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Patriot support of long standing armies?

Last time I read the Constitution, it mirrored what I had also read in the Federalist Papers, America should not accept or support long standing armies but today even the "Patriot community" seems to support them. I know to many that read this it may raise your blood pressure and I would like to ask you to breathe and relax until I make my points, then if you are still upset, reach out to me. You may know something I don't and I would welcome the dialogue. Also, to note, this is in no way is written out of disrespect for anyone in the military or law enforcement. The point of this post is to comment on what so few others will and to point out the system we are in and the dangers of where we are today by allowing what we have to continue.

For decades we have had men and women take an oath to support and defend the Constitution but for those of us that do study it, we know for the most part, that oath is an empty one for many that take it, not necessarily empty in the hearts that swear for believing in what they are doing, but empty for the reasons that the Founder's had in mind. It is empty because many that swear that oath today have no idea what it means and many have never read or studied the Constitution at any great length to realize the hypocrisy and the danger that not knowing it poses on this country.

Consider the agreements with the United Nations- NATO,SEATO, LOST and more. Anyone with any basic understanding would know that joining with the UN forces America to go to war with other countries because the UN said so, not because our Congress did. If our Constitution says a Declaration of war must be had, why then have we not had one since 1942? I'll tell you why because with every agreement we join into, we lose a bit more of our sovereignty and our military is used and our men and women die because they not only don't understand the constitution but that our military has been hijacked by people that also either support globalism or they themselves don't understand the Constitution either.

Do you "support our Troops?" What do you do to support them? Do you allow them to stay busy doing things they shouldn't be doing so they can continue to maintain their salaries and benefits not even thinking about not only the expense to the tax payer but the abuse of the funds the military receives and the things we are doing in foreign countries?

Speaking of doing things they shouldn't be, consider the military being used on American soil. Do you, dear patriot, support the continual rise of the Military Industrial Complex to be used here at home? If you do, where is that in the Constitution? If it isn't in there, why do you support it? Oh, you "support those troops" because you love America? What a horrible excuse!

I heard the head of the Oath keepers on the radio one day, Stuart Rhodes say that he welcomes the military on American soil and moments later he spoke so eloquently about the Constitution then told his listeners that he hopes Trump declares martial law because the military has the rightful and constitutional authority to quell civil unrest, repel invasion and enforce the laws of our republic. Is this true? Not in my constitution! I believe Rhodes says it is lawful and Constitutional because he believes that the Military are the Militia. Is that true? Again, Not in my Constitution! See how things can go awry very quickly if we don't understand the limitations on government?

In an age where nobody trusts the media on one hand but we trust those talking heads in leadership on the other, does this mean that they should not be held accountable and corrected? Well, who will correct them if the listeners can't stop inaccurate statements made by anyone whether it be Tucker Carlson, Hannity, Levin or Limbaugh or even me?

First of all, the military is not the Militia and a short study in your Constitution or the Federalist papers would prove this to be true. Also, a brief review of Second Amendment experts like Edwin Riviera and Ed Vieira that are both Second Amendment experts that have fought cases in the supreme court would confirm this to be true.

I argue the Militia no longer exists, neither does the State Guard in that both have been incrementally federalized abolishing vital checks and balances in a delicate system that comes unraveled when run by ignorant fools or those intentionally doing harm to this country.

I also argue it was the duty of the Militia that was to be charged with doing what we are allowing the military to do on American soil and because most patriotic American's love our men and women in the military, they mistake that the men and women are fellow constitutional Americans when they instead lack the understanding of the systemic issues within the desires of the Military industrial complex. In other words, If those defenders of liberty don't know what their job is, America suffers and for that matter so may other countries.

Sure, it seems unpatriotic to say that the military can be used against American's, it even hurts to say it, but if we are honest about it, we would know this to have been true in other countries where even law enforcement was used against the people. What we also forget is that the older perhaps more patriotic men and women are being replaced by those that have been brainwashed by years of government instilled propaganda that actually believe they are a "global force for good" or that patriotic American's (or Trump supporters) should be exterminated. I believe Obama actually asked our military if they would be wiling to fire on American citizens. I argue we are seeing the same dangers back in play with the Biden puppet presidency. Can you see the dichotomy and can you see the dangers and vulnerabilities?

Let's think about the support for Trump to use the military on our own soil. I am sure if you are like most Trump supporters, you probably worshipped him and he could do anything he wanted and you would either ignore it or give him a pass because he tells you he is "American First." Let me ask you, would you trust me if I told you that? Seems like Hitler had the same type of mantra. (Relax...No I am not saying trump was Hitler.)

The truth is that some of his decisions were not American first: "Operation Warp Speed," the USMCA trade agreements, Trillions in spending etc. but I will tell you that I did believe from his examples that his heart was indeed in the right place not like Bien or Obama. I did not worship Trump, I judged the man on his position on the issues. The American people have been lucky trusting a man with all they have but what if he became one of them after he gained the trust of the American people?

What if he did use military force on American soil, would you have also given him a pass? What if the pass you gave him wasn't constitutional? Would you have allowed him to step beyond his authority because you like him but complain about a democrat that stepped beyond their authority if they did the same thing? If you did, wouldn't you be playing politics and possibly endangering your country by allowing any elected official to step beyond their constitutional authority? Yes you would.

Let's consider COVID or the possibility of Trump or Biden or other Marxists using the military against us. If you supported Trump to activate the military on American soil, would you allow others to do so as well? If you answered no, you may be short-sighted and hypocritical because if you answered yes to Trump and no to Biden, what you have done is to set a precedent that if one president was able to exercise a power, one could argue it allows such authority for all others. There are after all Unintended Consequences.

We may have been lucky that "Operation Warp Speed" didn't include our military from going door-to-door to administer the vaccines but who is to say that wasn't part of Trump's plan and he just didn't get time to implement it? He certainly supported empowering Fauci and the CDC and the WHO and Big Pharma Companies. So now that Trump is out, we get to find out what Biden's plans are and my bet is that he uses the military against the American people, Why? Arguably because we allowed it because we approved of one doing so we allowed them all.

Now, without surprise to me, Biden is purging "his" Military to remove all Patriotic American's that voted for Trump and can you guess what his next step is...using the military on American soil? His move because of his obvious hatred of Trump, his supporters and America, will be to target American's using the military that we said we supported without holding them accountable. In other words through our blanket boundless support of an entity we felt didn't need to be held accountable, we could have supported our nation's turn to support our version of special oligarchy to implement genocide.

As far as incremental federalization and the militarization of America, it is well known that many that enter into law enforcement come from being in the military so if they didn't understand about the constitution when they were in the military, I argue they would know very little about the vital checks and separations of power between the feds and the state and tend to favor the relationship rather than being cautious of it and that, with all due respect to law enforcement, also adds to the dangers of the support and training of the military used on American soil. Police today as many of you know, are increasingly dressed and trained as military. Without limitations or any accountability where does this incrementalism end? To me, it doesn't.

Government's throughout history have always created crises and manufactured the "solution" and propagandized people to buy what they were selling and it always seems to work and with every excuse they become more powerful because we don't understand principles like "No means no" and there are limits in place to hold government accountable and if we allow them to expand their power, we have just allowed for the incremental destruction of our republic. So it isn't just the Democrats, it is also the Republicans as well as even the uninformed "patriot community."

Our Constitution was to limit government not the people but the document itself is not an enforcement mechanism. The people were to have been that mechanism but if the people don't understand that they possessed the power, then there is no longer that enforcement mechanism.

Our duty and difficulty will now be to educate the government on why they don't have that power and as they see it as a threat, they will rise to defend their position at our expense.

The freedom and future of this country is hanging by a thread, will enough people awaken and activate soon enough to save it?

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