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"Just doing our job..."

The phrase "just doing our job" has had tremendous historical significance. Most American's when they hear the term relate it to Nazi Germany with the abuse of the SS.

Today when American's mention the term it is ironically quickly discarded by the those in government today as of no consequence as if those people using such a term are labeled angry, nutty or kooky but isn't that in itself scary to you? It should be.

Our nation was created with the people in power over their government not the government in power over the people. In this instance alone, I would advocate that any time anyone in government harasses you without your consent by forcing its will upon you without you committing a crime,(The elements of a crime are criminal act, criminal intent, concurrence, causation, harm, and attendant circumstances.) it is in effect ruling over you. Ironically if we were to attempt to take rightful control over our government, should it "become abusive to these ends" it somehow can force its will over you and deny your attempt to take control of your own life and deny any and all ability to restrain government back to its lawful limits. If you do, today you are labeled Extreme, seditious or an insurrectionist.

This quandary ladies and gentlemen I refer to as tyranny but today we have been convinced we are a nation of laws and that any edict or policy created by anyone receiving a check or stipend from the government has the right of passage to implement its will upon those it was to serve. If this is not tyranny, please tell me how you would define it?

I would argue today we are a nation of laws, lots of them. So many laws as a matter of fact you are bound to break a few of them every day and not even know it. I guess it is a good thing that they can't remember all of them or many more would be involved in our system than are currently.

We were never meant to be a nation of laws, we were to be a free nation, free from laws and if laws did exist, they existed to control and limit government not the people unless they committed crimes. How can a people claim to be free when they are bound and shackled by endless stacks of man's law? It is inconceivable!

Some say I would be advocating anarchy! To those I would say it would be the opposite. I argue that more laws create a more lawless society not the other way around and a classic example is looking at society today. More laws-more unrest. As not to be misunderstood I have stated clearly many times before, I personally don't need man's law, those that adhere to God's law usually don't. Besides laws were meant to punish evil not people that haven't committed crimes!

In my almost two decades of activism, I have grave concerns about the lust for incarceration and not for of the commission of crimes but violations of arbitrary statutes that according to the government have been placed above the rights of man protected by the Constitution. I call it statutory supremacy. In our defense, our form of government including the oath was to Constitutional supremacy or The Supreme Law of the Land not to the statutes.

Statutes like "disobeying a lawful order," "disturbing the peace," and "trespass" have now become arbitrary, "catch all" statutes to "force immediate submission" to write citations or incarcerate anyone for anything they arbitrarily choose even depending on who you are. The government will conspire to arrest you stating they decree that public property should be deemed as if it is private? Of course law enforcement that took an oath to uphold the Constitution actually act like they swore an oath to the statutes and they did at least partially.

The problem is that they see the oath to the US Constitution, the state constitution, the laws of the state of Idaho, executive orders and policies created by unelected bureaucrats all as part of that oath not realizing the oath to the constitutions were in the name of "public trust" to understand the limitations of their powers that preserve the rights of the people. They don't seem to understand that the other "laws" empower government without limitations not to mention extort even more money from the tax payers because they have desires that somehow trump ours.


Constitutions, were created to limit government. Statutes, policy and edicts limit the freedom of the people. They are diametrically opposed!


So how can they take an oath to include all of the "unlawful" laws and they say we are unlawful when we exercise our most basic fundamental rights? Only one answer...according to them, although they won't tell you this is that we don't have any rights. All we have are privileges they allow and they are conditional on your behavior and of course who you are. It's too bad our Founding Fathers weren't alive to discuss this with these people.

I have good friends in law enforcement and I know they are good people. As a matter of fact in hearing their hearts there are more like us than not. So the complexity of the issue is how we can get them to see this dilemma before the war being fomented by the media and the leftist revolutionaries forces us to clash? That indeed is the urgent and pressing issue.

Of course "law abiding" American's know that harassing law enforcement by telling them that they are Nazi's wont help the cause because rather than them considering our words, they would instead label us as extremists and see it as abusive and will turn it off. What I don't get is why the left isn't labeled when they openly hate law enforcement. Because many of them in uniform don't study the constitution, American history or other histories like we do, there is no link between their actions today and the actions taken by totalitarians years and decades ago so history will indeed repeat itself and they will as they have before will "just be doing thier jobs" that is unless we plan a major outreach to clarify and de-escalate the issues being blamed on us

As educated people you know that "Just doing our job" is a weak response but it should tell you that aside from those that say it, they have no other answers to base their actions. Many of them have not learned the fundamental Principles of this country so the only thing they know is to do what the government hired them to do or they are fired. What a dichotomy.

It is our job to hold government accountable. It always has been but when they defend the state against us and our desire to redress our grievances, it is a recipe for disaster. The result is an increase in the people's frustration that will in turn force the government to spend more of your money to defend itself from you and this scenario will escalate until that flashpoint is reached. And somehow rally attendees are considered "Extremists?" What if they are peaceful people just wanting to be heard?

So whose fault is it if the legislature, Mayors and commissioners and bureaucrats create policy and law, deny public hearings then use law enforcement to defend them from the backlash of the people while they use arbitrary frivolous statutes to force compliance? What are the people to do when they are shoved into "the Justice System" that they also see as corrupted?

I ask you! I plead with you to ask yourself: "When the government becomes corrupt to these ends" What then is the proper, lawful means for the people to hold government accountable?

In this system, there isn't one, not anymore.

We have not only become a pathetic failing empire of endless laws, The laws have become arbitrary and instead of defending the people and maintaining our freedom they have instead used the power against us and those that are charged with supporting and defending the Constitution to keep us free...don't. They instead protect the Communist agitators in the name of tolerance or of course their own self interests.

This ladies and Gentlemen is the result of a carefully crafted intentional plan to collapse America. I argue those that defend the state from the people and allow for its collapse are the lawless not those defending peace, liberty and equal justice for all.

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