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Regarding the US, Russia and Ukraine...

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

I debated this morning on what I should write about, I just knew I needed to. I have had people recognize I hadn't written in some time so I debated whether I should write about the stroke that befell me last October and my recovery and that I was back or focus on sharing perspective I felt was much needed on a more pertinent issue to all of us. As you can see, I chose the latter rather than the former and I hope if you read, you will know why I did.

America and the rest of the world have become an absolute joke but I am not laughing. I am using way too much energy containing myself from the anger of how ignorant and misled people have become.

America has no idea who it is, the people have no idea who they are. They don't even know what to believe so they just pick what feels right to them, and defend it like it is accurate when in reality, in most cases, their belief was formulated more out of emotion than any intellect by the media they will tell you is corrupt or dishonest. Most today believe the media are liars but in times of crisis they watch that media and believe what they talk about then propagate it! Like elections, there is huge and growing disdain for the GOP but during election season the disgruntled flock to the GOP as the answer to all of our problems shouting "Keep Idaho Red" and "Vote republican," meanwhile those like me are being lambasted because we point out principally what is true and right about who they are, what they support and their intent behind it.

Today people are more divided than ever, rich/poor, white/other, mask/no mask, vax/anti-vax and as of late, Ukraine/Russia. Do these people not see they are being let by a controlling propaganda campaign to a predetermined, calculated and desired end? Mask mandates end the same week we are at war? Can you even make this stuff up? Hardly. How many times will the people do the same thing repeatedly and expect a different result?

Who really is more insane, those running the asylum or those that voted for those yayhoo's running it or those that willingly or ignorantly support the elites running it for whom they are unaware?

Do you support Russia or do you support Ukraine? Will this be one more topic that will further divide as we stand so strong on what we think we know that we are unwilling to view this issue like all others from differing perspectives engaging in discussion on the topic? Apparently the response to this issue is just as divisive as all other planned divisions and no one even sees it or asks why?

Let me clarify and simplify this for anyone still not getting the memo... If we can't see that we are pawns in a global shell game, there is nothing we can do to save this country and we should stop trying. Furthermore, if we can't save our country, why do you think we should have any influence in foreign affairs saving theirs since we are not only ignorant of what is really going on but because the world is or should be looking at us as an absolute joke! Just looking at the US Army video compared to China should help simplify what I mean!

All this being said I am plagued with many things, one being do I write what I know in one blog post or do I adhere to the understanding that people have short attention spans and that I should keep it short to keep people interested? Sadly, there is so much that people need to know but many either are not interested or are busy not realizing that we are here because we have spent decades doing the same thing...NOT PAYING ATTENTION.

So, let me ask you, what will it take to change the tide? What will you do differently? Will people become less busy, will they suddenly expand their attention span, will they redirect their focus because the existence of this country is dependent upon it? Do they know if they don't, this country will NOT be saved? Are there enough people that care to make it happen? I say no. In that many are active which is good, too many of them are still way too uninformed which makes them in many cases aiding the enemy. If you support Russia or you support Ukraine, what if you are wrong? What if you are just doing the bidding as a "Useful idiot" and what are the consequences of that? Do we even care?

All that being said, I was supposed to write about the Russia/Ukraine crisis and I believe I have from the most important perspective, without going into too much detail, the crisis and the way people feel about it have been contained herein.

I have had a few people reach out to me from hearing me on the Boise radio (580KIDOAM) with Kevin Miller wanting to know more about what I was sharing yesterday so I did what I could. When I see a worthy topic, I usually do research on my own, compile notes, pertinent links and then share them when asked. When I was asked, it was all I had because I had not contained my thoughts here yet so I guess I need to.

So, for the sake of encouraging readership and maintaining people's attention, I will end my statement here for now and pick up more of my perspective and links on the issue in the coming days. In the meantime...

As for my recent health issue I mentioned earlier, My wife and I do want to very humbly thank all of my old friends and new one's for all of their support during such a trying time in our lives. You all have done more than I ever knew possible and I think the reason that was, was because, as an activist like myself, we know we can anger people, we know we can be easily criticized and give ammo to those to find reasons to dislike us, for me, doing all I have done for 20 years I have always wondered if what I was doing mattered, I know many of you feel the same way, You all proved to me that it does!

So in finishing this morning I want to encourage you and share one of many things I learned as I sat in my chair for days healing... Everything you do matters and people are paying attention to what you do and say, even when it doesn't look like it. You all have proved that to me and although I wondered why God placed me here, you clearly have shown me why...Thank you. I am still alive and live to fight another day... like it or not, I am back!

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