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Ruby Ridge, Waco, Bundy Ranch, Malheur County... what's next, your house?

For the last few years I have been studying federal abuse. I was reviewing a long history of abuses and even watching Waco on Netflix recently as it had been recommended to me by many. How timely and how tragic. Not only was the event tragic and that of Ruby Ridge and the looming litany of others but the more sad part is that most I speak to in law enforcement seem to adamantly defend the position of the feds like they are somehow brothers in arms rather that a vital check against federal usurpation. Do they not know how dangerous this is?

When you consider these events and those of Bundy ranch, Malhuer county and more it should be more clear than less that the feds have proven that are not interested in defending the people. Instead they will use any force and money (Yours) to force your absolute submission to their will and even more tragic how is it that we live in a world where local police support such federalized abuse?

The question is easy to answer- The lack of education, lack of communication and lack of desire to love one another where upholding "the law" has been replaced with redefining the law, using absolute force where the government are no longer servants and people are no longer their masters.Do people in government not realize they are a bigger part of the problem than the citizens ever could be? Afterall, citizens have never oppressed the government but the government sure loves to oppress those they still claim to serve to the point of genocide. History proves this.


What do all of these events have in common? Guns and religion and government abuse! Therefore blatantly unconstitutional! A manufactured Federal creation completely out of federal lawful jurisdiction, complete Federal overreach, a rogue unaccountable created Federal "solution," with a desired for a manufactured outcome, a lack of strength and exercised authority by local officials or the willingness to demand proper jurisdiction, an unwillingness to understand all sides of the issue and the overbearing cold heartedness to care and most of all, actions based on emotion, without all the facts and of course their most infamous trademark, a complete lack of due process- They in essence have become the law giver, the law enforcer, the judge and executioner. How can this even be remotely lawful? It isn't.


The feds won't ever stop. The lust for money, munitions and power has blinded what once may have been honorable or at least more honorable than it is today.

This, my friends, is why people are anti-government because no one should deserve and have to support such abuse by anyone. To help make my post crystal clear, what do the feds say about those they made anti-government? They call them the enemy and have targeted them as the next enemy to be exterminated. The feds created the enemy they now hunt and the more I know about history, they always have. Who in their right mind could support such blatant tyranny and not fight against it? The term "anti-governrment" was clearly a federal creation and of course they look to themselves as the only solution. This also actually proves that they operate on misinformation or have no accountability because the fabricated term 'Right wing extremism" and what they say about "right wingers" is complete disinformation shared deliberately for a desired outcome. Any minimal research would have forced them to abandon the use of such a term and so would taking the time to meet any of them.


If these Federal agencies were citizen organizations the Feds would have demanded that they be bombed, bombed them themselves or demand they were abolished! Today most local agencies and their citizenry think the Feds have that authority to violate the law as well as define what the law is and the scarier part is that everyone listens like they are the law! If the Feds are so afraid of those that they call 'anti-government" which is not even an accurate term, they should quit creating thier own enemies. The Problem is if they did that, they would have to worry about maintaining their existence due to funding and and having enough work to do to justify the expense.


To those "representing the public" that took their oath that say they love our constitution and honor their oath I can only ask how this is possible if you support the feds position on these events and not the “enemies” the Feds created? One cannot sit at the right hand of the Father with one foot in the world supporting a godless government and the other defending what God has granted to each living soul that government was created to protect. God hates a hypocrite!

With all that is happening in the world daily, the executive orders, the unlawful local ordinances and the abuse of every government agency at every level, the demand for citizens to comply to their safety edicts that have suspended our God given unalienable rights, gave unto itself boundless authority without limitations, including absolute forced submission, forced surveillance. Will forced vaccinations or RFID chipping be next? If so, will the next abusive event come to your house and lawlessly in the name of the law?

The time is coming upon us all very quickly so we should take these moments to learn and to check ourselves before we dig in our heels on what we believe to be true. Are you where you should be? With God? With your neighbor? With your family and In your profession?

My desire personally is to have ears to hear, eyes to see and to find ways and possess and maintain willingness to communicate that insure that I am on that right side regardless if what I was once told and may have once believed.

Truth is a funny thing. It reveals itself only to those that search for it, that have the willingness to hear and see and of course those that pray for the discernment.

To all of my dear friends in uniform as defenders of the state and people defending our freedom, we all know guns may be necessary at some point but always remember more solutions have been found with the use of the tongue than through the barrel of a gun. My advice for what it is worth is not to focus on getting from one day to the next without identifying the problems and complacently living and accepting them as the new normal, it is to clearly understand the problems while working toward and focusing on solutions. This my friends can only be done through education and willingness to communicate.

To all, peace until peace can no longer be had and when peace can no longer be had, may truth carry you through to your resting place.

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