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Regarding the US, Russia and Ukraine Part 2

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

As I stated yesterday but was blocked from posting it on my website and on Facebook until I re-titled it, what is happening around the globe is absolute lunacy! Can we be honest?

Since this issue popped up, like I typically do to all other issues, I have been desperately trying to get to what it all means and I know I am not the only one.

There are many problems for us on every issue regarding the accumulation of information and dissemination. One problem I see and know is what people either know or don’t know about history. Another biggie that few even acknowledge is the element(s) of conspiracy surrounding the issue as well as understanding the narrative and people or entities that support that narrative. One more would be what they know about Americanism, in other words, what we know about the enemy and ourselves.

Taking this crisis, for example, what is our understanding of history, not only for us but for other regions and the two conflicting entities? Where do we get our information? What are the conspiratorial elements and can we connect the dots between history and the conspiracy and how do both relate to our constitution?

If we truly look through the lenses of each perspective, the truth is not only alarming but easier to see!

As I said, I am no expert on geo-politics, I didn’t grow up there or even have connections until recently and although that may be helpful, (and even possibly biased) the truth can still revealed and I hope to show you how and why I feel this way.

One thing before I go on is to ask you to remind yourselves frequently not to let the minute details get in the way of the big picture! Sometimes they just cause more confusion than necessary but may or not be helpful and it may depend on the knowledge one already has on the issue in question.

Some say Russia is the enemy and Putin is a dictator. Some say Zelenskyy is the dictator. Who is right or are they both or are there varying degrees of truth to both statements? Ask yourself why it would matter to you but also consider where you get your information.

How would declaring one or the other as a dictator effect you and how would that effect our country? What would be your reasons for sharing your info with others? Would it surprise you to know that one choice may be consistent with Americanism and the other would support anti-Americanism also known as global elitism?

In this way, let’s remove the history between Russia and Ukraine for a moment and look at things differently.

Let us ask things surrounding this issue like who are the major players and what their motives are. Let us also consider connections and what their agenda is or agendas are? Are there other major issues over time that have clearly paved the way for this crisis that we never bothered to recognize or maybe it wasn’t important? The answer would be to ask what you find important. To me and others like me, we saw the writing on the wall for a long time.

At this point, until I continue, I would like to ask you to try to think of possible examples of what I mean as I hope to share my thoughts on this through this process.

For the sake of brevity, and to prevent loss of readership and taking up too much time, I will finish and continue on my next post.

I should say before I go on that there are people more informed on certain topics than others. The issue in this case is how do we find the truth. Some say "I grew up there so I know." Perfect! We need to understand that perspective but be prepared for people like me to ask, do all American's that live in America understand anything about their country or geo-politics in general? My point being is that people can live where issues are, it doesn't necessarily make them experts but they should not be silenced anymore than you and I should be.

As always I welcome your comments and links to be shared.

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