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Oh, Those poor little children!

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Communists have always used two phrases in order to enslave an entire people: "In the name of safety" and "For the sake of the children" and I am disgusted with it. If the children knew they were being used as pawns by totalitarian thinking adults, government officials and school teachers, they would burn their houses down. Today, they are lucky the children were only burning masks and rightly so.

Totalitarians prefer chaos mostly but not when they can't direct it. This issue being out of what they can control causes them to panic and they rely on the media to put the issue back under their thumb and they do...willingly every time. When they can't control the situation they are quick to blame, as Communist's always are, others for that which they are guilty of themselves. In this case, they say we used the kids but it seems to escape them that the kids are directly affected by being forced, in a free country, to wear a mask and be subject to ridicule by the media and forced control by their government as slaves and not as free people!

The "aftermath" of the event wasn't about the masks per se, in my view, the issue is never the issue anyway, and my point was made clear here when they made it about the children. They always do and that is one of the best ways to tell who is reporting and what the agenda is while reporting.

You see when it comes to children, the state and the Marxists believe that they have full authority, at least until it comes to paying child support. They believe that any perceived resistance to their brainwashing should come at a price! Humorously of course, I find it ironic that they attempt to control our families and our children but when it comes to paying "their fair share," they are as deadbeat as those they accuse the fathers of being when failing to pay for child support! Realistically, free people detest the government in their lives and should.

Furthermore, they use the children to tug on the heartstrings of those still ignorant fools on and talk about what kind of message it sends to the kids on one hand (to rebel against unlawful authority), but no one is worried or remotely concerned about what happens to our children in government controlled indoctrination centers, watching state controlled tv, and Satanic Hollywood that not only debases them but teaches classes in Marxist revolution so if we are going to talk about an issue, can we at least be consistent?

The truth is that the Marxists are only concerned for the children if they are allowed to taste and exercise freedom because freedom is the greatest threat to an enslaved mind and if allowed, they could lose control.

The Marxists attempted to spoil yet another Freedom event almost as if there are entities and people's out there that don't want other people to be free? Exactly. This Mask/Covid global scam has actually made people stupid, so much so that they not only want to control other people but they want the government to control us...and them. Who would openly say to their government: "Enslave me please?" No more equality, free speech. No more "My body, my choice" or "I was born this way" or "We have freedom to burn buildings and use violence against others" to those that oppose Marxism, because freedom is their greatest threat.

This event was awesome and rather successful considering the idea came to fruition about two weeks ago where an entire state in all, had 30 or more burn locations across the state and from what I gather was very well attended. I know we had about 200-300 people in Boise.

If you have never been to a rally like this, each one has its own spirit and this one wasn't in support of anyone else to do our work for us, I think it was finally realizing we got ourselves into this mess and if we wanted out, we were the one's that needed to get ourselves out. Additionally the greatest lesson learned and the greatest feeling in the world in an oppressed human spirit is to resist what most of us already know is wrong and as liberating as it can be! The greatest lesson a free man can pass on to his family.

Idaho State police is investigating the issue because I assume it violated some open flame law. I would encourage those of you that are angered by this to understand the desire to investigate was not promulgated by ISP, it was most likely another totalitarian edict by one of the men in the High Tower: Governor Little, or one of his minions in leadership. You see, Little isn't just a name, it is a syndrome and I learned this from seeing his actions as a Governor. Little's other minions however not named Little are wannabe's and are "yes Men" and future tyrants if we allow them to be.

Lawfully, laws when lawfully applied should contain several elements before any consideration of enforcement. Was the spirit along with the letter properly considered? In other words, if the intent of the law was to prevent property damage, was property damaged?

Was anyone hurt? After all there were children next to an open flame?! Oh, My Heaven's! No.

If there was no damage to person or property, why an investigation? Was it because it was merely an offense to the state or was it that Little felt as most dictators do when their authority is questioned, decided to make someone pay a price for crossing his power?

I am as law abiding as anyone, but to spend more tax dollars on a frivolous investigation to find someone to blame, who brought the barrels or who lit the flame is flat out totalitarian. If there was damage to person or property, I get it but if there wasn't, and you care at all about freedom...let it go.

Idaho is at an extremely critical juncture and we could stand to lose all we have if we allow these tyrants to remain in office.

The event was the epitome of freedom- Love of God, Brotherly love, love of freedom, family, commitment, resistance to tyrants and all that makes us Idaho. In opposition-Marxists, Evil and Darkness are weak and cannot stand the light of day which is why anything dark needs to stay hidden and why the truth needs to be censored. The sad part is that they haven't realized that hiding the lie is much more time consuming and costly than the truth and in the end, will be exposed not because we say so, but because God does.

When I got home from the event, I found an email from The Idaho Press Tribune/Post register/Idaho Statesman, Idaho's communist news rags. What horrible news sources! It was however a pleasant and respectful email asking for an interview. As hopeful as I was that the person was a freedom person, I knew more likely not and the really poor reputation of these Communist rags leaves a kind of bad taste in one's mouth for a long time.

I told her why I was reluctant and gave her a few conditions. If I did decide to do the interview. I told her that if she couldn't report what I said and in the proper context that she must grant me an unedited guest opinion sized rebuttal to counter the horrible smear that would more than likely occur. I also told her I didn't want to be rude and that she could contact me anytime, as long as our conversation remained between her and I unless she respected me enough to only print what I allowed from that conversation but since when is there honor in reporting anymore? So far, I have not heard back.

If you are interested in taking back your communities and Restoring Election Integrity, please go HERE

If you want more info on the COVID scam, please click HERE and feel free to print brochures to distribute that are available at the bottom of that web page.

For more photos and videos of the rally, go HERE . I thank Mr. Olmos from the NYTIMES for the photos and Video.

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