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Is Freedom Fascism? Business in Idaho

Sometimes I think words don't have the power they should when speaking them unless of course you are directly affected by them and have the common knowledge and critical thinking skills to understand them. I think it also depends on how much you hear it, like the word Trillions when referring to debt, or the word Socialism as we continue to move closer to it.

Fascism is another word that has been used quite frequently for the last few years- not from "the right" but and ironically from 'the left" as they attempt to redefine it to maintain their narrative and repel ours at the same time. You see, when they are hit with truth, they don't deny it, they just change the definition of words or force you to focus on something else that also maintains their narrative. The word Fascism used to feel so benign but since I better understand it and see it in clear view...not anymore.

According to Merriam-Webster's dictionary Fascism is defined as a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. Ironically, there is no definition for Fascism or Communism in Webster's 1828 dictionary.

The definition I learned that hits way closer to home for me is: government control of private business. The definition the globalists and their "useful idiot," "progressives" believe is that Fascism is a "right wing" ideology, I even saw this on a Google search some time ago. Did you realize that even having a dictionary is inconsistent with the Progressive worldview? They simply lack the education to know better. I digress.

I believe that history defines what words mean, like Fascism, by the actions of the elites pulling the strings as well as their governments. A popular video in the 1980's was the flagship video by The John Birch Society called Overview of America. This video was so trusted and popular it was used in middle and high schools for decades. Do you need to ask why they no longer play it for the children? It was the best 28 minutes that explained about right wing, left wing, freedom and tyranny as well as forms of government and economic systems to give the viewers a basic understanding of our Americanist system as it differs from others.

Among the different forms of governments and economic systems this video explains more adequately than any other I have herd that freedom includes ownership- title, use, control and the ability to dispose and the degree of ownership has a direct result on how one's government is defined or who owns and controls the capital.

One of the greatest pleasures I have in my job is getting to know people and creating these relationships that build trust where when many seem to have no one to talk to, they talk to me. Among many of these people are business owners. Sadly, those that are not business owners will not understand or care about issues like this because they don't feel like it affects them. Sadly, they are wrong.

Do you believe we live in a free society? Your government sure wants you to think so and because of the relative ease to manipulate an ignorant people, the people believe what they are told.

Have you ever tried to start a business? Many governments mandate needs to go to school, then one needs to graduate and become certified but this is not the case in starting any business which in itself opens a can of worms. As if certification through school diploma isn't enough, one needs to take a government authorized certification and then only if passed, one can obtain a government license and only then can you even remotely begin to start a business. Did I mention the time element involved in going through such motions? The paperwork, the ongoing regulations and increasing taxes and numerous types of taxes? What about the governments ability to perform random audits and visit your location of business without notice? You better be both extremely patient and independently wealthy or be willing to dump your savings into start up because the time delay and fees and licensure in getting all of your ducks in a row can take months!

Some business requirements I have noticed almost tell you how to run your business, from the products you need to buy, which products need to be labeled and how, to the required MSDS, sheets, employer notifications, minimum wage law posters don't forget the non-discrimination social justice warrior garbage that is included! My wife for example that went through school had to wait 4 months before she could even open her business because of the demands from the government and even during a manufactured Crisis that only attempts to offer any legitimacy to the excuse of the day.

Now with this new COVID nonsense, your government can pull your license for non-compliance to edicts that are not even law subject to fines and penalties and our representatives just pretend its all part of doing business? Is the harassment from the IRS part of operating a free business as well? How exactly does this differ from communities where gangs control , scare and manipulate business owners by forcing them to pay "fees for protection" and if they refuse suffer the wrath of the gang in control? How cool would it be to also have law enforcement at your disposal to force compliance to anything anyone in government says under the guise of "just doing our job?" The sad part is that such government uses law enforcement against the people. In many cases the gangs don't go that, so would living under the rule of a gang be better? Well, to me they aren't much different.

If we had the opportunity to act as the government does (and that right is more ours than theirs, by the way) imagine if we could impose such limitations on what the government could do? It should be clear to see, they don't like it very well and they utilize tax payer resources at infinitum to make sure they maintain control. Sadly, the Constitution that was designed to help control the government has allowed the government to define anyone that stands on that document, an enemy of the state. How fortunate for them and still the government employees still don't see that they are abusing their power? This can only happen in two ways: Either they are uninformed or they are mini-tyrants. From this example alone, most American's should see that we have a huge problem when our constitution expressly limits government but the government taxes and controls us to make sure that all we do is limited!

The fact that 'the left" calls people that love freedom "Fascists" is lunacy and laughable and an informed citizenry would have debunked the misuse of the word right away. The most interesting thing that I can tell you from studying "the Ism's" is that these people are easy to see when people are equipped with the understanding comparing that to what freedom looks like. What this tells me is that the Communists know more about their ideology than those that think they do about theirs...I am talking about ignorant albeit "Freedom loving Americans."

I read a quote once, I think by Thomas Jefferson, "Those that wish to be ignorant and free desire what can never be" that pretty well sums it up.

Fascism since the very definition is dependent upon the degree or ownership and control of capitol, can in no way can be on "the right" of the spectrum when all the way to the right, is anarchy or no government at all!

Today, as America continues its fall, it should be clear to most people that our foundations have been destroyed. Our religion, culture, traditions, our history and even law and language. Progressivism (or Communism) are plagued with what I call "the ironic consistency of inconsistency" and where everything is absolutely relative, where nothing is absolute and nothing is constant except for constant change and we have allowed it either because we have become weak and tolerant or because we didn't know the enemy or ourselves that will imperil us in every battle.

If words do not become more important to us soon, I am certain the eventual actions of dictators will help change that. My question is, do we really want to wait for the latter than the former?

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