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My greatest desire is never to be misunderstood

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Overwhelmed with all that is happening so fast? Overwhelmed by the amount of information that you are receiving day to day? Frustrated because you have little to no idea about what is happening or know exactly what is happening but not sure what to do? Does your frustration with what you hear cause you to express your frustration at others that you may disagree with because what you think you know may or may not be the truth? Well, you are not any means.

Many of you that have taken the time to know me know my greatest desire is to never to be understood. Sadly, as things become more chaotic it seems that I am moving farther from that goal than closer to it despite all attempts to move in the right direction.

In my years of being on the morning radio with Kevin Miller on KIDO580am and being a regular listener, I have found that the callers are a great cross section of the average intellect of my fellow Idahoans. I have also found out where I believe they are as far as what concerns them and what they know as well as what they feel and where they feel like the focus needs to be directed in order to find solutions. This also isn't to say that I am smart and people are stupid either, it is more a matter of what we see and what we know and the ability to share or receive information the way we should and our desire to consider what the truth is in an age of misinformation.

I think it goes without saying that anyone remotely paying attention knows things are getting worse but some things somehow seem to still remain...Apathy and seemingly the lack of increased knowledge on what the problem is. In other words, many I know are more likely to complain and go about their business than take time to research what the problems are, separating them from the byproducts of the problems and of course attempting to put a finger on the pulse of the severity of these issues as they threaten our liberties.

Case in point, I called in again this morning around 8:10, Kevin was talking about the protest yesterday by Hospital employees fighting back against forced "Vaccines". Between those segments, there was an interview by a young man with the Young Republicans that spoke very well but to me the message was way too soft for the urgency of the times. It made me realize that his interest is primarily increasing support for the GOP and in that vein, he did a great job making his case for those that are like him. Honestly, I really didn't expect anything different because that is what the Republicans are...soft, moderate and as they claim to be "Rational" rather than "emotional." I prefer to call it as the Bible does..."Luke Warm." I also believe this nation will be judged for accepting a Luke warm message.

After hearing the message from the young man, a tremendous sadness came over me and after listening and hearing other callers, I realized if people are not ready for a message like mine or yours if you are a regular reader here, they certainly are not ready for what is coming and for that I am angered that the state Republican party as influential as they are would mislead people by focusing them on trivialities without any emphasis whatsoever on the urgency of the times or the enemy and the bigger picture. If they don't know then they are clueless, if they do they are misleading or short-sighted. Sadly, to further make my point, they even go so far as to say people like me are "emotional" not "rational" and I would welcome a debate with any of them at any time on this issue.

After the young Republican spoke, a caller, claiming to be "left" but also seemingly relatively biblically knowledgeable, gave repeated accolades to the young man for his tempered and "Luke warm" rational message stating that his message was a way to reach others from the left. I assume this man preferred his message to mine even though it appeared to me to be a bit hypocritical. How can someone give accolades in support of a "Luke warm" message intertwined with using Biblical references when they are inconsistent, unless of course they come from one of today's "Luke warm churches? All I could think about when I heard this guy was how he would approach a burning building with his family in it? How would be react seeming a baby in a baby stroller rolling onto the interstate? How can these people make these types of inconsistent rationalizations?

The Republicans believe that the Democrats are the problem and I argue they are a by-product of the problem or are a part of the problem but anyone should be able to see this compartmentalized language is designed not only to appeal to the ignorant, but it is designed to keep them in a box. What needs to be understood is that the GOP may be just as much of the problem as the Democrats and evidence of this is the decades of Idaho sliding into a leftist mindset under GOP control. Still the GOP come out appealing in an emotional plea that people need to join the Republicans to fight their enemy...the Democrats. If I could re-phrase the narrative by asking why this is about the enemies of political parties and nothing about why we are losing our freedoms regardless of which party is in control I certainly would. Why are we not fighting the real enemy as We the People instead of "They the Democrats or They the Republicans?" With a nation divided by party, can a nation ever be brought together or is the division between party intentional to prevent us from finding unity anywhere? Division certainly isn't a solution!

The young man in his well spoken, well calculated demeanor spoke of compromise, the GOP being the solution, using reason and leaving it to "The Big Boys" and "focusing on the right things." What exactly are those in his mind, he didn't say. He spoke about disseminating "rational facts" from "emotional hyperbole" and even the "Big tent" mentality like somehow the solution now it to further the growth of a party that will only increasingly rebuke the party platform more than they already do! A bigger tent with more people not adhering to the same principles isn't unity, its only perceived unity. What it really is is control and thus the end game for the Idaho GOP. As I recall Scripture says "narrow is the way and few will find it" not let's dilute our message to create a larger Republican base that is built on an even more shaky foundation!


"The Republican's use of the words "rational, compromise and moderation" is merely the same use of the words "tolerance and diversity" by the left."


What became clear to me is that messages like this are indeed "Luke warm" and what it also means is that in appealing to the ignorant, they want to keep them that way and keep them tempered in the name of "Rationalism" as America goes over the cliff and I can't do that! I am not built that way and our Founder's weren't either! To me, if a freight train is coming, I am alerting all that may be endangered by its coming but to pretend it isn't coming when it can clearly be seen is not only dangerous but inhumane and criminal! We have far more than a fright train coming guys.

I titled this piece having to do with hating to be misunderstood because I truly detest it. I hate being continually disregarded for the work we do and the knowledge we have gained about what our future looks like but what I hate more is not only people's unwillingness to become aroused or curious enough to ask us why we say and do what we do, it is to think we say these things because we are driven by ego and self aggrandizement! Personally, at least, all I care about is my country and the people and for the people to remain free and to be armed with enough knowledge to fight it!

Emotionally, I guess, the problem for me is that I feel I need to come to a place of understanding that there are going to be people that may never have "eyes to see and ears to hear" no matter what is placed in front of them. It's like being a rescue swimmer, for example, knowing you can't save everyone all the time but you save those you can. It will never become easy to just let people go...ever! Those rescue swimmers are called hero's but yet people like you and I are dirt on people's shoes? The issue for me is that I care enough about people to keep trying, hoping that more will come to terms with the fact that they have been misled and that although messages that we know will be difficult to consider, are the truth.

I think people have been conditioned enough to think that if they pretend something doesn't exist, that somehow it doesn't or if there is something that someone says it can only be mere opinion because absolute truth no longer exists and that my truth or yours is now relative at best. This, of course defies "reason."

For those that don't me yet, I admit I am emotional but why shouldn't I be? You would have to be a Zombie not to be! We have our children's future to consider, we have responsibilities as Husband's, wives. Mom's, Dad and duties to our employers and more and they are all under attack! Emotion indeed can lead to being irrational but doesn't always have to. Are you irrational with your spouse or your kids or with your puppy? My emotion comes from what I know, it comes from what I see that aligns with what I know, it comes from my understanding of history and seeing history repeat itself and of course from the lies and deceptions I can plainly see that are being pushed on an unsuspecting people.

All in all though, my motive is to awaken people to the urgency of the times, it isn't to lull them to sleep and that I think is the major difference between people that are "Luke Warm' that call themselves "rational" and "emotional" people like me that understand what we know to be true and how it will affect these people. Will they ever wake up to realize what is happening? But in all things I do, I have always wished when people hear me or are exposed to what I write that whether they agree or not, that I am not misunderstood or disregarded and instead of being rebuked to be approached.

What is the solution to our issues? It isn't being Republican fighting Democrats, it is understanding yourselves and understanding the enemy and who they are and why they do what they do and what their goals are....focusing on the big picture not some triviality that takes your eye of the ball.

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