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Regarding the US, Russia Ukraine part 4

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

In the last post I wrote about considering what would unfold if we discussed and determined what mattered using this crisis as an example. Would it be random unjustified opinions that ebb and flow according to the media/government driven narrative that rule the day or would it be more effective if we took a critical look at the most principled, lawful and consistent approaches? Would it be important to question media and government and the agenda de jure that led to the crisis? Would it be beneficial to throw a bit of history in the mix and see what comes out? Additionally and most importantly, are we open enough to see the facts to willingly change our worldview if needed from looking at this all together? If minds are not open, which many seem not to be, the crisis just on these talking points alone got way worse than a war on foreign soil. Can you recognize that?

Let us begin with is it lawful. It seems that the more abusive government becomes the more lawless it becomes and not only the government but the people, or the fools that still trust that it wouldn't do anything to hurt its people. Let us take the Constitution for example, is it constitutional? No. The government instead redefines the words to give them authority. Is a Declaration of War needed? Constitutionally yes but today, no. Is it a construct of the UN or are we there at the behest of the UN? Yes. Is having an alliance with the UN constitutional, no!

Principle: The US was founded on God's law and based upon principles relating to good and honorable behavior towards our people and countries of the world. We believed in Rights that were God given and protected by government and that we would not interfere with affairs of other nations or engage in long standing alliances or overthrow other countries or join with a super national governing body as a majority to force submission upon smaller nations or to control a nations natural resources or give aid to communists that kill their own people but we are now guilty on all counts!

Additionally, the government uses words like "democracy' but the average soul not only has no idea what this means, they further don't know because the elites have used the word to further define it as something else that are not open about...Majority rule under the United Nations. If the US and member states are part of the UN and the majority are socialist/communist countries, we should be asking ourselves, who is the minority? As the last free country on earth, if America submits to majority rule, we are no longer free, sovereign or independent and it should be evident to every living soul on the planet by now.

Is it consistent? Is the USA consistent with going to war? Absolutely! But is it right? No. Why then does the US go to war? To fight for democracy? (maybe but not what you think). Natural resources and control, expansion of power for sure.

Doing a bit of digging will surface that the US has arguably involved in every war since we were founded. We have overthrown foreign governments, replaced their elected officials with the dictator of our choice, we have funded extremist groups to go against their freedom fighters and we label our extremist factions as freedom fighters and we have used the media to launch propaganda campaigns to defend the government narrative and is more evident today than ever. The media is now calling people that defend the constitution is insane and people that detest failed forms of collectivism extremist. Sadly there are people that still cannot see through this charade.

The government hates freedom fighters and Constitutionalists and labels them terrorists but yet on inauguration day they swear an oath to it?

As for the Government narrative, they, even Dead Joe, swears they are fight for democracy, fighting against oligarchs and demons like Putin and that he wants to kill women and children while he conquers Ukraine. The media totes that narrative to blow it way out of proportion and it is as it always does, to get a buy-in from the people to go to war only to find out years later that it was not only an unjust war but there were conspiratorial elements that people found out years and decades later they never would have supported. They, the Elites and the dystopic Biden administration support the oligarchs and tyrants and spread democracy, a form of government no one would support especially from a free nation that was to now the difference.

Geo-political ignorance: People in America function on emotion. Tyranny is a tool that feeds on emotion. Tyranny is not easily implemented on a people that are intelligent and intellectual, my point should be made clear here. The People in our founding hated the control of the king, WWI rejected the League of Nations and recognized the dangers of communism. Today we are in the UN, Founders are apparently racist and to be hated and communism is dead?

People are so gullible, they watch the news, trust it, get emotional about some geo-political issue and without knowing a darn thing, including history, they take a side. Who does this but a stupid people?

No one asks who Putin is, who Zelenskyy is, how they took positions of power or why? They don't bother to understand history about the issues between the countries in question or the logistics of those two nations and they certainly never bother to look at the alliances created in defense or opposition of chosen nation!

Hidden agenda, Wars are waged by oligarchs for a desired end. The oligarchs fund both sides of the war to fulfill an agenda, they propagandize the people to get a buy-in and use the US not only because we are powerful but I also think because we have sold our souls for American imperialism and of course because we have been part of a massive mind control campaign that has rendered most of us stupid and unable to think logically or critically.

Truth of the matter: First of all, it isn't the US per se that is the problem, it is the control of the global elitists that control the governments of the world like the US. That being said, view all of the actions with that understanding. This issue is really none of our business. Like wars against middle eastern countries that have fought for thousands of years, how is it that the US feels like it wants to interject? Do we think we can actually create "peace" because people there are somehow barbarian...And we on the other hand are not? The US is not interested in peace. If it were, it may want to lead by example and if they don't desire peace here, why would they demand it in any other country? Why for a people that say they desire peace do they support chaos created by such conflict and intervention. The only solution I can come up with is that people are, once again, brainwashed to believe slavery is freedom and that chaos is peace.

If truth were to be exposed and was revealed by the way a government treats its own people, it should be clear that the US is more interested in war and war profiteering and control than it is waging peace. They aren't even interested in waging peace here at home! The waging peace mantra is to appeal to the fools that actually believe them. The sad part for them is that there is a massive awakening and people are waking up not only to our awful situation but that our own government are liars, about almost everything. Therefore, not in the name of peace however, because peace doesn't sell or profit, they instead want to further divide the people using racism, economic class, political beliefs, healthcare and now wars.

Another true indication of your governmental abuse is when they have the need to violently maintain control of their narrative because if they don't people will revolt and they may not be able to maintain CONTROL over them. Not only that, if Americans wake up to the lies, it will wake up other nations to the deceit of our own country and cause global chaos...Wait, the globe is already becoming chaotic, and wouldn't you know it, the US (Controlling elites) is right smack in the middle of it!

Is it easier to see now because most things happen globally and almost at the same time, same narratives, agendas, etc., there must be a global controller(s)? Indeed there are and they desire to control not only your country, your children and your state but all people in all countries as well as their governments!

This war will be revealed over time but a few things should be considered now:

  • The Expansion of the Military Industrial complex

  • The Expansion of the United Nations

  • The Expansion of NATO

  • The Expansion of political and economic integration (Like trade agreements)

  • The Expansion of the use of the word "democracy."

  • the Expansion of global control

  • The Expeditious desire to complete the New World Order brought on by the Great Reset.

  • The abolition of an independent nation(s)

  • The abolition of individual sovereignty

  • The destruction of the traditional family

  • The destruction of the truth or alternate perspectives

  • The increased hatred of our nation

  • The increased dive into absolute poverty as they use tax dollars to extort for global agenda.

This isn't about supporting Putin or Zelenskyy, this is about looking at issues through the clarity of the proper lens. If you have bad eyes and you can't see, you get glasses. Why can't we, in kind, opt to see what we should with the proper lens?

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