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Life, activism, hardship and Kevin Miller

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

It is humbling to think how long I have been politically active. It is even more humbling when I think about all the friends I have made along the way.

When I began, I didn't know much. I had read a few books (starting to read at 45) and the more I read, the more I realized how much I didn't know. It was painful. This was also very puzzling to me because I was newly awakened to "our aweful situation" and I knew something needed to be done but I didn't possess the knowledge of the problem much less the solutions to the problems until much later.

The problem now when I look back, isn't getting opinion molders to trust you, believe it or not, it is the citizenry that in my experience would rather complain about our problems and go on their merry way and think complaining was enough, or at least that is what I thought. I know today, it is still a problem and it seems the more I travel, the more I realize people still haven't come to this realization or what to do about it.

In my view, if I am on a mission, I need to understand, confidently what that mission is, what the goal of that mission is and try to reach that goal. Anything short of that would be unacceptable to me and I assume to anyone that follows me or anyone that follows anyone.

As I continued to educate myself, something really strange happened. Those I once looked up to (a few fellow activists), I didn't so much anymore because although they gave me the headstart, we ended up on different trajectories and the information I possessed now and desired to share, didn't seem important to others. I also saw that as highly problematic because now after questioning what I knew to be true, how would I convey this to others or did I even care to, considering the attention I would be calling upon myself? Will people think me to be arrogant, egotistical, or will they see the "method of my madness" and would it help our overall situation anyway?

Over time I tried many things and had many great opportunities. I got to speak in public, be a keynote speaker, emcee events and even speak at rally's at the statehouse. I even introduced the Governor and Idaho supreme Court Justice on the statehouse steps and more. While all of these things were great things, the most rewarding thing for me was when I met Kevin Miller.

If you have ever heard Boise's morning radio at 580KIDO AM/107.5FM, you have heard Kevin. Some love him and some tell me they used to listen and don't anymore for a variety of reasons- Liberal Steve, the fact that Kevin isn't conservative enough, or its the same people that call in. What all of this tells me is that people are really listening to gain something for themselves or looking for reasons not to like something or both, rather than even looking at how they can contribute. I, however, looked at it as an opportunity. As a matter of fact, I didn't even do it intentionally, it just happened, I still think about how that happened to this day.

I remember calling in to another local radio station when I first started and I was essentially and repeatedly kicked to the curb, or it was how I felt and no matter how I tried to break in, I was shut down. When I called in to Kevin was different. I think I met him at a rally once. We got to know eachother over time and I started calling in. When I did, he actually took my calls and I was so shocked by this I kept calling in and he kept taking my calls and a relationship was born.

I think the picture above was 15 or more years ago at a rally and I cherish this photo not only because it was Kevin and I but because it signified the begining of something unbelievable in that someone, it would seem, believed in me enough and apparently still does.

I have been a caller on Kevin's show for more than a decade, maybe almost two and I do it not only to stay connected to my friend "K-Milli" but to take all I have learned and try to share my perspective...


"...with the goal to help sufficiently educate listeners to appreciate our history, current events, understand when we are repeating the mistakes of history, offer constitutional references and expose the conspiratorial elements undermining american liberty while connecting the dots and utilizing my freedom of speech with the ultimate goal of restoring freedom to our land."


I was once told "use it or lose it." it seems that few, still, have received that memo. The world is plummeting into chaos, few seem to care to address the issue and even fewer seem to discuss solutions as they surround themselves with problems. This is not condusive to being properly educated or a way to solve the problems we face.

People are looking for people that can not only identify the problems and speak openly about them, they are searching for people with solutions and directions on how to engage and overcome.

Since I have known Kevin, he has helped me get where I needed to, without either of us knowing where exactly that is. Simply and most importantly... I would not be where I am today without him. So, if you are whining that you don't know how to engage or need help, or you find you need to know more about what is going on, perhaps you should be listening to morning radio searching for the golden nuggets before so quickly writing someone off.

I don't necessarily write this for the purpose of getting you to call in, I merely wanted to share one way one can become active without even intentionally doing so. Additionally, I would suggest never to do anything for yourself that doesn't benefit those that listen to you in that we have enough people in the world that exist for self-gain and ironically everyone loves to complain about them while allowing them to continue to be that way. The benefits of doing what you do will come to you on their own and you may never understand why or how or to what end.

The best example I can offeer is this... I went on the radio because I had a message to share that I felt was important and I gained friends from it. I did not go on the radio for the express purpose of gaining friends, it was a byproduct or unintended result of my actions.

Another intersting consequence or blessing that happened was having a stroke last year. Yeah, I didn't think so while it was happening. Obviously, I didn't intentionally have one to gain attention, I just did what I always did and suffered from it. What I didn't realize was what would happen and how that would effect me long term.

It is no secret I have no savings, no retirement and I am giving almost all I have to the cause. I always talk about having to make sacrifices but what I wasn't aware of was the willingness for others to make sacrifices for me. I have prayed for years that God's will would be done in my life and if I was doing what I am supposed to do, to help me find peace in what harships and obstacles I face daily. In other words, as I was questioning my existence and having my own personal "pity-party,"I asked God to show me why I am here and what affects I have had doing what I felt he had called me to do. I strongly believe that I got my answer and it took God to throw me to the floor, the morning after my 59th birthday for me to get the memo. As a matter of fact, few know I just got off the phone with Representative Matt Shea (WA.) when it happened. Although the conversation was a bit heated, it wasn't his fault.

What few know is that within hours of the stroke, my good friend, Senator Zito created a Go-Fund-Me page and with the help of Kevin Miller, my most earnest prayer was answered. All of that time I had wondered if I had affected anyone was made clear when Kevin repeatedly announced that I was ill and that I needed your help. In the days and weeks to come, my wife and I were face down in humility and gratitude as checks rolled in to help offset expenses. Then a meal train was set up and people brought food to our home. This lasted seemingly for months. Words could not express our gratefulness. Months later as I was told to focus on recovery, the bills mounted and the checks still came in and Senator Zito with the help of Kevin Miller and those listeners and friendships I had made had literally saved our lives and today, I am not even sure supporters realized how impacful that was for us to this day.

Again, I believe that God has indeed created us for such a time as this and that, if faithful and even if you don't feel like God talks to you, He still listens and although you may not hear Him, and you repeatedly feel like prayers aren't answered, He may just cause you to stop, even for just a moment, or longer, or maybe cause a bit of suffering to get your attention with the express purpose of letting you know He is listening and to send others to do his will. It was never about me, really, it was about doing what I feel called to do and reaping the blessings from it, not for the sake of receiving but for the sake of knowing I am doing what I am called to do.

If you find you need help becoming more active, call me. If you are finding what you are doing is yielding success, contact me and tell me about it! I know people are hurting. I know people are lost, I know people are discouraged and struggling and I know people are calling on God or contemplating where they are. I want you to know although it is good to ask, it is better to be confident in where you are and most of all be careful what you pray for beccause God may just answer your prayers in a way you never thought possible and use something seen as a set back for His glory.

I have learned there is always more going on than what you see or hear. I have also known and am reminded never to take anything or anyone for granted because of what they say or what they know or how they benefit you because the real blessing comes from how you help others in a Godly way not in a communistic, collective way as is popularized today.

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