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Medical Tyranny by the Health Idaho

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Idaho...the one last free place on Earth. It isn't just my opinion, in the last few years it has become known by many looking to escape the tyranny of their own states and our recent population growth supports this belief.

Many came here to escape all of the oppressive regulations but what few knew coming here is what the political landscape is and that may of the problems they were attempting to escape were already here.

What do we expect in this country when for generations we have not been taught about freedom and liberty and are instead taught compliance and submissiveness. We are not taught to challenge authority, we are taught to bow to it. Today, there is an uprising against the government and the government's only answer is not to consider the cry of the people but instead to use force upon the people and maintain the narrative citing that the reason they do what they do is because data supports it and "most of the people that testified were in support of the mask mandate order" or worse.

We have several types of people. One, those that are asleep, two, those that have newly awakened, three, those that are fully awake and those that as it appears have not awakened or won't because they don't want to and those will go along to get along. If the numbers of people truly are in support of a mandate, it proves they are the one's that are not fully awake and therefore not educated on the agenda at hand and will aid in the destruction of freedom either intentionally or without even knowing it.

The Heath Districts are tyrannical, they are dangerous but the unlawfulness of the entity can be easily seen...that is if people desired freedom instead of giving up that freedom for security.

First, the Health Districts are "regional," they are not city, county or state entities. This I argue is a complete violation of our guaranteed republican form of government because they blur the lines of the separations of power. If the legislature doesn't control the health districts, who else can? If they are regional, no city can control what they do, certainly no county can reign them in unless the city and the county banned together, this entity runs amok! If they do run amok, God help us if they do so with the legislature out of session along their spineless desire to call a special session to reign in the abuse. We can see this charade from the actions of the Governor.

Second, if these districts were created by the legislature, they should be controlled and monitored by the legislature. If we know this to be true, how then did the state and the admission from the Governor give them the authority they have? Do you mean to tell me that these legislators believe that they "trust" their bureaucrats? They certainly don't trust the people! Do people trust the bureaucrats? Apparently so.

Are entities like these lawfully created? Did the legislature have the delegated authority to create them? If they did, did the legislature give them complete autonomy and boundless control as they appear to have today? First, In order for the legislature to have delegated authority, there must have been a provision in our state constitution that allowed for the legislature to do so and second, the constitution must have been consistent with the Principles of Freedom in that creation. In other words, in my mind, if a state Constitution allowed for a dictator, although constitutional, it would not be lawful. As I study our Federal and state constitutions, I see extremely dangerous vulnerabilities to the people in our state constitution.

What do these districts do? Apparently when asked they were unable to answer the simple question. Can this unelected board make policy as law? As far as I know, Article 3, section 1 in our state Constitution is the only provision for making law. The reason for this because it is the people's house and the people have a right to be represented and weigh in on laws created in an open forum through a process. From Bill creation to passage, the bill is requires discussion and then a vote but before even voted, the bill should be considered constitutional and that is not dependent upon the courts, it is to be considered by an informed electorate. Laws are then passed through an enactment clause with a full acknowledgement that a bill has become law. If the people didn't like the law, there are checks on such abuse.


Question: Is any law passed by the majority lawful? No. Only laws consistent with the Constitution are. If all laws are lawful then the majority can take from the minority without limitations. This is Mob rule.


With the Health Districts in control, they circumvent the legislature, the people making decisions are not elected, therefore the people lack representation. They are appointed and they make decisions both in private and in public but when done in public we have seen that the decisions have already been made. The danger is that whatever they say goes and no way to limit their desires.


If the policies they push are not laws then how and why are they being enforced? They are being enforced unlawfully because no one that is enforcing law understands the proper application of law...the lawful have become lawless in the name of the law!


Furthermore, there is no redress of grievances. The passage of tyrannical unlawful edicts imposed upon the people are left to stoke the fires of resentment and anger and a once peaceful people are left with few options if any. What do people do when they are continually ignored, constantly told "we want compliance" and people that have read through enough of the intentional deception know they are being lied to? Then because they don't know what else to do they attempt to visit people's homes and are persecuted by the media for being so outrageous? What other options do people have? What is the remedy for such abuse?

One can only conclude that the government wants full compliance and if they don't get it, they are willing to start a Civil War and incarcerate people that disagree labeling them as enemies of the state. Look at how the government through the media controls the minds of the lemmings! Have the people not spoken? Are the minority to have been protected from the majority or is mob-rule somehow now our form of government? How has it become lawful for the government created to secure rights and keep the peace to instead force compliance to their edicts and why is this not considered tyranny? If people cannot go to an officials home because it is "outrageous" what options are left? Guns? Is that what they want, a shooting war?

First, I am not a fan of going to people's homes as I would not want them to be at mine but I am also not the one imposing tyrannical edicts either. I am also not an elected official either. If I felt like my life was in danger, I have the option of getting out of office, then I wait like everyone else does for a crime to be committed because arrest would then be warranted.

Are their any dangers in listening only to "the Experts?" Do we not realize that trust in "The Experts," by default, elevates their knowledge and intellect over anyone and everyone else that remotely questions it! Is whatever these experts say now Gospel and everyone should just go along with it blindly? What does history say about this?

What about Fauci's political motivations, his connections with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other global elitist eugenicists desiring population control and a one world government?

If our legislature was created for the benefit of those they serve, to secure the rights of the people, where then does the Health Districts get their lawful authority when they operate out of "data" and force? When I went to school I learned that government couldn't do anything more than I could do to my neighbor but that isn't the way it is today, is it? What if the data was inaccurate? What if those in appointed positions or hired positions desire to do harm to the people or are paid off by Soros? What if these people have no concept of the limitations of government? God forbid if they possess both, there would be no way to reign in such power!

Today, the people have been led to believe that the governments job is to keep us safe and not free. The danger here is that it is not left to us to define safety, instead they have taken that to mean anything and everything they desire "for the greater good." If this is true, one could conclude that anything that defends the individual liberty may not be "for the greater good" and no longer allowed, the UN charter clearly stated this in chapter 28.

Today to make my point, we are seeing the force of government with forced masks and the talk of forced vaccines, the incremental abolition of private property, the hijacking and brainwashing of our children in government schools, the over taxation and out of control spending, policy by unelected bureaucrats as law, the elevation of unlawful edicts to be randomly considered misdemeanors or even felonies! If they have the power to randomly choose the level of punishment, then they have the power to make jay-walking a capitol offense!

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and as long as the electorate remain uninformed and unengaged, freedom will only be a word that may only be seen in history books because before long the word may become the negative connotation that "Constitutionalist" brings.

Abolish the unlawful abusive Health District totalitarian bureaucracy before they control every facet of our lives because we all know that if a government can control your health, a government can control your life!

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