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Is Their Blood on Your Hands? Part 1

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

I was talking about war yesterday, just posing questions and not making any statements except for the fact that people are far too quick to expose their hypocrisy between knowing the government propaganda and lies on one hand while believing them on the other. I believe when it comes to things like War and COVID. Many just parrot the government narrative. Americans should ask more questions than make statements. It is something we should all be doing and I believe this country suffers because we don't.

Since I have learned to be a strong believer in the phrase "An unrebutted affidavit stands as truth" I have extended it to mean that any unrebutted statements also stands as truth and during these volatile times in our country, many of us cannot afford to have untruth's or innaccurate statements made about us without attempts to refute them. Long gone are the days where we can laugh them off and I won't, so I take each statement made about me seriously, not because I can't handle the opposition, but because I look at every moment as a teaching moment, whether I am on the teaching side or the learning side. Communication between people or groups should always be strongly encouraged.

There was an accusation that was made after hearing me that I might be an isolationist. I always love when people, even "liberty-minded" people, use social justice terms or words that are commonly used to put people in a box. I am aware of the use of such words are oftentimes derrogatory stated to perhaps distance themselves from the one saying the one thing they disagree with. Sadly, as words and phrases in our social justice world are used to polarize, such words, most oftentimes appeal only to the ignorant. Among the most popular today are words like "racist, bigot, homophobe, xenophobe and white supremist" used by both sides of the political spectrum. Both obviously try to control the free speech of others which is blatantly unconstitutional but they either don't realize this or just don't care. The reason words like this are successful is because they are easier to say than to explain and due to the people's short attention span and emotional volatility and the desire to obtain as much information as possible that at times may not be right, mistakes are made, fights ensue and it is overall a negative for our society.

The sad part about it is that those, in this case me, trying to explain serious and real world things and not always being able to be there and having the opportunity to explain either what we mean for those that don't know or address the comments, they do more to further divide people than anything else because it keeps people's ability to think critically controlled within that box.

Since there are wars and rumors of wars, people are once again divided-not on color or sex or wealth or whether they wear a mask, this time it is regarding American position in these wars. Most people that make statements in support of a thing like wars, make decisions from the heart, not based on knowledge. This is troubling because it means the government knows exactly what buttons to push to get the people to react to their carefully crafted stimuli. But what if there is more to an issue than we are being told? Isn't this usually the case? Those that understand conspiracy recognize there usually is and few people, if any, desire to pay attention to it and because they don't, they are arguably part of the problem, a big part of the problem.

Take the word isolationist for example and compare it to a word Interventionism, for those that have read this far but are limited in time or attention span and won't read part 2, suffice it to say that I will try to make the case in part 2 that non-intervention is constitutional (with explanation) and interventionism is globalist or anti-American and moving toward the advancement the "New World Order." I hope, at this point, if you have been reading my posts that you are no longer timid about using such a phrase because those insiders aren't.

Also, please feel free to offer any comments you have along the way.

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Jim Robertson
Jim Robertson
Oct 17, 2023

Tom Munds two days ago banned and blocked me from his Facebook page and will probable do so here. I urge him to allow free speech on the very important subject he has brought up, which now includes the threat of Jewish genocide in the Middle East, which conflict/hatred has existed for thousands of years, My concern is that Tom believes that Jesus Christ is not Jewish. In fact he believes that Jews today are not the descendants of Abraham/Jacob and supports the belief that the word “Jew” was not invented until the 1600s. I explained to him that Jesus Christ was the son of David, who was the most loved and prominent King of Judah, which is where …

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