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Regarding the US, Russia and Ukraine part 3

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

I was on Facebook yesterday dialoging and making statements about topics other that this one and I received a message out of the blue from an apparent Troll. You know, those guys that chime in to agitate, make inflammatory comments then never back up their claims or make further comments? Yeah, those guys.

Anyway, He asked if I supported Russia or Ukraine and my reply was, "Do you prefer less pee in a cup or more pee in a cup" to which he responded Putin was lots of pee in a cup.

Remember, this was completely off topic from the dialogue I was having in that thread but I bit anyway. When I asked him that, he said "it was HIS topic" because he had been there and studied it. I responded by saying just because someone lives there doesn't mean they are an expert and furthermore, although education is appreciated, what makes you think you are an expert on the topic, meaning what is your understanding of history, current events and elements of conspiracy?

I said here in the US, you can be educated on anti-American principles or revisionist history and adhere to them and still call yourself an expert without even knowing what those principles are. I still welcomed him to share his perspective. His reply was related to how I called myself an expert (that I never did) and made assumptions that existed only in his mind.

Anticipating a follow up response, I told him if he were that educated on the topic, he should be heard and that I would enjoy listening to him enlighten me but as I waited, I realized I would never receive another response.

This interaction as I tried to analyze it, led me to believe only one thing, enlighten me if you see something I don't. It led me to believe this was a person that gained bits of information to trigger his emotions enough to not only hijack and redirect the post I was on, but to clearly and very emotionally choose a side to defend and since he was unprepared to do it, thought using ad hominem attacks would suffice, they didn't and he never came back.

I was told long ago when I started down this road that all people are in different places in their lives. Differing emotions, differing levels of education and differing ways people look at the world and what took me years to find out is that we can't just browbeat people telling them they are wrong, Its never a good idea any time. What helps however is to understand their frame of reference and to learn what drives them to make decisions they do and what motivates them and although, in this case, he never came back, if he would have, it could have been a learning experience for all of the viewers.

Quite simply, as I am sure many of you will agree, our positions on issues like this one are dependent upon what we know about the issue and where we get our information. It is clear that anyone that watches mainstream media will choose Ukraine and anyone that watches alternative media will either take an unbiased approach looking at the facts as we piece them together or throw support in the opposite direction as the mainstream.

So, shall we ask what is the most principled, lawful and consistent approach? Shall we question media and government and the agenda de jure that led to the crisis? Shall we throw a bit of history in the mix and see what comes out? Is there any other way?

What would a world be like where truth and facts no longer exist, what would it be like if opinions ruled the day? You are seeing it unroll before your eyes. As it goes, it leads to many things, one important one for freedom loving people to consider is increased government control over citizens and of course an increase in violence leading to increasingly divided people and a all our bloody revolution and people are non the wiser that it was all done by design. Do you think people realize this yet or do they just Feel like it won't happen so in their minds, it won't, they welcome it?

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