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Is it Un-American to wear a mask?

I can't believe we have reached this low in this country where people that refuse to wear masks are now selfish as well as Un-American. The first question I would ask is according to what principle?

They say, "As Americans we have always come to help each other out during crisis" and somehow this equates to wearing a mask? Maybe it will eventually be considered selfish if we don't adhere to a one child policy or mandated vaccines, or living in a smaller home or working for 3 cents a day? Maybe it will include losing your right to privacy so that your property can be inspected by some bureaucratic agency or maybe even by your neighbors? "I mean the rest of us are doing it."

This mindset is Communistic not Americanist and the fact that some of my fellow Americans think that collectivism is Americanism shows the levels that we have reached in America where they speak of Principle and government like they know it when they really don't. What it also shows is the effectiveness of Marxist brainwashing through the television and government schools and to those that know better, it shows they are today's "useful idiots."

If you really want to get down to it and I had to find a place for the word selfish, it would to suggest that All Americans are both selfish and generous and I am the same way and I'll bet if more people thought out this stuff like I do, they would agree.

It goes without saying that anyone that knows me knows I would do almost anything for anyone and most Americans I know say they would say the same thing but there are limits. Are those limits also selfish? You would certainly pull over and help a person with a flat or give money to the poor or help your neighbor with his home but would you give your wallet to him or give him your home?

Most American's also enjoy without knowing it, what our Founder's called INDIVIDUAL Liberty, not collective mobocracy. I argue that to the ignorant, this very Principle of Americanism is selfish and they themselves are as guilty as the rest of us for enjoying our freedom , the ability to do as WE please not what everyone else pleases. This is a Principle difference between Americanism and Socialism or Communism.

So, I ask those that call us selfish: what are the limits on being or not being selfish and who gets to decide and for how long do they get to decide and when is it too much and what does one do when that power has been abused?

What these people probably don't know is the Americanist Principles for which they attempt to shame others with are not even understood by those preaching the shaming gospel and after all isn't the idea of shaming openly stating ones disdain for the freedom others choose to exercise? I mean, should I retaliate and lambaste others for wearing stupid masks that don't work or for believing the government/media/big pharma globalist agenda? I have often thought about it but it wasn't ever to shame, it was to be expressed in love warning them about what we know, not like the "Shamers" that try to use communistic peer pressure to conform to the mobocracy!

It blows my mind that people think exercising one's freedom should be controlled by someone that doesn't think I have that right and somehow they think it selfish and Un-American not to enjoy my freedom as they openly exercise and enjoy theirs?

We haven't even discussed the absolute abuse of government power enforcing edicts that I argue have elements of pre-meditation, conspiracy and Motive. These are evidences of CRIMES! So, I ask: is it Un-American to challenge lawful authority of your government? Is that also selfish and Un-American? Hardly, it is the bedrock on which this country stands!

In the minds of the ignorant, they fear what they do not know-they fear masks, they don't do research, they believe what they are told like good little Communists, they believe in the absolute suspension of our republican form of government for the sake of safety as they look to the government for permission to exist. What they also don't know is if they had some reliance on truth and facts and acknowledged God, fear could not possibly exist!

To play the Devils Advocate, Lets let this COVID BS play out! Yep! Lets take a risk and let the COVID numbers go where they may because at least the truth will come out. And think of the hypocrisy and fear and shortsightedness of this fiasco...

My fellow Americans, we have let Socialism play out, Trillion dollar debt payout, we have let the Marxist brainwashing in government schools playout, we have let God be removed from government and allowed that to play out, we have allowed for the ever increasing boundless unlawful authority of the government to play out, we have even allowed for the collapse of our economy to play out and the incremental control of the Communists in our government to play out and now we are letting the abuse of local governments play out as well as the unlawful rise of power to unelected bureaucrats like Health Districts to play out? So, you mean to tell me I am selfish and Un-American for not wearing a mask but they are American and generous to allow our country to be destroyed?


Are those labeling us selfish the same ones that advocate for murder of the unborn shouting "my body, my choice?" Oh! The Hypocrisy of it all!


Do you mean to tell me that we can allow all of these things to playout without a care but we don't want to allow the COVID BS to play out? In my view God created us. We are born and we die, at His choosing not ours.

We are to honor Him first, then love our neighbor. With COVID it seems we don't Honor God or love they neighbor because if we loved and trusted God, we would know he has whatever this is under control and if we loved our neighbor as Christ commands we would not be shaming others and respecting their individual choices. What's more is that if We loved and trusted God and loved thy neighbor, the ability to share the truth would be considered and it isn't. Today it is shaming and force and adherence and trust in a government narrative. Today its COVID, what will it be tomorrow and will you once again follow blindly? I believe leading others into a pit of deception is wrong, it is unloving, un-American and also...selfish.

Our Country is falling and if it does freedom will be lost around the world and people are shaming people for not wearing a mask? It seems to me their priorities are way out of whack but these self-proclaimed Americans aren't even aware we are falling or that our falling will affect the globe for which they have so greatly relied on us. It is to them I ask, isn't that selfish and Un-American?

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Harrisen Hagens
Harrisen Hagens
Mar 23, 2021

Hey Tom, it doesn't seem like you're making any definitional separation between "collectivism" and cooperation. Is there any difference between the two? It seems like in this article you're villainizing any attempt at cooperation as un-American.

Tom Munds
Tom Munds
Mar 25, 2021
Replying to

Great point and thank you for even bothering to take time to comment. Honestly I didn’t even think about it. To me it was attempting to point out whether wearing a mask was un-American as many have said to me. If I understand you correctly, I may not have made that distinction and perhaps should have so my apologies. Indeed cooperation and collectivism in my view are both the same and different. It’s kind of like the difference between legal and lawful. What is legal isn’t always lawful etc. Collectivism or what I call “mob rule” or mobocracy is forced compliance through government coercion or public pressure by the majority, minority or both commonly using fear or children. Communism and Socialism are…


Tim Taylor
Tim Taylor
Dec 08, 2020

Great article Tom! I encourage all Patriotic Idahoans to join many others at the CDH office in Boise today at 4:45 to precisely protest what you discussed. I'll have some perfect JBS signs for the protest ...see ya there Patriots :

Protest December 8th (Tuesday) @ 4:45 pm

Central District Health

707 N Armstrong Place

Boise, ID 83704

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