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Major Social media growth from response to Sheriff Ozzie

Updated: May 30, 2020

This was related to almost overnight exponential growth on my social media platforms days after my post regarding Sheriff Ozzie.

I have had a very unusual number of friends requests these past few weeks which is highly unusual and am therefore skeptical about many that I do not know that are friends with others I do know.

I was made aware yesterday that a few of my posts last week may have stirred a hornet's nest and therefore a particular man and his minions may desire to and are not beyond infiltrating and collecting info or causing issues for me or any of you. This man or his supporters are subversives. The man that called people like us is the enemy uses opinion and a contorted view of history to make his case but we can prove with evidence the reckless and inaccurate claims he makes against us. The sad part is that he was elected to one of the most powerful positions in office and has a far enough reach to do things and has apparently done things unbecoming of any man, especially in his position.

All that being said and after a bit of contemplation, and knowing I have always been about the truth exposing darkness wherever it may be, I have decided to friend them all with the hope that many of his minions are those that are unaware of his darkness and perhaps we can help them see who we truly are and therefore by doing so, expose him for what he truly is. This would be a good time for all of you to consider your friendship with me on my page and whether or not you decide to take the chance that I opened you up to some form of vulnerability. I understand if you prefer to vacate my page.

There is no part of me than intends to let this issue go. The fact he came to my state, to pick a fight with me, my peeps and try to turn people against us is unconscionable so much so that if he thinks he is not out of his lawful jurisdiction and exercising abuse of power and he finds it "legal", it not only grants us the ability to extend beyond ours and proves he is not a lawman, he is a lawless man, and instead of keeping the peace with respect for the law, he uses lawlessness to agitate to rebellion. He needs to be exposed for who he is and should be brought to suffer far greater than those he made suffer. as much as I would like to take this man on myself, in order for us to be successful, it will require enough of us, those willing to stand and share what we know about such a lawless man.

To be absolutely clear, I am not nor have I ever been at enmity with any man, that is until they fire the first shot and not just attack me, but attack many good people of Idaho and attempt to turn those in our government and sway the political party to whom he spoke against us!

He declared war and he should pay and may those that know him to alert others to the same and may the forces of Heaven and Earth bring him to his knees demanding repentance! This cannot be done without a widespread effort and vigilant commitment to make it happen.

The world has way too many people that call others haters but those fools of the world that support them don't know they are what they say they hate.

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