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Mining,Agenda 2030 and The Great Reset in your area

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Hey Everyone!

I would say “Red Alert” but we sure have a lot of those, so I guess it is dependent upon how passionate you are about the issues you see and arguably here is one more. To me, its probably the most important issue. Well, to me it isn't one more, I believe instead this is the big issue that is the umbrella to all others so it is a matter of striking at the branches or striking at the root. Which do you prefer to do and which one would be more effective? If the root (the big issue) is more important and people say that it is, why are not more people openly discussing or at this point, outwardly ranting about it?

Just because people may they know what Agenda 21 or 2030 is or have heard of The Great Reset, to you and I we would be open about it but to others but just because they have heard of it doesn't mean they understand what it means or the complex details of the agenda or how it will effect them. Because of this, people that know about the ginormity of it, better be speaking out about it because if you know and don't, you are now a part of the problem.

I say what I do not because I am old and crass, it is because I care about people, their well-being and their freedom. I don't care what people think I am or how stupid they think I am because what I know supercedes all that and I hope it does for you too. In case you are wondering what we are facing, I thought I would share with you the following links regarding mining and their apparent support for Green metals. I will admit, in all I have spoken about this "Green Agenda," in the past, I have never included the part about mining.

In a conversation I had the last few days with an Idaho Senator, they told me they had attended mining meetings and that it sounded to them a lot like they these companies have gone globalist in support of Green meals.

I am also aware from more and more locations about something that has been around for sometime called “Envision+(Your counties name)” that has taken on many titles since they have been working on “Sustainability” in your area. It is everywhere and it needs to be stopped if we want to take your country back.

I believe there are also “Comprehensive plans” for each city an country that are coincidently called “Comprehensive plans 2030, 2040, or 2050…” The sad part is that the globalists are getting almost no resistance at all. If we, that get it, like "Bircher's," (Yes, Birchers once again!) and we are really the only ones that know this stuff, I guess it is up to us to make some noise and get some attention?

So, what shall we do? Well, people like to talk, try talking and getting peple to listen. If they don't listen, find more people that wil also talk. keep growing until you become a force to be reckoned with. it isn't rocket science, don't make it so! It may be beneficial to connect with people in the mining and ag industries and read up on what their plans are and since they say Biden is a culprit in this mess, we had better become loudspeakers to our congressmen and local officials and attend association meetings etc. YOu should be reaching out to all levels of government because they are ALL affected!

Remember, if all it takes to get something to happen is people actively involved in changing people’s hearts and minds, can we also not do this as well?

Here are a few articles to consider:

Understand this agenda comes directly from the United Nations and so does ESG and it has tricked all the way down to your locality! So, it is indeed a global issue but also a local issue! So, if you ever hear it, never walk away! Instead, you can let them know it is th UN! This means that JBS was right, yet again, about getting the US out of the UN! Why is this NOT our focus as American's?

I know people are focused on elections, I get it and I understand how important it is but I also wonder if those people we are choosing have been asked how much they know about globalism? In my experience, few if anyone is openly saying anything and I think that should change and can if we want it to.

Also, Alex Newman, Senior Editor for The New American Magazine, was here last week and did presentations on the Great Reset. If you don't know enough, you better watch them, share them and then tell others fast!

Until I get them uploaded to You Tube, the presentations can be found here. If you don't have Facebook, you will only be able to access the one in Twin Falls. Once they are up, you can find them on My You Tube channel.

Blessings Friends,


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Hi Tom, being a 3rd generation miner having spent 40+ years in the mining community. My father after working in the mining industry his entire career headed two grassroots organizations that forced the US government to admit some wrongdoing on our citizens. I mention all this to say I have knowledge to offer on this topic. I had always been pro mining and still am, the strength of a nation is her independence which is gained through her natural resources. Having said that there are very few domestic mining companies operating in the US. And none operating that are large enough to have an impact on geo-political issues.

If one looks hard enough they will find most major international mining…

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