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Operation Takeback- The awakening of the angry Giant

Words cannot express the joy I feel in my heart when I think about how long I have been an activist and how hard it has been to try to wake people up and see what I am seeing! I am pleased to continue to meet so many great people from so many different places and backgrounds that weren't afraid to become active. We were unified today and I am more than pleased! Today I think we had a few hundred people at a last minute rally by those that love liberty and today, being a work day, I'd say it was a stellar turnout!

As I commonly mention, I travel the state regularly. I see and hear what people are concerned about. I have never while traveling seen so many signs of only ONE candidate, ever! I have never seen more Trump signs and stickers in my life! Do you what I didn't see? Biden signs! Sure I saw a few stickers on cars of the typical culprits that have millions of other liberal stickers so that was no surprise but my point is if we did a popular vote on signs and stickers alone, Trump clearly won, without a doubt and almost unanimously!

So, why does the media maintain the narrative that Trump lost and why aren't all Americans willing to review the ballots to ensure integrity unless they have something to hide? I mean didn't the liberals want to investigate Trump for women and Russia and God knows what else and don't we all as American's want to make sure there is no corruption in our government? Hell they even had investigations and found no evidence! Isn't that why the left hates Capitalism? What hypocrites! What they say they hate are just excuses to riot to complete their agenda of destroying this country.

To me although evidence is requires for a crime to stick, the double standard is enough to be considered beyond a reasonable doubt that there was election fraud! In addition, everything the left does is to openly abolish our constitution and and collapse this country. Are we to be stupid enough not to bother to connect the dots on what they are up to? Heck, add history and books written by Communist Revolutionaries and their admission of their plans, wouldn't that almost be ample evidence for a hearing?

Today was a great day in Boise, we were unified, we were respectful and peaceful and went home as we do any other day. It is Idaho but it won't be if this corruption continues. I see it being more like DC in the future if we don't put a stop to it. I am hoping what we saw today will be that awakening necessary to fight.

Today, my heart breaks for our country after what I have witnessed in my last 15 years. It also breaks for what I witnessed today in DC and what I have seen regarding the elections. Add to the fact that people stormed the capitol, allegedly damaged property (ANTIFA) and add the death of a peaceful protester, my heart also grieves for how the mainstream media will spin the events of today. I think they are spinning it because they can no longer hide the number of attendees.

When I think of all these things together, I can't help but wonder what will happen how. Since the police seemed to support the DEEP STATE, as they punch people in the face on one hand, while they stood by and allowed our monuments to be destroyed and set our buildings on fire on the other, what is any critical thinking rational God freedom loving patriot to think? Will the DC police work with the crooked Federal and local agencies to use technology to arrest the rally attendees? If they are apprehended, will they ever be heard from again? History says no. We should also consider the fact that Kamala Harris has openly, as others have, admitted to "hunting us down" and we are just to lay over and make peace with her declaration of "Open Season" on Patriots?

For those that think that storming the capitol was unlawful, I would ask you to consider options and remedies and history. As many of you that know me know I don't advocate for violence, it doesn't mean I don't think about what options are left and I am not naive enough to think violence wouldn't be part of that equation. To think this way is to be ignorant of history. Whether that breaking point ever enters my mind as an action or not, I feel the discussion is warranted to hopefully alleviate any possibility of violence if it can be prevented but from what I am seeing, whether I choose to be violent or not isn't the question, it's how violence will be brought to our doorsteps and how it is to be met.

American's have put up with government abuse and lies, betrayal and fleecing our economy for decades and we have been increasingly denied to be heard and denied remedy. At every turn we lose even with the law on our side? Can anyone says Justice? If you are constantly harassed, do you have a breaking point?

Here, let me make it simpler: If someone kept punching you in the face, would you let them without fighting back because it is unlawful to harm another? If someone was watching you be punched and did nothing to stop them from punching you but called for your arrest when you decided to defend yourself what would you do? Would you be angry? What if you were denied remedy? What if the guy punching you did it every day, all day and stole your lunch money and your savings as well? What if that person punching you, raped your wife and kids and stole your house? How angry would you be if he stole your country? Well, that is what is happening and make no mistake about it!

So when you judge what you see on the TV or on video about what others are doing, are you also asking what you are doing? Violence is the last straw when nothing else is left. When healthy debate is silenced, when truth is silenced and when you are continually threatened, beaten and ignored and when your government swears an oath on one hand to limit its powers and prefers to control you on the other, what is left? Nothing.

If CCP Traitor stooge Biden and Commie Kamala get it, there won't be anything left and if you think things were bad in DC today, just wait, what happened there will be seen in all 50 states! Even Klaus Schwab, the author of The Great Rest admits in his own words, "you won't have anything and you will like it." If that isn't enough for revolt, you truly must be brain dead.

Our country is intentionally being collapsed by DEEP STATE globalists, using the protected Brainwashed Marxists to aid in that effort and we are supposed to care about being cited for "Disobeying a lawful order" when it only fits a double standard? We are the rightful Heirs of the country as protectors but the destroyers are the one's being protected?

In Idaho we are even facing the same types of control measures. Even Idaho statutes have allowed for police to enforce "disobeying a lawful order." So I ask you what is lawful? If you read a previous post on that topic you would know it is what is legal may not be lawful and what is legal isn't even law. They say you should be cited for disobeying and unlawful order but what they consider lawful isn't and that is the crux of the matter.

This country was founded upon resistance to tyrants! We have Constitutional Supremacy, not statutory supremacy! It is our job when governments "become corrupt to these ends to alter or abolish that government!" It isn't anarchy, it is constitutional republicanism! How are we to do that when they "lawfully" cite us for disobeying a lawful order? Its inconsistent and a violation of their oath to cite for disobeying an unlawful (legal) order!

In history, revolutions have always been when those that desire to be free are incrementally oppressed by those that want the control and that moment things turn physical, we have reached the breaking point, that point that the Marxists have worked for...intentionally to transfer one form of government to another. That breaking point I argue was created by the people neglecting their civic duty but fostered and enforced to the point of a gun by the government that have become masters rather than the servants in our once constitutional republic. And they do so all under oath?

My advice to you is that you better be thinking about that "line in the sand" because that time will come when you will need to check yourself. What you will see this year if God himself does not intervene with a miracle is something you would never allow your kids to watch on tv much less live it but didn't we to some degree allow for this to happen?

We owe it to our kids to make things right or they will be cursing us all at our graves. Personally, I can't bare the thought and live every day just hoping my kids won't. If that isn't enough to keep you motivated, you really may want to check your priorities.

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