world of Small Pox. "I mean Polio was eradicated right?" LOL. Hang on to your hats because this is the most revealing video I have ever seen regarding the conspiracy and history of vaccines. It is long but a MUST WATCH:

Most people think testing is rather benign. I would encourage you to think again. If COVID was in your Saliva, why isn't testing just a cheek swab like everything else? Well, you are about to find out! This may be boring but it is a Must Watch!

Testing fraud documentary- Covid and testing fraud and dangers and ingredients-IMPORTANT! Magnetism, wireless smart grid connectivity, SMART Dust and more...

In a world of emotion I don't think people pay too much attention to things like Patents. For those of us that always say "follow the money" patents are something that need to be considered. This is by far and away the best video on the history of patents on COVID that shows this started as early as 20 years ago and the patents prove it. Must Watch:

Some people want to look into laws and exemptions. Here is some information I found I hope that helps!

VACCINES latest info and videos — you do not have to consent to this medical experiment:

MEDICAL RIGHTS — know what they are and how to defend them!

EMPLOYEE RIGHTS — how to avoid covid testing and vaccines

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