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So where do we go from here?

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

I am so disappointed on so many levels. I know saying this opens me up to criticism, but I don't mind exposing my vulnerabilities if it in some way helps others.

The first reason is probably that people mistake being challenged on a particular assertion by me as one of disrespect. My statements have never been or are not meant to be taken that way. Aside from how people will take them even after I have made that clarification is another, but I know I can't change that no matter how hard I try.

Second, my comments on certain people's social media posts are vague on purpose and the reason is because I want to see where people are going about what they think is happening and what and who is behind it, also never meant to agitate. Third, if I were to post what I know to be true, what would people do with it? Fourth, Experience tells me, they wouldn't do anything with it. Why when it would clearly mean to me that truth really must be relative among those that believe it isn't, or of course, I am just not to be trusted. It may be something else but as I pondered why, all I could imagine is that they felt I was wrong, or they may not be as emotionally attached to learn it as I was. It isn't to say I am any better than anyone else, this just happens to be my focus. Fifth, people see any attempt by me to help others understand things as a need for me to sell memberships and that is all. I admit, part of my job is to encourage memberships, but I think I have proven for a long time that it has never been the primary focus but I guess if it helps diminish my work while elevating others, why not.

There are many biproducts of the issues that are happening, and what I have found is that people can only speak to what they think to be true, some so arrogantly so, they may miss the bigger picture and others just looking for an excuse to criticize others to elevate themselves. Of course, there are others but the point, is that there is much more going on than people realize and if they do not understand it, not much of what we do will matter.

Take gas prices for example and people saying it is Biden's fault. Another may even be that oil is set globally. Anyone that understands anything basic knows the first is impossible and the second involves further explanation.

When I openly commented that it wasn't Biden, it didn't take long for those that made that comment to say "well, he may not be responsible, but he was part of it" which shows the deviation in their argument. I argue that either it is his fault, or it isn't and if one stated it was, should have stood on that premise. If it wasn't his fault, I would ask, and hope people would say who's fault they think it is and Democrats are also the wrong answer. Although they are indeed part of the problem, nothing further is stated and we run around not knowing what to say aside from what we think we know.

This is no way to win a war when we can't even identify who we are fighting, so much so that we would rather fight with one another without any consideration of the bigger picture? I saw earlier people wanted me to tell who and what is happening to them and I don't mind doing it but it isn't from a place to elevate myself above anyone else, it is only to hope people will begin to see things differently and see who is who and what is what.

What is happening isn't Biden's fault, nor is it the Democrats fault, although they are part of the problem, going after a part of the problem without identifying the problem only leaves us chasing our tails which is intentional. To stop chasing our tails there are things that need to be understood but few are still willing, so much so they are all off on other tangents that they think will bring about the victory we all hope for jural assemblies, Jewish conspiracies, constitutional conventions etc.

I had made a suggestion that reading and acting on what is read and encouraging others to do so is the only sure way to know what is happening and the other perhaps more importantly was to be open enough in what you think you know to consider and expand that periphery to accept things that you may not have otherwise done so, things like Conspiracy, because understanding the conspiracy is the key to that understanding along with history, current events, and constitutional knowledge. Few have one and fewer have all.

I could tell you gas prices is intentional by the CFR, but if you don’t accept the CFR or you do not yet accept conspiracy, there is no point in me making further comment because I think you can lead someone to truth like a horse to water but it doesn’t mean they will accept it like you can make the horse drink.

Understanding what is happening doesn’t come by pointing out something so vast in elementary terms, it takes time, so although I could say CFR, and if I did, people would only focus on the narrowest side of the CFR and not understand who and what they are and how they operate. One would need to understand to understand the conspiracy. Would they consider all the vital elements that puts this conspiracy together or would it be easier to blame someone for all of our ills and expect that the blame alone would bring our Liberty? Hardly.

To prove we are on the wrong track is to see how emotional and uninformed people are and how frantically they are looking for solutions at the same time not realizing that the solution, although not expedient is right in front of them.

Another way is to think that they don’t need to educate themselves because we don’t have time and that surely something else needs to be done. Sadly, few realize it is how we got here and is the only way we will get back for our founders said “For those that wish to be ignorant and free is to have what can never be.”

So, where do we start you may ask? I would suggest the Bible but if you are not a Christian, this only complicates the issue and getting rid of Christians isn't the answer. Additionally, I would suggest what fewer want to hear… Joining The John Birch Society and start reading and reviewing our material. If you can't handle the heat of being a member and speaking on our subject matter, again, the evil forces don't mind marching on until you figure it out. For those unfamiliar with the Conspirator's Hierarchy, I suggest maybe starting there since it isn't named Birch and isn't laced with Biblical scriptures.

In the end though, if one is paying attention, they should eventually acknowledge that God is in fact in control and it is the works that people have done (or not done) that has brought us here.

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