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Randy Stapilus- RINO, Democrat, ignorant or just a Marxist? Is there a difference?

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Rebuttal to Randy Stapilis for Idaho Press tribune from September 7th, 2021

Randy Stapilus is a former Idaho newspaper reporter and editor and blogs at He can be reached at

Dear Randy,

Thank you for your article on the John Birch Society dated September 7th, 2021. We thank you for acknowledging our sign and sharing it with others, it wouldn’t have been printed here if you hadn’t mentioned it. That sign has not only been there for six months or more, but my members and I put it there.

Does that one sign make you nervous? Would you find it more concerning then to know we have countless locations of people that are committed to putting signs all over the state? The real fun about your article is that you also seem to not remember that even bad press has been good press because our membership has always risen no matter what, and that has never changed. I guess a thank you is in order.

You say that JBS likes to describe itself as a supporter of the federal constitution and limited government and this continues to be true and we have a 62+ year legacy to prove it. All one would need to do is to review our articles or visit our website to know it is true. What you seem not to understand is how we differ from other groups so I thought I would clarify it for you.

JBS is unique for many reasons and we believe and know if more people would have heeded our warnings over the decades, America wouldn’t be in the place it is in today. JBS also hasn’t had an article retracted in our years of existence. As hated as we have been by so many people, you would think they would have used any excuse to shut us down but haven’t because we write the truth and always have. Whether people want to believe it or not doesn’t mean what we say isn’t truthful, people need to be ready for the truth and today more people are. Today people know mainstream media is nothing more than a mouthpiece to carry the anti-American narrative and they are sick of it which is why papers for those whom you write for are dying.

JBS educates people on history. We also educate people on current events and specifically link the two to help people see when we as a nation or state are repeating the mistakes of history. Another key as you mentioned is the importance of knowing the elements of conspiracy undermining liberty and national sovereignty around the world, but you wouldn’t understand this dichotomy unless you read history like we do. Today people are far more awake to the truth regarding conspiracy than in any time I have ever known. The rise of this understanding comes from realizing the endless lies propagated by the government and the media. The rise of alternative media is also due to these facts. Just look at who is censoring who to know this is true…in a land of freedom of speech? How stupid do you think people are?

What I find fascinating and sad at the same time is that those that use smears like yours don’t use anything current, they use the same old tired regurgitated easy refuted talking points that have been used over and over. You mention Buckley like people even remember who he is and of course you throw in Goldwater but not without adding Eisenhower stating that JBS said he was a communist which I challenge you to prove. Is it because you have worn out the other smears and the several you listed are all you have as ammo against us today? What happens when no one knows who Buckley or Goldwater or Nixon or Eisenhower was? What will you do then?

Another thing you fail to realize is what is currently happening in Idaho politics today that defends our position and delegitimizes your claims is you assuming Republicanism as a party are the party of conservatives but you don’t question what kind. Today’s republicans are Neoconservatives which was not only our problem with Buckley, who was a self-avowed Trotskyite style Marxist with principles consistent with the actions of the current Idaho and National Republican Party. Examples like Nixon, Eisenhower and most others were also Neocons and most with nefarious or far more questionable connections than that of JBS.

Additionally, the part you should also explain to the readers is who controlled these men? If you would have been a Bircher, you would have understood the controlling entities like The Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg’s and other banking elitists and their connections to the multi-national corporations. JBS not only exposed who they were by name in issues of The New American. What should amaze you is that at any time, we could have been slammed with defamation or libel suits to put JBS to rest but they couldn’t and didn’t because we were right…again!

Neocons and the Republican Party are the party of the limitless Military Industrial Complex, and Socialist programs, out of control spending and their consistent determination at all levels to turn rights into privileges only under the banner of liberty. I argue the republicans are worse enemies of liberty than the democrats only because at least the democrats are honest about their intentions. The Republican’s work with Orwellian Doublespeak, they say one thing and do another while Idaho’s republican form of government has suffered tremendously because of it. People are starting to wake up and the Republican Party is being exposed because of their own actions and because they are defended by liberal rags like the Idaho Press tribune.

Those that label our organization the way they do have exposed not only their ignorance but shown their reluctance to do any honest investigative journalism and you should be ashamed of yourself. As for any accusation of becoming Fascist, it only proves that the very meaning would have to be changed in order for that to be possible. As there are attempts to redefine the term, Fascism is still defined as government control of private business, which just happens to be the antithesis of everything we are and everything we have stood for and what the Democrats and Republicans support!

If you or anyone else has anything else to say about the company I happily and confidently represent, I only pray it is in the form of questions that can be easily answered, rather than the continual propagation of lies that will only come back to haunt those that do. It may take some time but the truth always has a way of shining its light on the lies of darkness and always will. I guess the question for you and your readers should be what side they want to be on when the truth is finally revealed.

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