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More of the story on Idaho Freedom Foundation's article on the Mental Health Association

I read the latest article on Idaho Freedom Foundations website and, as much as I appreciate them and what they do, I feel like their article needs to be greatly expanded in an urgent way. Apparently, posting it in its entirety is flagging it as spam and now posting it in smaller parts is notr working either so I hope people will come here and share my post for clarity due to its urgency and people's apparent short-sightedness of the issue nor lack of desire to go that deep so I will.

None of these tings happening today are single issues and it isn't one of those things that if we expose it, it goes away and we win. Overall, This agenda is a heavily imbedded transgenerational, trans-national or global issue that is all invasive. Please read further as I attempt to explain.


Good article Wayne but I would like to add a few things people seem to be missing. I have always had issues with talking heads like Hannity that whine about the problem without ever letting people know two things, who is behind it and what to do about it.

First, I would like readers to consider the phrase "The issue is never the issue" and " if it happens in politics, you can bet it was planned that way," both, as I see it, would make conspiracy plausible. Speaking of conspiracies, people are still confused between conspiracy and conspiracy theory, that was, in fact, a conspiracy by the CIA whose documentation on this is still on their website. If we can agree on the plausibility of conspiracy, one must consider the origins of them all and who was behind them and why. First, most people are unaware of Alfred Kinsey (watch the Kinsey Syndrome on You Tube but guard your soul, it is beyond wicked). Additionally, few understand the origins of psychiatry and like anything else was created by people with a desired end. Like most other things around the globe, that arguably began with Adam Weishaupt of Bavaria, evidence of such agendas are being implemented by and arguably controlled by the CFR oligarchs. Most people use the phrase "deep state" but they either don't know who they are or don't go deep enough. (read Conspirator's Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300 or Perloff's Shadows of Power). For more information, I would encourage readers to visit Alex Newman on and follow his ongoing series on the "deep state."

If we understand communism and the psychological games they play, we also understand they have the controlling entities behind the curtain and have front groups. In today's case, the multi-national corporations, globalist NGO's and collusion with government entities work together to reach their desired goals. Spiritually, of course, we understand this is a spiritual battle between good and evil but ultimately, evil must exterminate ALL that God created which means to attack not only our country but nations across the globe by undermining those critical foundations that make countries what they are.

The greatest threat to humanity in my opinion is not what evil does but what people allow it to do by not knowing or caring about the whole truth coupled with their inability to engage to meet that threat. This is all part of the globalist agenda for world domination and a war for the soul of humanity and to treat it as less than what it is, shows we are not really interested in finding real solutions to our problems and won't. It would be pivotal for people to familiarize themselves with conspiracy and the attack on morality, the abolition of borders, the usurpation and breach of local, state, national and global jurisdictions, the attack on our economy, the church, the political and justice systems, media, academia, law enforcement and of course the attack on the traditional family that, along with faith, was the cornerstone and strength of any successful society.

Additionally, few have ever read what we have and find it reasonable to attack our positions on what they don't know. As Ironic as it is, a few of these things to begin that understanding may be things like, the report from Iron Mountain, Operation Paperclip, Operation Mockingbird, the Homosexual Manifesto, United Nations Agenda 21 and 2030 and as of late, the New Declaration of North America just to name a few. To summarize... not only are all of these issues connected, but they are also connected to one governing head and people still ignore it like it doesn't exist and as long as we do this, we will be suffering the consequences.

Therefore, in my mind, in this regard, solely focusing on local politics is futile compared to the ginormity of what is happening. For readers that find these things hard to believe, I would like to strongly encourage them to tread carefully and not make decisions based on what they think and hear or read without doing the research first or asking the writer to provide the evidence of the claims. This country is too far gone to make assumptions anymore without facts if we care about saving it. I will say it again and over and over again... There is a war for the soul of humanity, and I am unapologetic about it and if the truth is ever known, I will either stand before my countrymen fully vindicated or stand before God as others have, knowing I did all I could to warn them.

As much as I appreciate people informing others about the issues, I think it is absolutely critical that if they deside to "stay in thier lane," that they welcome others to expand upon what they have written for those in search of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, So help me God.

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