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Proposed COVID Action plan

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Dear Friends,

It has been a month or so since my brochures were made and since I began distributing and since I have affixed the QR code to the brochure that takes them to my COVIDTRUTH page to offer people information on what the media is not telling them.

So far, I have distributed 400 brochures (my own money at roughly 1.60/each) as I travel the state and in so doing I have found several people with friends in other state legislatures that now have this information. We pray this info gets into the hands of people that will review it and expose it once and for all! Sadly without setting up Google analytics or something similar, I have no way of knowing how much traffic my page has received with the exceptions of warnings from my QR code that says my page has received "excessive traffic." It has also been reported to me that those that have scanned the QR code get a standard 404 code which means that the site has either been taken down or they broke the link to prevent the site from accessing this information. I have tried to access it several times and it still works for me but if you find it doesn't, there is away around it and that is to go to my website then click on the COVIDTRUTH link that will open the page.

Why do I tell you this now? Because I want you all to do something for me. The number one question I get asked is "Tom, what can I do?" Well, here is your chance. I have thought long and hard about this and realized that people will only act when they are personally affected, when something is so "in there face" they need to do something. Well, what is more "in your face" than a mask or this never ending COVID issue? This is why I chose this issue and created an action item for those that want something to do.

So, what is the plan? The plan "if you choose to accept it" is to print these brochures and join with others to commit to taking control over the media driven narrative and it looks something like this:

  1. Go to the bottom of my COVID page and click print brochures.

  2. If it prints fine, go to a print shop and have them make 50 copies and have them folded

  3. If it doesn't print, let me know and I will email you an attachment.

  4. Share the attachment or the link for others to print brochures as well.

  5. Call others and tell them about the COVID page and how to print brochures

  6. List friends and list businesses you know that you can visit and talk to them and give them a brochure.

  7. If you can't get out, email the attachment or the website link and ask them to share it with others.

  8. Join with others on a day to canvass neighborhoods and business districts.

  9. Go to local radio and tv stations or get on the radio or tv.

  10. Go to hospitals and medical facilities and hand out the brochures

  11. Go to the local elections office and get precinct lists and canvass your precincts.

  12. List those that willingly took the flyers or maybe even get their info to be contacted.

  13. Ask those interested to join and to resist this issue because it is not about the mask.

  14. Visit or email your legislators and call them, share the info and ask them to consider the information contrary to the mainstream narrative.

  15. Repeat and Continue.

  16. If you find that you don't want to, please share with me what you are doing that is more effective and we may do that instead. Everyone should be doing something for the sake of liberty, every day or we will surely lose her.

This COVID fiasco political charade, legalized plunder scheme is not republican or democrat, it is an assault on all Americans, it is just that some don't know it yet so we should take this time to reach out to everyone and anyone that is willing to consider the info on the brochure and on my web site.

For those that disagree that this is as serious as I feel it is, have them review the principles of Agenda 2030 along with the Great reset Agenda from the World Economic Forum and look at what is right in front of them.

If we fail to act on this simple level, we will fail on all others. The choice is yours and to those that ask me what do do, here in this post is your answer. If you want more to do, just ask.

If you are part of a group that believes that the system is corrupt top-to-bottom, it is easy to agree but where they differ from what I suggest doing is engaging in our civic duty...continually, not backing away from it.

The reason why I believe in engagement is because our Founder's told us to and so does logic. Allowing a cancer to go untreated just because someone tells you it is terminal, number one, doesn't mean it is and two doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't do something about it. If people are willing to risk all they have to stay alive against all odds, why should it be any less for wanting to stay free? Besides, how can a system be corrected if no one is working to correct it?

God Bless.

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